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Incorrect Beauty and the Beast quotes 5/?

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So, what are your favorite canon to you moments?

Ah. Well.

Lumiere and Plumette growing up is this constantly unfurling drama in my head, like a movie about the length of the entire “Lord of the Rings” extended director’s cut that just barely includes all the important moments in their relationship pre-curse. but you know a few moments in that movie that i forget weren’t in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast that everybody else watched include:

  • Lumiere never once does not recognize Plumette, despite her peacock-y form. Right after transformation, everybody else is in confusion as to who is who—but not him, when he sees her. He looks right in Plumette’s eyes and recognizes her immediately. And it never, ever crosses his mind to not be in love with her
  • Why would it cross your mind to give up on everything you are?
  • Everything he is is in love with her
  • they struggle to learn to dance, in their new forms. He’s lucky, has human-like legs (too lucky—he looks at Cadenza and Cogsworth, weighed down, and feels for them), but Plumette keeps flying off the ground (I am too! damn! light! she yells, and he says yes! ma cherie! you are light itself!), and the wings are a little awkward, but hey: “at least the witch kept the height difference,” says Lumiere, and Plumette raises one eyebrow and playfully hits at him with the wings, and after he laughs they don’t seem so awkward
  • lumiere stages ‘be our guest’ to keep himself busy. i have more theories about this but i’m saving them for another fic
  • at first plumette is resentful toward the beast, as she was when he was a spoiled prince who mocked her makeup and made her life harder. as the curse goes on, she softens to him. she might call him friend.
  • lumiere frequently sets things on fire in the first few days of the curse
  • this isn’t really headcanon but i have to add in here that when belle and the beast are sitting out in the snow, reading, and we hear the servants laughing in the background, i was REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATED because I wanted the camera to take me away from belle and adam and over to the servants and whatever they were doing, because i wanted 100% more servant time.
  • lumiere and plumette have a lot of fun as objects. like, yeah, it really sucks, if they stop to think of the smell of fresh-baked bread or how much they miss stepping on each others’ toes it sucks, but they leech genuine fun out of everything. like remember that episode of the office where they hold super pointless olympics? that’s what i’m thinking of. there are fun parts about being tiny and light and they run after them like their lives depend on it
  • thanks to @fandoms-and-bullcrap for this one, but Plumette is really smart.
  • following the curse plumiere go over board in embracing sensory things. they can feel things when they touch them!! they can SMELL?!?! how did i ever forget what taste was like, says lumiere, his face stuffed with cheese-fried bread dipped in onion soup, i have no idea says plumette but we were utter dunces, please pass the brined cucumbers and her face is stuffed with dates and buttered toast
  • the above creeps out normal human people but they don’t give a DAMN cuz everything is delicious
  • it is definitely canon in my head that they keep some attributes after turning human again. Cogsworth can tell time. Mrs. Potts is never burnt; Chip never seems to break his bones. Cadenza snores musically. Garderobe casually drapes fabric on a form and it ends up a dress, no sewing required. Plumette doesn’t seem to be particularly magic at first, and nobody is really disappointed, but then one particularly happy day when Lumiere and her are walking in the rose gardens, she lifts off the ground—just a little, just a second—floating with joy. Her little flights only take her up inches, but Lumiere overreacts exuberantly every time and can’t get over how amazing his girlfriend is
  • i have many more but i’m dead inside and need to stop here. but, like, guys….trust me when i say i’m redoing the whole movie in my head to be Plumiere-centric

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Where do you stand on the "Garderenza being Plumette's parents" au? And if you approve, prompt I guess?

man i LOVE it. i think it’s so cute. cadenza giving her away at the wedding?? garderobe teaching her makeup when she’s 14?! it’s cute. my brain trips over it a little too much to straight-up headcanon it for the movie, but as an AU it’s splendid. so here’s a collection of ideas for the AU:

  • they got frou-frou because plumette wanted a dog
  • when the enchantress raises her head and looks at the musicians at the ball, Plumette starts running for them, yanking just beyond Lumiere’s outstretched hand, like “wait!” and “not them” and then she’s blown backward like she’s just too light to save them
  • immediately after the transformation plumette is going all over the castle looking for them. she figures that because her mother was so beautiful she would be changed into something pretty, perhaps a dainty music stand poised beside the harpsichord. when she finds her mother, in the darkest room of the palace, crying out and weeping, her heart breaks
  • pre-curse, plumette and lumiere originally try to be sneaky about their relationship because they read somewhere that teenagers are supposed to be secretive, but about the fifth time Lumiere makes jazz hands the second plumette comes in the room, cadenza and garderobe are like “……children. we know you’re dating. we don’t know why you’re trying to keep it ‘hidden’, you can keep doing it if you want, but we have like no objections to this so, yeah”
  • (plumette and lumiere are SO RELIEVED and after that lumiere is open and honest with his girlfriend’s parents about everything and it’s great)
  • all four of them like each other and they totally have couples-only dinners together. Lumiere cooks and at the end neither couple is upset when the other starts getting all romantical and PDA-y
  • in this au, lumiere was going to propose to plumette a day or two after the ball. cadenza knew. they decided to keep it a secret between them because Garderobe’s Surprised Reaction™ would be so worth it
  • after they transform, lumiere begs cadenza not to say anything to plumette about the proposal. he has been counting on this proposal to be just right; “and as the prince will be saved within the year,” reasons the candelabra, “we need not be impatient. i will propose to her when we are human again, when everything is right again”
  • ….the prince is not saved within a year. but cadenza keeps the secret and lumiere just over-plans the proposal, so that when they are human again it will be PERFECT
  • garderobe’s Surprised Reaction™ is totally worth it. It involves singing and throwing her hands around a lot.
  • plumette plays the harp so she can go along with her father’s harpsichord and mother’s voice. lumiere picks up the trumpet but they have to gently tell him it’s not, uh, quite right for the sound they intended

So since im always a slut for pirates:

Batb pirate au, Gaston is the captain of The Villeneuve with LeFou as his Quartermaster, Stanley as the Navigator, so on and so forth.

Adam is an admiral in the French royal navy, his crew consists of Cogsworth, Lumiere, etc.

Belle, a noble woman who was happily engaged to Adam, was kidnapped during a raid at a coastal town, Captain Gaston claiming her for himself. Adam now has to go kick Gaston’s ass and save Belle, who is having a mostly shitty time on Gaston’s ship. But she has fun teaching the Bimbettes how to read, and shes close to LeFou and is aware of LeFous feelings towards men.

End Game is Gaston gets his balls kicked in, and Adam and Belle live happily ever after but bonus if Gafou or Stafou happens as well

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Reunited / Belle & Adam

A whole month had gone by since he had last seen Belle. While she had haunted many of his dreams, he hadn’t been able to touch her, to hold her - to speak to her of all the happenings across the land. Things were crumbling around Le Mans de Rouen. Plague had taken much of the northern part of France, and all of his allies in the east and west were suffering just as much as his own people. There were other claims to the throne rising from angry crowds, calling him cursed and demon. No one wanted a man who had once been a Beast… ruling over them. 

In the month he spent away from home, he had scoured his land for brave men to rise up and fight; to bring peace - to find unity. He was beginning to realize being a ruler would mean a never-ending fight. 

Lumiere grimly greeted him, bowing lowly as Adam tugged his gloves from his hands. He couldn’t look in their eyes - he couldn’t tell them just how much danger - how much fear they’d all live in for a while yet. Nothing would be better until Frollo’s men were destroyed and the other claims to the throne were gone. Just as quickly as he had become a man - he was a murderous monster again. 

“You have many scratches, Adam,” Lumiere commented and Adam nodded slowly. 

“Oui, Lumiere,” Adam replied curtly. “I’m lucky to still be alive…A scratch is nothing.” After a moment, he patted his hand and sighed. “Thank you, my friend. Where is Belle?” 

Lumiere tilted his head, “In the library. She is attending to Chip’s lessons.” 

Adam gave a nod and meandered through the long corridors, until he reached the library doors. He could already hear Belle’s soft voice, repeating words aloud until Chip said them with her. She was teaching him how to read. 

“Ah… it is the east, and Juliet, is my sun,” Adam murmured softly from the doorway, catching her gaze with his.


