A Chance at Love? || Closed RP with ask-the-real-hell

A princess should always seem perfect. That’s what expected by her family, friends, and the public. Especially by her suitors. But today wasn’t that day for Emilia. She had started coming done with a cold and was terrified as she changed into a gorgeous pink dress that seemed overly warm to onlookers, even for the bitterly cold winter outside. She blew her nose as quietly as possible and went outside to wait for the prince from a faraway kingdom she was expecting today. 

As soon as she got outside, she bent forward with a sneeze. “Hn’gggtschhh!!” She groaned softly, and blew her nose, dabbing at her nose which seemed as pink as her dress already, the brilliant white castle of  Luminescent Kingdom towering behind her.

mylovelyweddingdev  asked:

The luminescent thing Newt is feeding.. What if it's a baby giant squid. Maybe the same kind that lives in the lake of Hogwarts?

Well it looks like it has 6 arms with two very limb-like rudder flaps on the bottoms. I actually get more of the impression of a deep sea cucumber with arms that have endings modeled off ctenophora feeders or deep sea worms.

Since it’s holding itself in solid form pretty well and drifting about Newt, I like to think it’s some kind of air whisp creature that drifts through the night skies.

I wanna know what it legit fucking is tho

As the fan lizard takes off, it unfurls a spine-like structure to reveal a colorful membrane that creates lift and glows in bright, bio-luminescent hues.

Expression of combinations of three different fluorescent proteins in a mouse brain produced ten different colored neurons. Individual neurons in a mouse brain appear in different colors in a fluorescence microscope. This “Brainbow” method enables many distinct cells within a brain circuit to be viewed at one time.