Got caught up in a shootout, couple of days back now. Didn’t really see it coming…see, I’d had a fairly quiet day, so I figured I’d wander over to that chef who’s set up outside the Stockade, see if there was any work on offer I could spend a little time helping out with. Lumenar and Mitta were there when I arrived, not that I would’ve recognised them. Had disguises on. Even if they hadn’t, don’t know I would’ve believed it was them at first glance, way they were kissing and so forth. The way Lumenar’s talked sometimes about people thinking they’re a little closer than sisters, I kinda figured it was a fairly serious matter if they were willing to go to those lengths to keep themselves hidden. Anyway, wouldn’t have taken much notice of it myself if it hadn’t been for this gnome and his bear who seemed to be standing around enjoying the show. Can’t remember whether or not I got his name, but fairly sure I’d recognise him if I saw him again, way he was dressed up not too unlike a Winter’s Veil tree. Got a little concerned about the way he seemed to be plotting some sort of kidnapping attempt, up until he saw me. Even more worried when he mentioned he’d gotten banned from Goldshire, when I suggested he might be better served going there than watching a couple in the middle of Stormwind. Must’ve taken a fair bit of creativity to pull that off…

I figured it was my time to depart after he decided to pull up his robe and show off the women's lingerie he was wearing underneath. Headed into the inscription shop hoping to find a book on runes, do a little more research for the ship’s armour. I was just heading for the doorway when the bullets started flying. Gnome threw a magical flare or something to cover his retreat, yelled at me to get inside. Didn’t take me much encouragement to do what he said, once I figured out what was happening. I ducked into the doorway, hid myself there until the fighting’d died down enough that it was safe to dart out, check on Mitta and Lumenar. Never got a good look at who was attacking us, but I’d guess there were about half a dozen or so of them, standing up on the roof of the Stockade. I fired one shot, but I think the guards probably did most of the work running them off. Might’ve killed one or two, but I wasn’t gonna stick around any longer than I had to checking the bodies. Once I’d given the guards my name and seen Mitta and Lumenar on their way, I got out of there pretty quickly. Hadn’t gotten hit at all, so I figured I didn’t want to stick around to push my luck any further. Had thought I should help get Mitta and Lumenar out of there, considering they’d both been hit once or twice, but they said I shouldn’t follow them. Like I said, I figured whatever they were dealing with was pretty serious, so I took their advice on that.

Wasn’t until yesterday that I found out exactly what the story was. I’d been discussing what’d happened with Kialthos, Sarah and Sinafay. Couple of them were commenting on how secretive things with those two can be at times when Lumenar started talking to me over the comms. Turns out this Jadagar guy was behind it. Since then, she’s gotten Cainam and Rabbit on board to make some sort of strike against him soon as she gets Agnes’ permission to go ahead, wanted to know if I’d be willing to lend my assistance. I figured I will do, but I said I’d taken some time to think about it. I mean, she and Mitta are my friends, so obviously I want to do something to help out. On top of that…well, thinking about it today, kinda got to thinking I should help on account of not being able to do much about Bordros. Number of threats the Sigil’re dealing with at the moment, I’d like to do some good against at least one of them, and there’s no way I’m risking a repeat of what happened in the Plaguelands. Still…pretty concerning stuff. Definitely didn’t seem to make Kialthos too happy, when I let him in on what was going on. Think he was wanting me to tell them to talk to Agnes about it before they do anything, which they were already from what Lumenar said, but I guess there’s no harm in passing his message along anyway. Don’t know when we’ll get the go-ahead to do anything, but should make for an adventure, everything I’ve heard about the guy…


The shooting had finally stopped, though the scent of gunpowder still lingered heavy in the air. It would for some time. Hisalla had lost count how many shots had been fired, between both the assassins and the guards. She herself had fired at least five, and now the barrel of her rifle was smoking hot – to hot, even, to sling back over her shoulder for risk of it burning through the leather. It would cool down soon enough, but for now it made climbing more of a hassle than usual. She would need to go by foot across the ground if she hoped to get away from the scene before the guards made their sweep.

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Pretty quiet day yesterday. Did a little bit of work, but not a whole lot. Figured I deserved a break after everything that’d happened down in Nethergarde the couple of days beforehand. Ended up spending most of my time either sitting around at home or wandering around the city, looking at the decorations now that they’re up. All giant pink hearts and flowers everywhere. Little on the kitschy side, but…well, over the top as it may be, it’s still a welcome change. Don’t know if Eunie and I’ll get a chance to do a whole lot to celebrate the festivities, considering Gloria’s not far off now, but I figure I could always see about buying a box of chocolates or something like that. Not sure how well her stomach’d respond right at the moment, but they might well come as welcome stress relief if they don’t end up melting before Gloria’s born and Eunie’s stomach settles down enough that she’s able to enjoy them. Will have to try and avoid the perfumes, if I can…think that was one thing Belindlice said last year that she didn’t like about the celebration, how they get sprayed around everywhere. Have to admit, smell can get to be a little nauseating at times around the city with the number of people who wear the stuff compared to people down in Darkshire. Then again, guess we don’t have to worry about undead camped out in the fields spraying people who’re just wandering along the road the way we did last year…had a couple of people wander up trying to offer me a free sample, at one point, but the only people they ended up actually spraying with the stuff were each other.

