I initially just wanted to draw Miel’s face based on this screenshot @shuuzaar​ took of our kids dancing (theirs is vito, on the right !) because I REALLY loved Miel’s expression, but i ended up pushing it to a screenshot redraw to exercise with colours n stuff !!!

It’s also been a while since i wanted to try a luminesence gif and it’s really cool to do dang ;;;

路 路 路 路 路 So鈥 鈥榗ause of the fact that I hit 200+ followers this week, I decided to make such a follower thingy as well. It isn鈥檛 going to be like those usual路鈥follow forevers鈥, more counting the people, who are currently following this blog. I just want to thank you all. For the support, interactions and just being there to read the stuff I write or to simply stalk my badass muse.路

路 路 路 路 路 Have a nice day and feel loved for being there!

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