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Hi! Can you write about Plumette can't do her work and dusting around the castle because she's always attracted and distracted by Lumiere's charm and handsomeness and how about she can't stop admiring him? ;D

He’s her best friend.

She’s holding onto the thought desperately as she watches him dancing with a hat stand. The palace is good in this way—the quirks and spirals of its staircases allow for secret stares; he hasn’t seen her yet, and she has been here for several minutes, watching his graceful hands turn and dip the hat stand in a parody of a gavotte. There’s no reason for him to perform in this manner—this is just what he does, when he thinks he is alone. He works through bad poetry and dances with the mundane.

Best friend. Definitely. They snuck out to the rose garden (almost got caught, three times), and now they are laying in at the heart of the labyrinth. Lumiere told her he knew the names of stars.

“I lied,” he says. He points to a star. “I know that’s a star, and that’s a star. After that? Nothing.”

She laughs and rolls up to look at the sky. Her wig is bothering her—she takes it off, and lets her natural curls bounce. Lumiere sees and takes his off as well. His russet hair gleams next to her dark brown rings.

“That’s Hercules,” she says, and points. “And that’s Cassiopeia.”

His mouth drops open and he stops looking at the sky and turns to look at her. “You knew?!

“Oui. But you sounded so confident I wanted to give you a chance,” and she smiles cheekily at him.

Sacre—Go on, then!”

“That’s Canis Minor.”

“Like Frou-Frou?”

“Latin for ‘small dog.’ Just like Frou-Frou.”

“Somebody go tell the musicians we need to rescue their dog from the sky.”

Her laughter ripples out and his joins her. They gleam in the dark.

Only. Her best. Friend. She’s dropped her duster ten times now, just to see him walking by. Only her best friend. Just her best friend. An incredibly admirable best friend, yes, one any woman would be lucky to have, a friend who excelled in dance and wit and cooking and laughing and looking beautiful at any time of day—but just a friend.

She drops the duster, again.

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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i wish you would write a fic where it's all fucking ANGST and Plumette gets sick and Lumiere is freaking the hell out trying to take care of her whbfejdnnd

She falls like a feather: silent and light. Thank heaven Lumiere is there; she would have fallen off the staircase.

They lay her in her bed. She cannot recognize the hands that put her away—their faces are too dim, the hands don’t feel like the shape hands should be.

She tries to sleep and has nightmares: she dreams of standing still, and it is horrible, in a way she cannot explain to anyone who has never lived enchanted. She dreams he does not love her. She dreams he cannot hold her hands again.

She does not know it, but she is speaking while she dreams.

Her forehead is wet. Lumiere, awake, is having nightmares: the way her eyes just shut, the way she crumpled beside him and the way he gasped and only caught her in time, and he’s reliving over and over again what would have happened if he hadn’t been quick enough and let her drop.

She cannot stop moving in her sleep, and when she wakes her eyes roll around and she doesn’t seem to recognize him. “Cherie, cherie,” he whispers, “c’est moi. Quiet, now, I am here, c’est moi.”

“You are not quite on fire,” she says. She cannot remember the bookends of the curse, her time as human. In delirium, she’s stuck in candles and wax.

The castle cannot sleep at night for her crying out. Mrs. Potts tries to hide the truth from Lumiere, but it is impossible: she cries at night because she feels her own legs, and they feel wrong to her.

“Delirium,” agrees Pere Robert, quietly coming up from the village and checking her pulse, opening his old books for cures. “She is weak and so has nightmares she was afraid of having as a healthy woman. In her mind, the enchantment still lives.”

In her bed, Plumette knows none of this. She knows that strange people flit about her bed, and make her drink things she should not be able to taste, and lift her head and touch her and whisper things she cannot comprehend. Where is Mrs. Potts, she cries, and the woman beside her says “dearie, I’m here.” No, not you, she wants to croak, not you, the tea-kettle. A boy beside her reads fairy-stories from a book and she wonders where Chip has gone off to. Where are Cadenza, Cogsworth, Chapeau? The castle has abandoned her to humans who look like villagers, villagers who bruise and battle at your home.