Hard as the smell can be to deal with, having a nose like mine, I am glad that I’m able to be back in the city instead of still stuck down in Nethergarde. Don’t think most people’ve ended up making it back yet, still healing up or attending to matters of business down that way. Heard a bit of what was going on over the comms over the course of the day. Lumenar and Beras I think headed down to the beach in the early afternoon to try and track down where her armour and weapons’d ended up when the vrykul’d taken her captive. Was a little worried about that, although based on the fact I didn’t hear any calls for help or anything, I figure they got on alright. Belindlice called over the comms at one stage to check up on how Agnes and Lassair were getting on, but wasn’t a whole lot I could tell her and nobody else seemed to be answering. Think her main job at the moment is sorting out the dead. Don’t envy that job…did ask if she’d heard of any progress on getting that Wilmont guy back to Stormwind. None just yet, far as she knew, but I guess she’ll keep me updated if things change. She grumbled a bit when I mentioned it looked like he was working for House Beloch, but I don’t think she’s the sort who’s gonna be dissuaded from doing her job on account of not necessarily being fond of the guy’s employers. Other thing was mention of some kind of trip into the swamps to help transport a caravan. Think a few of the Sigil went along to that, then might’ve been a couple of others who set up triage at Marshtide Watch. Not sure how they got on with that, but I guess I’ll hear soon enough once they start dribbling back into Stormwind.

There are a few people apart from myself who’ve already made it back, although I didn’t end up running into anybody until fairly late into the evening. Saw Matthes and Sarah in Cathedral Square. Wandered by them once or twice, figured they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, but I ended up wandering up to them in the end. Got there just in time to hear that Matthes’d made some effort towards being festive. Wasn’t showing on the outside, but apparently he’d done something beneath his armour. Not sure if I really wanted to hear what it was, to be honest…whatever it is, he seemed to think it looked silly, but as I said, tends to be the effort that counts more with these things than anything else. Iadric made it back as well. Not in such a wonderful shape, but sounds like he’ll be pretty happy to be sleeping in his own bed again. Bedpost might well have a new decoration, if he did end up bringing back that vrykul woman’s head which Lumenar and Mitta apparently managed to cut off during the battle. Speaking of things brought back from the battle, his breastplate’s apparently got some kind of a tear in it near the bottom. Figure making a start on patching that up’ll be my main job for today. Speaking of blacksmithing, need to get around to sending Sinafay her helmet. Don’t know quite what they ended up having to deal with out in the swamps, apart from a little boating accident Lumenar mentioned, but I figure it’s not such a good idea for her to be going on a lot of outings without her helmet while it’s sitting beside the forges all ready to go.

When the vrykul forces finally broke and ran, scattered, fleeing back to their ships, the thrill of battle fresh in their veins, the knight and her beloved rushed after them. It was Lumenar’s sudden yank on her cloak that stopped Mitta, nearly pulling her over, for when common sense dictated she give up the pursuit, all she could see was vengeance and bloodlust.

“We won,” came Lumenar’s voice as Mitta stared after them. “Relax–There’ll be another day for them.

“You’re alive, dalah’sin,” Mitta said, her eyes finally focusing on Lumenar and away from the vrykul.

“And you came for me,” came the response, though she could barely hear it through the sound of rushing blood. Lumenar stepped towards her for a kiss, so Mitta moved to pull the mask from her face and was surprised when a gauntleted hand caught her wrist.

“If this is a fact of your life now, Mitta…then it’s fine.” Lumenar tilted the mask back, then brought her lips to Mitta’s, and amidst the corpses and thirsty red dust, she returned the kiss with an aggression and hunger she’d never felt before.

Friday…Light, I can barely remember a thing of Friday. Moonshine that did it…see, Lumenar and I’d gotten the still all set up the day before. I managed to find the parts for it asking around the Dwarven District, talking to some of the engineers and that. In retrospect, may not’ve been the brightest of ideas…I made sure to clean it, of course, make sure there wasn’t going to be any risk of lead or anything else nasty getting in there. Followed Lumenar’s recipe to the letter. Far as I know, all of the ingredients we ended up using were in a reasonably good condition. Then again, might not be the best judge of that myself…anyway, by Friday morning we had our first batch of the stuff all distilled and ready to go. Think it ended up being about three jugs of it or so. Dropped them off down at the Quel'Talan, so we could see what everybody thought of it. Made sure to have a sip of it beforehand, naturally, just to check that it wasn’t too likely to kill anybody. Barely drank any of it, really, but…well, guess whatever caused the events associated with it, it was strong enough that it didn’t make a difference. Started getting the picture something was odd when I saw Lumenar wearing a hat in the shape of a fish and Orla came over the comms talking about seeing rainbow zhevras. Vaguely remember something about thinking Lumenar’s place’d turned into a dragon…after that, all a blank up until quite some time later.

