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My childhood in 3 minutes ❤

Taken from idrancor3 on YouTube. Here’s the link:

His mother gave him a long overdue hair cut, and The Signless has finally gotten back to business. 

The ask box is open!

So if Tatara really has a flamethrower-like kagune/kakuja…the name of his organization in China (Chi She Lian translated to Red Tongue Company) makes a lot of sense now =o.  Ishida strikes again OTL…

UPDATE: Aaaaand according to @makyun, Tatara’s name was a clue, too…

Olivier Awards Nominations 2015

Richard Armitage - Best Actor, The Crucible

Watch the Nominations Ceremony Here


I’m so happy to see that Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 remake project has been officially approved! ^ o ^

Asked for like drawing requests day or two ago and actually got one, yayay!

I do like drawing those nerds a lot so requests with them are almost always welcome, though I’d probably prefer more detailed request with them, since I wasted a lot of time just staring at the screen going “but what will I draw them doing??” since I didn’t just wanna draw them standing around or something :V