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claxiauramaki  asked:

AAHH LUMI (I'm so sorry am I sending too many asks? I hope it doesn't bother you seeing me around and telling/asking you stuff or that it seems I seek attention or shjfsf it isn't anything like that I swear qAq) Okay so in Jack's last video of Ben and Ed, right where he says "Highfives all 'round" (22:44) his face looked so much like the angry faces Anti does/shows. Jack looked angry and he stared right at the camera. I thought it'd be fun to point out and see what you thought about it :'3

Absolutely no bother at all. Although I do apologize for not getting to this when you sent it; Ive been kind of…I dont know, spacey? It’s been hard to give asks the attention they deserve and I”m sorry about that.

Yeah, it did! I actually had to stop the video and rewatch that bit because I got major Anti vibes from it. Especially with the tone of voice he was using. ;)

Tbh at this point I think Jack MIIIGHT be playing around with us because he knows the fanbase is always on the lookout for anything even remotely Anti-like, but hey..I’m not complaining ya feel