Light Pollination - Digital Coral from Universal Assembly Unit

Made from in excess of 20,000 fibre-optic LEDs, this piece from multidisciplinary art group Universal Assembly Unit also has in-built sensors that allow the piece to react to its surroundings. Chiefly, it senses when light is being shone at it, and generates ripples of light that grow bigger and faster in response. In this sense, as its creators so perfectly articulate, it pollinates itself with glowing colour as it bathes in light, altering its landscape and becoming ever more vibrant as the night draws in. It feels like bioluminescent coral plucked from the ocean depths. I think it’s fantastic!

It will remain on display a little longer at the London Design Festival, catch it by the 25th if you want to experience it first hand.

More at: Universal Assembly Unit

rose: this will really get him

rose: leads dave blindfolded through a wreath of greyed, shadowed wood, long past it’s verdant era, the trees ancient and towering and solid in contrast to their pale, flickering forms, like wraiths in the night, passing soon into the depths of a winding cave, dark as pitch, where she finds her way with otherworldly grace, never stumbling, never faltering, never hesitating in the labyrinth of tunnels that lead down, down, into vast plutonian realms until they reach a luminescent, scintillating river of souls and she steers the ferry across, past the guardian beasts and withered old crones with their strings of fate and long, sharp scissors, through the fields of asphodel where the inhabitants spare them a half-hearted glance and nothing else, and at the end of it all she sits upon a frozen throne of onyx and amethyst, before an abyss where even gods refuse to tread, and dons a crown of the purest silver

she speaks with a siren’s voice, in sonorous tones, and asks if he would like to be her knight?