Ended up waking up lying on the floor just outside the kitchen, down on the ship. Didn’t feel hungover or anything. Main concern was the blood that was coming out of my forehead and one of my hands. Apparently, I ended up smashing a teacup against my head somewhere along the line…I’ll have to replace that one at some point. Left me with a bit of a bruising and a few nasty cuts…like I was saying to Eunie last night, I’m kinda glad I haven’t had Agnes or Lassair or anybody asking about exactly how I ended up with the bandages I’ve been wearing the past couple of days. Imagine it’ll be a bit of an embarrassing story…then again, they might’ve figured something out already from the amount of glitter that’d been thrown around the place. Think Cuthben might’ve said something about thinking he was a draenei…from what Lumenar was saying, I also apparently ended up thinking at one stage that she was Balderos and I was Lassair. Guessing it would’ve been quite the show for anyone who’d been there to see it…thankfully, ‘part from the cup, didn’t do anything I’ll regret too much while I was under the influence, despite Lumenar saying otherwise. Sylaess was there to inform me that she wasn’t being entirely truthful, thankfully. Wouldn’t have been a fun conversation to have with Eunie…

Anyway, that was that. Went home, got myself all cleaned up and bandaged and that. Cuts are still around, plus a few bruises, but they’re healing. No permanent damage, far as I can tell. Still, not too keen on going through it again. Like I was saying to Anya the next day, I think a decent exorcism and a visit to the deepest darkest pit we can possibly find might be the best way of dealing with that particular still. Might be overkill, but I’m not sure I want to take any chances.

bloodlust - part II by drowningdolls

“Sieges were not all that frequent, and many were unsuccessful; and in lean periods there might be very little to live on, and no pay forthcoming…One means of dealing with the problem was by an agreement to share spoils with another knight, the ‘brotherhood in arms’ whose high-sounding title conceals a very practical arrangement. 

For instance, in the contract between Nicolas Molyneux and John Winter signed at Harfleur in 1421, all gains in war were to be sent to London to be banked, and each is responsible for raising the first 1000 pounds of the other’s ransom in the event of capture…brothers-in-arms would also inherit the other’s military fortune on his death. 

Yet, despite the financial basis of such agreements, brotherhood-in-arms acquired a veneer of idealism. Its deepest roots may go back to the primitive oath of blood-brotherhood, in which blood was mingled in a cup. At its highest, it was a bond of alliance second only to those of family and liege homage, and acquired a special mystique of its own. Brothers-in-arms were supposedly 'bound to one another in such a way, that each will stand by the other to the death if need be, saving his honour,’ in both counsel and action, and such a bond could sometimes be formed without a formal oath.”

Richard Barber, The Knight and Chivalry (New York: Harper & Row, 1982), 208-209

Monday night was pretty quiet, really. Needed it after everything that’d happened with the Law the couple of days beforehand. Doubt I would’ve been the only one, ‘specially considering people needed to be fit to head out to the Storm Peaks with Stehl last night. Didn’t manage to go along myself, but I mentioned to Danior that I could maybe see about sorting out some crampons. Know Stehl said they wouldn’t be doing any climbing, but depending on what the weather’s like out there at the moment, even walking along the paths could be pretty treacherous. Haven’t gotten that sorted yet, but with the way people were looking last night, figure I might have a little while yet to get that sorted. Don’t think anybody made it out completely unscathed. Light spirits behind most of the damage, apparently. Never heard of any that’ve been as hostile as it seems like those ones were, though…Iadric and Jack were both on death’s door when they got them through the portal. Managed to staunch the bleeding a little, got them on transfusions until Agnes was ready to operate. She got them both in fairly stable conditions, thankfully, but figure they’ll need to rest for a fair while. I mean, both got impaled just about. Looked like neither of them were far off having their stomachs split right open. Don’t know even magic’d do all that much to help with that…think a lot of the damage was to the intestines, but Agnes has these gnomish surgical tools now which make patching that sort of thing up pretty easy. Gonna have to ask if she’d teach me to use them one of these days. Should think about learning to do a little surgery, just in the properly qualified people’re busy or out of action or anything if something like this happens again. Until then, was still able to help out a little. Made tea for Agnes, did the transfusions, bandaged up Gwen’s chest on account of some of her ribs being broken. Figure that’s enough to make a little bit of a difference.

Medical stuff after the trip to the Storm Peaks was the only real drama yesterday. Was some good news. Saw Belindlice for the first time in…what, close to a month now? Maybe a bit more? Not sure…fair while, anyway. She looks like she’s doing pretty good, at least by her standards. Wasn’t all that talkative or anything, but it looks like she’s started building up a decent amount of muscle while she’s been away. Figure she’s been doing some training, something along those lines. Mentioned maybe sparring against each other at some stage which she seemed on board with the idea of it. Looking forward to it. Little unusual for me and sparring, but I am pretty interested to see how she’s developed while she’s been away, what she’s capable of now that she’s back. Looking at her, looks like she might be at the stage of being a challenge. Not the only person who’s been away for a while who’s come back recently. I’d seen Lumenar the day before, over in the Old Town. Didn’t talk to her for long, but caught up a little. Turns out she and Mitta’d been away in that Goldcliff place recovering from the injuries they wound up with while we were in Stranglethorn. Must’ve been nastier than I thought if it took them that long to get over it, but good to see that she’s okay now. Think she said she’s hoping to be around more now that she has recovered, but she and Mitta had some business to take care of that evening that was taking her out of the city. Can’t remember if she said exactly what it was, but hope it went well for her. I’d hate to think that she’d just recovered only to wind up suffering some nasty kind of injury all over again…

