So, if anyone needs me, I’ll be pacing around the mailbox waiting for the Best. DisneyBound. Ever.
Here’s why: I’m going on the TCM Disney cruise in six weeks, assuming the planet doesn’t implode on November 9. (Please do not fuck this up for me. The tickets are non-refundable in case of apocalypse.)
And one of the guests is film star Leslie Caron, who will hosting an entire at-sea day of her films, which include Gigi and An American in Paris. The theme that night is a masquerade ball with a red carpet. I had, truly, no idea what to wear.
Y'all…it was revealed to me in a dream. So I spent a TON of money at Joann on fabric and patterns and notions and cajoling a seamstress into doing a rush job.
I’m going to be Lumiere! That’s all my stuff up there: candelabra earrings, candle snuffer fascinator, adult ish Lumiere pin, and a super awesome dress from McCall’s cosplay line.
Everything is here but the dress, and I am SO impatient but SO excited.
I’ll post more updates yhan you’ll want to see.
Now I gotta go see if I still have those ivory gloves from high school. And I have gold shoes that will probably hobble me for the rest of my days.

Here’s one of the craziest costumes I have ever put together, toilet parts and all. Lumiere was a long project of mine (I’d been working on him since November!) and I finally got to wear him to the MNSSHP on 9/20. I got more compliments on him than I’ve had on any other costume ever, so I thought why not post it. :)