A Beauty and the Beast AU (BBS)

I was stuck between using H20vanoss or Vancat (or Tyvan) as the pairing at first but in the end I decided with Vancat because this ship needs more love.
It’s not a fanfiction but instead kind of a ‘who gets which roll’

Beast: Tyler

Beauty: Evan

Gaston: Marcel

Lefou: Scotty

Cogsworth: Craig

Mrs. Potts: Ohm

Chip: Delirious

Maurice: Brock

Lumiere: Daithi

Featherduster: Lui

Wardrobe: Brian

Hopefully I will somehow gain motivation write about this^^

Here’s one of the craziest costumes I have ever put together, toilet parts and all. Lumiere was a long project of mine (I’d been working on him since November!) and I finally got to wear him to the MNSSHP on 9/20. I got more compliments on him than I’ve had on any other costume ever, so I thought why not post it. :)