Wasn’t the only person I talked to Monday. Spent a fair while talking to that Cat woman, druid who’d brought those muffins by the ship the night before. Gilnean. Comes from the Blackwarld, apparently. Didn’t know many people lived in there…kind of got the impression people were a little scared of it when I was in Gilneas, but then again, guess people’ve got pretty similar attitudes towards Duskwood. Doesn’t stop people living there. Living pretty well, at times. Guess being in the woods like that really helped her out, being a harvest witch and all. Did apparently get a lot better at it all of a sudden when she became a worgen, so I guess what Eunie experienced when she first got the Curse isn’t all that unusual. Interesting to talk to another druid who I guess lives a little similarly to how we do. Y’know, hearing how somebody else has gotten on using magic with the everyday sort of stuff, growing vegetables and that. Like I said, talked to Danior as well. Didn’t just discuss the crampons. Told him about what’d happened with the Law the night before, that agreement we’d reached in the meeting with Ennalor and friends. Not sure how optimistic he was about the solution we wound up with working out, but figured he should know anyway. Got onto the topic of the Storm Peaks mission after that. Think he was planning on staying in back, offering more of a support role. Mentioned I thought he probably wouldn’t be one to go doing stupid things for the sake of playing the hero, but…well, think I may’ve been a bit off the mark on that one. He did say he’d tried clawing out a frostwyrm’s eyes just the night before, wound up taking a tumble off a cliff on account of it. Guess it’s a good thing he does at least recognise that’s maybe not a smart move. Just hope he didn’t wind up doing anything like that again last night…

Didn’t make it down to the ship yesterday, but Lassair gave us all some word on Cainam’s condition. Made it through the night, so that’s his biggest hurdle out of the way. ‘Part from that, he’s come of transfusions, just on nutrients now. There was enough tissue left over from where his fingers cut off that she was able to regrow them, so I guess that’s one less type of permanent damage he could wind up taking out of this. From here, guess it’s just a matter of making sure he’s eating right and then letting him rest, giving him the time he needs to make a proper recovery. Her guess was about a month, something like that, but I guess it could be shorter. He’s strong, little on the stubborn side, so guess that’ll mean he could be up and moving around again sooner rather than later. Like she said, guess that’s a description you could apply to a lot of people in the Sigil. Only really concerning thing was that the warlock was apparently draining him of natural magic, but from what she was saying, that’s not likely to have any kind of permanent effects, nothing like what Sinafay was going through before she got her magic back. Eunie needed to get her rest, tired as she was after her part in everything, but talked it over with her a little when she got in from the garden in the evening, told her what Lassair’d told me. Think the two of us should maybe wander down towards the ship whenever Cainam’s awake and up to talking, see about paying him a visit. She asked about what that warlock had said, something about a dreadlord and a portal. Don’t think either of us can really such much more about it than the other. Bad stuff, that’s for certain. Guessing you’d need somebody like Lav to take a look at him to find out for certain what’s going on. Guess that’s not the main concern right at the moment, though. Once his other health woes’ve been dealt with, then I guess we’ll be free to try figure out exactly what was going on with that ritual.

Everybody else seemed to be getting on okay yesterday, at least out of the ones I ran into. Sinafay’d recovered alright from that little tumble she took down the steps when we found the hidden door leading into the tunnel out of the city, so that’s good to see. Come to think of it, think she was the only person I saw who I know’d gotten any serious kind of injury during the whole thing. Danior was there when we were talking, looked a little tired, but he hadn’t been on the mission. Lumenar showed up as well, but can’t remember whether she wound up getting hurt at all. Actually, speaking of Lumenar, had the designs she’s been making for my tattoo ready to show me. We wound up scheduling to get it done tomorrow night, so guess I’ve got today to keep having a look through them, make sure I pick the one I like the most. That and find a book to read while she’s working on it. Like Eunie said, have to be careful not to pick one that’s gonna lull me off to sleep or anything like that. Wouldn’t be good to start drifting off and suddenly fall over while she’s working, wind up with something permanent where I’d much rather it wasn’t. Kind of looking forward to finally getting it done, amount of time we’ve been talking about it now. Trying to think when I first started thinking about it…might need to take a look through the journals tonight, find out for certain. Anyway, that’s a good thing.  ‘Part from that, headed off to that story circle behind the cathedral. Think I might’ve wandered past last week, but first time I’ve sat down and properly listened in a good while. It was pretty good. Couple of interesting stories. Might have to think about going back next week if I wind up having a bit of free time in the afternoon.