“Lumiere, don’t wear yourself out so,” says Belle. “Getting exhausted yourself does nothing. Please sleep.”

Beside her now is another man. Plumette cannot bear all these strange faces, she cannot bear how they tell her she’s sick when all that’s wrong is she’s just a little hot—and a little cold—and a little thirsty—and sometimes her hands shake, her wings fail her. That’s all that’s wrong. She’s well, truly, just—too weak to get off the ground.

He’s probably a villager. She tries to turn her face away, but she is too weak to move it. Another human, to come visit the feather duster. He speaks to her at length but her mind wanders off. She doesn’t notice he’s gone until an hour later.

The little boy is back. She doesn’t mind him quite as much as the others—he doesn’t make her drink, or try to sit up and be human, he just sits beside her and talks aloud about what he’s reading.

“Belle is teaching me and I’m up to books an inch thick,” he says, and “Belle” means nothing, but “books” do and she tries to listen. “I still stumble over the bigger words, though.”

Plumette has no idea who this child is, but at least he’s trying to talk of other things besides health and humans.

“Uhh—Plumette?” he says. He looks around, like he’s keeping secrets. There isn’t anyone else around right now: just the boy and Plumette. She tries to listen, she tries to focus her eyes on the wide face and big eyes she doesn’t know. “I brought you something. They said I shouldn’t but I thought it might help.”

He hands her a cup.

“This is Chip,” he says.

She holds the cup. Her hand trembles but she doesn’t drop it.

“This is Chip,” the boy says, “and he can’t talk to you all the time, because when I’m not here he gets sleepy, but when I’m here you can talk to him. He—uhh,” the boy’s voice falters, shy, “he misses you.”

“Chip,” she says, and she talks to Chip.

She tells him how lonely she is, now that the palace has gone away and left her all alone. He asks her how he can help and she smiles and says she’s happy he came, and asks him how he’s doing, and Chip tells her he’s been learning to play this game with balls and sticks and how much fun it is to go outside.

“I thought Mrs. Potts wouldn’t let you outside,” she said, “because you might crack of cold.” She talks to the cup, and the boy grins. She cannot tell but she has sunk deeper into the cushions, the tight spots in her arms easing up and lightening.

She tells Chip about how the boy who reads to her is amazing, she couldn’t read that well at his age. She tells Chip that she’s so grateful he came. She thanks the boy for bringing her Chip.

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” says the boy, taking the cup back and smiling. “I don’t think the grown-ups would understand.”

“Chip,” she says, and her eyes shift between the boy and the cup, “could you find Lumiere?”

The boy thinks; the cup is quiet. Finally Chip says, “he’s not like most grown-ups. I’ll try. I need to find a candelabra first.”

“Well, he is a candelabra,” says Plumette. “So just find him.”

Two hours later and he’s back, and Plumette wants to break with disappointment. The boy has brought back Chip and a human. A villager, probably. Her arms ache and she trembles.

“Shh, shh,” says the human, and he eases into the chair beside her. “Shhh, ma cherie. Look.”

And he takes a candelabra from his coat and lights it.

Ma cherie,” he says again, his voice low, a slight break in it, and holds the candelabra near her. Her ears find his voice, her eyes seek the candle. Her face breaks into smiles as the two connect.

Mon amour,” she whispers. “I’ve missed you for so long.”

They talk for four hours, and Chip is payed handsomely to distract the rest of the castle for that time. She cannot stop speaking; she craves hearing him say her name. At first Lumiere is heartbroken that her eyes seek the candle and not his own, but eventually it grows natural, easy. They have had harder times before. She is so glad to be near him and tells him everything, everything, and as she speaks the fever breaks.

“Lumiere,” she gasps, and he sets down the candelabra and flies to get her water before she can finish the word. He sits beside her while she holds the glass, and brings the candelabra back before his eyes so that she will see it and not him when she is done.

“Lumiere,” she gasps, and sets the glass down. Her eyes turn back to the candelabra, then waver and quiver. He is terrified she is falling deeper into the delirium, but he dares not set the candles down again.

Mon amour,” she says, and pushes the candelabra aside with one weak hand, and looks into his eyes. “You don’t need to hide behind the light.”

Lumiere weeps, and she is well.