Old Kentucky Home (1883), 48 Spruce Street, Asheville, North Carolina by Steve Minor
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home of American writer Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) • parlordining room • stone angel from Look Homeward Angelbiographical sketchA House Restored (NYT) • National Register of Historic Places, 1971 • photo of Wolfe’s Brooklyn Heights NY residence (1933-1938) “Dixieland. It was situated five minutes from the public square, on a pleasant sloping middleclass street of small homes and boarding-houses. Dixieland was a big cheaply constructed frame house of eighteen or twenty drafty high-ceilinged rooms: it had a rambling, unplanned, gabular appearance, and was painted a dirty yellow. It had a pleasant green front yard, not deep but wide, bordered by a row of young deep-bodied maples.” —Thomas Wolfe, from Look Homeward, Angel (1929)