Lassair headed off to check on Cainam mid-way through, then Danior left afterwards with this girl, Rosie. Figure they’re related somehow, similar as they looked. Said they were going to go and get pie, got Gwenelle and me thinking we should wander off, go get ourselves something to eat. Wound up wandering over to the Golden Keg, getting ourselves a drink there. Pretty handy having that place so close to home. Better place to drink than either the Pig or the Recluse are nowadays. Good food, too. Anyway, wound up sitting there for an hour or so, talked about a few different things. Sarah apparently being back, for one. Gwenelle hasn’t seen her yet either, didn’t hear anything from her while she was away, but I think we’re both pretty glad to hear that she’s back, hopefully alive and well. Talked a little about relationships, apart from that. Wound up telling her a little about Catherine, how Eunie and I met, plus the story about how Beatrice looked like she’d died and then wound up coming back on top of that. She talked about Iadric as well. She didn’t know for certain, but think they’ve been together for somewhere between two and four months now. Getting to be a fair while, long enough that they’re comfortable talking about buying a house in Elwynn together, starting to discuss kids and marriage and that. Don’t know that the former’s necessarily a possibility, or that either of them’d be interested even if it was. As for the marriage thing, think they’ll be holding back a little on that. Good thing, really. Not the sort of thing you should rush. I mean, Eunie and I were pretty quick to get to the altar, but don’t know that’s the sort of timeframe that’d work for many people to get to know each other. Kinda get the feeling Gwenelle’s at the stage where she wouldn’t necessarily mind Iadric popping the question, but with as happy as they seem together, figure he’s got a fair while to go yet before she starts getting impatient.

Saw Iadric and Gwenelle sparring on the far side of the pond when I got home from work yesterday, so I figured I’d wander over, watch how she’s getting on. Jack was there when I arrived, then Osbern showed up to watch as well a little after I got there. Turns out Gwen’s a lot better with a sword than I’d been expecting. Had this bigger one, curved blade, I guess a cheap one she’d picked up somewhere, not her preferred sort of weapon based on the way she was using it, but she still held her own. Iadric managed to land a blow or two on her, but in the end she managed to catch the crossguard of his sword, ended up disarming him. Figure I can take that as a sign that whatever style of sword I end up making for her won’t be going to waste. Don’t know if she’s decided for certain what style she wants just yet, but she said she was gonna be checking out some rapiers ‘round Dalaran, so I take that as a sign she’s probably leaning towards that side of things. Course, might have a sudden change of mind, decide to go for something a little more exotic. Maybe something leaf-bladed like that sword of Jack’s. Said I hadn’t seen many in that style, so he let me hold it for a little bit. Gather the purpose behind the way the blade’s shaped isn’t all that different from a falchion. Gives you extra weight near where it spreads out which makes that particular part of the weapon real good for chopping and hacking, then the curve of the blade means it works for slashing as well. Pretty interesting style, really…got me thinking about this axe I had a while ago, that troll one I found down in the swamps a good while back, one with the seashell pattern on the head and the three blades. He sounded interested in taking a look at it, so I figured I’d drag it out of the old vault. It was never the easiest thing to use, hard to slash without risking the points of the blades getting stuck in whatever you’re swinging it at, but I’ve still got a little fondness for the old thing.

Iadric had to head off, take care of some work up in Hillsbrad. Guessing it’s something to do with that Varden guy, but he wouldn’t say. Rest of us stuck around for a while longer, ‘part from Jack having to head off to take care of some field work. Gather he still does a fair bit of work for the military. Doubt it’d be easy to stop, considering he’s been in that line of work ever since he was twelve apparently. Family tradition sort of thing. Feel sorry for him, really…not a good position for a kid to find themselves in. Got all these allergy issues nowadays as well. Turns out he’s allergic to himself when he’s a worgen and when he’s a human his hair falls out, something to do with losing the winter coat carrying over between shapes. Not a good sort of issue to wind up with, really, but sounds like Lassair might be working to help him out with his allergies a bit. As for the others, managed to somehow get onto Osbern’s bedroom habits at some stage. Some kind of story about how he and Sinafay managed to blow up this tower in Pandaria. Don’t know that I want to hear the full story about that one…honestly, having heard as much as I have about what he and Sinafay get up to, can’t help but think they’re destined to make some epitaph writer’s job real interesting one of these days. Yesterday they were messing around with one of those gender-swapping potions Marius apparently gave them for their wedding. Been sitting around for a fair while now, close to expiring, but I guess they figured they’d still be safe enough, even if the effects might last a little longer or not quite as long as the first one. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Showed up under the effects of them off to the side of Cathedral Square while Eunie and I were talking a little later on at night. Had been talking about Gloria a bit, but got pretty distracted from that line of conversation pretty quickly once they arrived. Have to admit, effects were a little better than I was expecting. Might’ve thought the two of them were the genuine article if they’d had a mind to try tricking us into thinking as much. Weird stuff, seeing them that way…sounds like it’s odd for them as well, getting used to various protrusions which wouldn’t normally be there, but they don’t seem to see the whole thing as quite as abnormal as everybody else does. Then again, not like they’re the only odd ones around. Looking like Lumenar, Mitta and Stehl are planning on killing themselves competing to see who can do the most exercise carrying the most weight. Former two showed up while we were talking to Osbern and Sinafay. Mitta had chainmail on over that training armour which got Lumenar thinking it’d be a good idea to drop down right there, start doing push-ups. Both wanting me to organise some weights for them. Offered them the spare bricks that I got from the masons when we were getting the cellar made. Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re paying me one of these days to tie cinderblocks to their ankles and throw them into the harbour just to see if they’ll be able to swim back up. Training’s one thing, but can’t help but worry they’re getting to be obsessive about it. Guess we’ll see what lengths they end up going to trying to one-up each other. For right now, Sina’s aim apparently being what it is, thinking making sure the ship’s got enough detergent’s my main concern.

