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what foundation / bbq cream do you use and do you set it?

um i use a few different things? a lot of the time i just use a light illuminating concealer on the high points of my face and blend tht around and it’s just like a light blurring effect, one im liking rn is the n^o7 illuminating one it’s in a click pen. for jus light foundation i use the l'oréal lumi cushion, for medium the nars sheer glow(its p diverse tho u could go semi light, medium to buildable) and for full coverage the tarte amazonian clay foundation which i mix w/ the becca liquid highlight most of the time cause matte is ugly. ALSO i do just a super light dusting of powder cause i’ve got combination/dry skin n i want that glow and i use the reckon colorstay powder in my T zone. this is extra but here u r


{{ L }} Lumi was in Marcus’ body though his reaction was not of shock or sudden fear but instead indifference. He was however glad Marcus was on Earth in the apartment him and Lupe shared…speaking of Lupe he was given a surprise when who he thought to be Marcus pulled him into a sudden kiss at first sight.

Course Marcus would learn of that much later.

Aside from being so uncomfortably short, least to Lumi who stood 6′7″ in human form and 7′6″ in werewolf form.

“Well this is going to be an odd day for me, glad I don’t have any contract for today.” Lumi hopped plopping back down on the other’s bed in nothing but his boxers ready to get a few more hours of sleep.

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You always get so annoying before work, I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, please learn to work quietly. [lumi]

{{ L }} “Oh and learn to take Leif’s inches quieter would you? Bloody hell, can’t hear him but can hear you screaming at the top of your lungs…makes me envious.”

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(///д///) -Lumi

{{ L }} For someone that prides himself on being alert at all times Lumi’s focus sure was somewhere else, probably focused on the fact he was in heat and hadn’t found someone to help him out with all this built up sexual frustration. Unfortunately Lumi had noticed Maggie rushing in front of him and Maggie probably hadn’t seen him seeing as they both came falling down. Lumi’s back hit the floor groaning a second later as Maggie fell on top of hmm. Well this situation was awkward Lumi thought about making it worse for the other. “So I took your first kiss now you want to throw yourself on top of me? Such a strange lass you are.”

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➙ (Lumi)

{{ L }} With all his teasing the the shorter female Lumi should have seen this coming, the grip on his cheek was harsh but could have been worse what did bug him was being pulled down almost the Maggie’s level.

“Oh come on now Maggie, not my fault that training outfit you have shows off your cute little butt and breast.”