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Since the Touken tag (KanekixTouka) is full of touk/en ran/bu and I guess you can barely go through it, I propose to move to a new tag, called ‘’KANETOU’’ (It’s the same way jp fandom tag it). 

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i was just thinking about this and im wondering if i’m just coming up with this to show that klance is real but does keith stutter more around lance than anyone else???

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Invoke Team Menu Guide: 編成 (Formation)

Hello! This is my first guide for Tokyo Ghoul :Re Invoke. This is for people who does not understand the Japanese in the game.

I’ll start off with the Team Menu guide. When you tap on “Team” in the main menu, you can something like this below: 

(I translated the selections for your guidance)

We’ll take a look at the very first selection called “Formation” in Japanese

When you tap on the button, you’ll see something like this below:

There are two tabs for your type of team. 

The “Story/Event” tab displays teams that you will use in Story/Event battles. 

The “Assault” tab displays teams that you will use in Assault battles.  

If you tap on the “Undo” button, all of the team members (except the leader) will no longer be in that team.

Selecting Team Members

You can switch around your team by simply tapping on a character in that team. It’ll display the list of characters you currently have in your possession.

If you select one of the characters in that list, they’ll be switched with the character that you previously tapped on. 

Let’s say for instance that I want to switch out my SR Amon with R Touka. I’ll tap on SR Amon, and my character list will appear. Then I’ll tap on R Touka in that list and then this happens:

Changing Teams

Notice that you can only create up to 5 different teams in the “Story/Event” tab and 5 different teams in the “Assault” tab

Just slide your finger across the screen to create your next team.

Notice in the screenshot below that the second dot is glowing. That indicates that I’m looking at the second team I created.


Preserve is when you set that team to be your MAIN team. So when you tap on the “preserve” button (保存する) , The team members in your MAIN team will be shown in the main menu.  

Did you know that…

If the leader of your main team is a Ghoul, the selections will have ghoul related icons:

and if your leader from your main team is a Ghoul Investigator, the icons will be CCG related. 

I hope this helps. There’s more coming soon but don’t expect me to do them quickly. This semester is really busy for me.

elementarry  asked:

Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

Did that answer your question?