After that, just spent a fair while talking to Lumenar. Talked about various things. Relationship between her and Mitta, for one thing. Did say when first I heard the news that it seemed like a pretty major change, but…well, hearing a little more, maybe not quite so much as I’d thought. I mean, obviously she changed her mind on a few things, but I guess they were already more or less in a relationship, ‘part from the physical side of things. Enough that she said probably would’ve gone with chastity, if things didn’t pan out the way they have. Guess sharing a bed with anybody else would’ve felt close enough to cheating for her. Not that Mitta minded, but don’t know that having her permission really helped how Lumenar felt all that much. She did mention that she had always wanted to raise a family, never been able to. Birth defect, I think, led to her becoming infertile. Hasn’t stopped her from being happy with where she is now, but I guess it’s still something on her mind. I did mention that, if Mitta was willing, kids might not necessarily be unobtainable. I mean, far as Lumenar told me, Mitta hasn’t got any issues with that. If she’d be on board with the idea and they could track down a donor, might well mean they could raise a family together, if they wanted to. Not sure how keen Lumenar was on going that route, though. Guess it’s the brand of knight she is, really…death or glory, not a whole lot of room for settling down and taking things easy. Happy as she is now, she still doesn’t really seem to see herself dying any other way than in battle. Might change over time, but…well, I guess it’s her decision to make.

Speaking of kids, Lumenar decided to give Izzy another training session, so we took a wander down towards the docks for that. She’s coming along pretty well, really…I watched them for a while, although I got distracted for a bit when Alliste stumbled off the ship, came close to cracking her skull on the pier. She had her elemental with her, so he was able to help out a little, but she still looked to be fairly on the wobbly side of things. Not enough that I would’ve said she needed another transfusion or anything from looking at her, but enough to make it fairly clear that she’s definitely not fully-recovered just yet. Recommended she might like to just head back into the ship, so with any luck, she will’ve done that while I was off in the city getting a supply order filled out. Back to Izzy, still had to give her a few pointers over the course of the fight, but she did a lot better than the first fight I saw her in. Even got Lumenar on the defensive, at one stage. Got to wondering if I might make her a shield some time, one like that one I’ve got with the ten or so metal spikes on it. Might be something she could make good use of. I mean, might change as her confidence improves, but for now, she seems to be bashing with her shield a lot more than swinging her sword. Guess it means she can stay safe behind cover and still deal some damage at the same time. Not necessarily a bad strategy, 'specially if she has the right tools to make it even more effective.

One thing I did get to wondering about is whether or not Lumenar’d talked to her about the idea of killing at all. I wouldn’t have picked it, but turns out Izzy’s already got some experience. Apparently took down two Blackrocks, I guess when they attacked us on the road in Elwynn that one time. Guess she just struck me as a little more innocent than that…guess the reason I’ve been thinking about it is that I’ve got to wondering a little what I’ll tell Gloria about it, when she’s old enough to have that conversation. I mean, I figure I’ll teach her to use some kind of weapon sooner or later so that she can defend herself or help with hunting, and she’ll need to know when I do how big a thing it is. Even if I didn’t, amount of armour and weapons we’ve got stashed in the cellar, she’s bound to figure out sooner or later that I’ve got a little experience in that area. I mean…well, I guess I don’t want her to grow up to be like me. I don’t like killing or anything. It’s not fun for me, never has been. Just something that needs to be done sometimes, world we live in nowadays. Something you have to be able to do to keep yourself safe, to keep your friends and family from getting hurt. Still…do wonder sometimes if I’ve been too quick to take that approach, whether there’ve been situations I might’ve been able to talk my way out of instead or avoid entirely if I’d been a little more on the cautious side. I know there’ve been times I’ve done it without feeling anything. I don’t want Gloria to grow up thinking that it’s easy, that it’s okay. I don’t want her to be the sort of person who’s cold about it or who resorts to hurting people not because it’s the only way but because it’s the easiest. I mean…I guess the ideal situation’d be if she was capable, but only as an absolute last resort. What I say to get her to that, though…I don’t know. Guess the other thing’s what she’ll think of me, once she knows some of what I’ve done…might need to sit down with Eunie some time, have a proper talk about it. Guess we’ve got a while until that stage to figure things out.

Agnes was sounding pretty worried, when she started talking. Turns out she’d gotten a broken sort of communication from Mitta, something about them being lost, Lumenar having run off to find this book that was meant to save a village. Not enough to give us a clue what was going on, but enough to make us start worrying about what might’ve been, whether they were alright. With them being in the Plaguelands like Lumenar said they’d be…well, I wasn’t gonna be sitting around eating noodles if they were in danger somewhere. In about half an hour, had a full party together, saddled up and flying off towards Lordaeron. Myself, Cuthben, Orla, Cainam and Anya. We got ourselves some gryphons, flew up to that Mender’s Stead place, just to the north of Andorhal. Anya ended up getting blown off track a little, somewhere near Alterac’d be my guess, but otherwise, we managed to get there safe and sound. Once we were there, got everybody organised. Cuthben scouting up ahead in the shadows, Cainam, Orla and Anya in the main group, then myself at the back watching our rear and scanning the sides of the road for any threats that might’ve been headed our way. Idea was to head east from where we touched down, search any towns or villages for any signs of where Mitta or Lumenar might’ve been. No luck finding them, but…well, we got found pretty easy. Judging by the feelings I started getting while we were discussing strategy, think we must’ve been being followed from the moment we set foot in the Plaguelands.

We didn’t make it as far as Darrowshire. It…Light, my hands are shaking just thinking about it. We were on top of the hill, just up the road from the crossroads where we would’ve turned to head into the village. That was when the smell hit us. Whole Plaguelands smell of death, but this was worse. Like the corpse of every damn ghoul and abomination in all of Lordaeron’d been piled up in one place and left to rot. If we hadn’t all had something to cover our noses with, the stink could’ve been enough to send us packing. It wasn’t. Almost wish it had been, although considering how far we’d been followed, don’t know how keen the lich would’ve been to let us just turn back the way we’d come and fly off home like nothing’d happened. Managed to get just a glimpse of what the thing was. A deer, spear stuck in its shoulder, limping around the way they do just before they keel over. No blood. Just ooze. Black, like tar, just as foul, maybe even worse. Then there were the flies…you could hear the swarm from where we were, massive thing, sounded like those ones they have around Silithus. Thought they were about to come down on top of us. Cuthben ran back, cloaked us all in shadow, the way he does with himself sometimes. Didn’t work. Flies left us alone, but the deer just came closer, stood right in front of us. Told us to think about what we held dear. Orla punched it, right in the nose. Didn’t work. It just split open, right down the middle, left this fawn’s corpse standing where the big one’d been, saying the same thing. I tried to fight it. Tried not to think of anything, at first. When that didn’t work, just tried to fill my head with it, the way the ooze was dripping off it, the smell, the buzzing of the flies. That didn’t work. I tried putting a maze together in my mind like Agnes mentioned at the mentalism seminar, one to try and trap it if it went poking around. Never had any training in doing it, but I figured it’d be worth a shot. Turns out that didn’t work either.

Then, we saw her. Eunie. She was…she was lying there, off to the side of the road. Crawling towards us. She had the spear sticking out of her shoulder, same ooze dripping out of her as the deer had done. Crying out for help. I just…I broke. Snapped, like a twig. One second I was fighting, the next there was just nothing there. No thoughts. No feelings. Hell, couldn’t even stay standing. Just feel to my knees, sat there staring at her. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, knew I shouldn’t believe it. I heard the others talking all around me, saying how she was safe and sound at home, how it couldn’t be her and it was just an illusion meant to hurt me. I knew all that already, tried to hold onto it, but…I just couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough. Seeing her like that…it was perfect. Every line on her face, the tone of her voice, everything was just like the real thing. Much as I didn’t want to believe it, knew that I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help but feel like it was real. If the others hadn’t been there I would’ve just sat there, stared, waited until the lich came and claimed me. Then Cainam attacked. He jumped at her, picked her up, tried to carry her off into the woods while she was screaming for me to help her.

I lost it. It felt like the first time I turned, back on Fenris Isle. I wasn’t there any more, wasn’t thinking. It was just…anger, nothing but anger. It’s all a haze…I remember running straight at Cainam, jamming my arrow straight down into his back. I wanted to stop him whatever it took, whatever I had to do to help her. Then Orlaith and Cuthben were on me. I just lashed out all over the place, teeth, claws, anything I could do to hurt them, I tried. I just…I wanted to kill them. I wanted to tear them apart, every one of them, limb from limb. I would’ve done, if they hadn’t been able to stop me, if Anya hadn’t been able to calm me down. I got close as it was. Would’ve torn Cuthben’s arm straight off if I’d been biting down with the right amount of force, infected him if I’d been feral. Orla’s got a scar on her face from where I clawed her while she was climbing on my back. Think I nicked an artery in her leg while she was rolling away. She and Cainam both probably would’ve bled out if Rabbit and Agnes hadn’t been able to get there as quickly as they did. I just…I tried to fight it back, get myself under control, but the whole time they were working, I couldn’t do anything but just lie there, sobbing. I kept telling myself over and over again that it wasn’t real, but…it just didn’t help. It felt real enough.

When I saw Eunie again on the ship afterwards I just couldn’t contain myself. Ran straight at her, held her as tightly as I could do. Think I did a fair job freaking her out at first, way I was holding her close, sobbing like some big baby. I just…I didn’t want to let her go. It was like if I let her go even for a second, she wasn’t gonna be there any more or there was gonna be a spear jutting up out of her shoulder all of a sudden. Don’t think I’ve been a hundred metres from her since. Those few moments, thinking she was gone…that was the most scared I’ve been in my entire life. I was scared enough that I was willing to try and kill four of my friends, get pretty close to succeeding with a couple of them. I…I can’t go through that again. Not ever. If that was the lich that summoned that vision, then…y'know, I can fight a lich. Ghouls rising up, icicles and death coils flying everywhere, skeletons hands sticking up out of the ground, that I can handle. I can’t fight myself. If I see something like that again, I know I won’t be able to keep myself from breaking. If I get that angry, I know there’s a good chance I won’t be able to keep myself from lashing out at anybody who comes close enough, friend or foe. I haven’t told Agnes yet, but…I can’t do that to myself again. I can’t do that to my friends. Whatever else it takes to put this lich down, if there’s fighting involved, I can’t do it.

Yesterday was…well, pretty hectic, for a while there. I’d just been wandering around the city when Kialthos started shouting over the comms, something about Sylaess having been taken from the ship. That was how things got started. Whole search sort of operation was up and going pretty soon, whole lot of people up and about trying to track down where she might’ve ended up going. I didn’t stick with it all that long myself, not that I really would’ve been much help. From what I was hearing over the comms, Rabbit didn’t have much luck as far as tracking her by scent, and I’m guessing looking for footprints would’ve done much good either. They ended up getting somebody to try doing it using chi, but I don’t know if that would’ve been all that successful either. Maybe I would’ve tried, but Mitta needed my help. See, I stumbled across her and Lumenar down beneath the Cathedral after I’d finished searching the crypts. Turns out Lumenar’d gotten herself hurt pretty badly a couple of days ago, needed to stay in bed to recover, and Mitta wanted me to make sure she didn’t run off to join in the hunt. Some sort of monster, glowing blue eyes, kinda like you see on death knights and liches and that. Probably the same thing that took Sylaess, thinking back on it. Not sure I really could’ve stopped her if she’d had her mind set to getting out there, but she didn’t, thankfully enough. Not enough to start going after my kneecaps, at least…

Not long after Mitta got back and took over keeping an eye on Lumenar, got a call from Agnes over the comms telling the lot of us to head back to the ship to talk things over, figure out what’d happened and get a strategy figured out for what to do from there. Whatever it was that took Sylaess, it sounded pretty nasty. Like I said, something about glowing blue eyes, oily skin maybe. I was talking to somebody else while it was being described, so didn’t catch all the specifics, but I gather the Sigil might’ve encountered something a little like it in the past from what Agnes put down in the ledger once everything was all over and done with. It’s meant to be capable of mental attacks as well, hence why Agnes offered to give us all a test, figure out exactly how resilient we are. She seemed kinda reluctant, not surprising considering the dangers involved, but…well, guess if we’re gonna go after it at any stage, best we know what we can take. In my case…well, it wasn’t pleasant, I can tell you that much. Like nails on a chalkboard, voices screaming at you, some you know, some you don’t. I tried to use that mantra she taught us the other day, but still…it was rough, but I think I did alright. Had to grab hold of my knife at one stage, but I didn’t break anything the way Kialthos did. Think I could take worse than that if I had something I was allowed to swing a sword at, but…well, I guess the worry’s that in the heat of the moment, might not be able to tell who’s your friend and who’s not once you do start swinging.

Anyway, from here, the plan’s that we’re gonna wait it out for a couple of days and see what happens. Vandrin’s apparently got some kind of mark on him, so it’s possible whatever we’re dealing with might come back for another go at him, hence why he’s been ordered to stay on the ship while Agnes makes sure the wards are functioning as they should do. If that doesn’t work in two days, we’ve got a strike force organised to go after the thing. Nobody who was there yesterday failed too badly, so we’ve all got permission to go, but…well, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I mean, I know how dangerous it’s gonna be. I want to help Sylaess, of course I do, but…well, I know Eunie won’t be comfortable with the idea when I tell her about it. I mean, the group’s fairly big. Might well be enough people to go even if I don’t. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens…‘til then, orders are to stay around the ship as much as possible, just in case it does come back. Figured I’d take that as an opportunity to make a start on that lift, now that I’ve got Agnes’ permission. She seemed alright with the idea, although she got pretty irritated when I asked if the wards might interfere with the building process somehow. Innocent enough question, or at least I thought it was. I mean, I got set on fire that one time I threw a burning bottle at a house in Darkshire, so I figured it could well be a similar sort of thing. Much as I don’t like being snapped at though, I don’t really hold it against her. She’s got a lot on her plate right now, getting this whole strategy organised and getting the wards empowered, not to mention all the day-to-day stuff…

Spent a bit of time hanging around the ship before we had to start heading off to get to the lecture the other night. Talked about weapons for a bit, actually. See, this high elf…what’s his name again? I can’t recall…I’m sure I’ve heard it once or twice before at this stage. I know he used to hang around the Sigil a whole lot back when they were based up in Thelsamar rather than Stormwind, plus I know I went on a patrol around the city with him and Agnes at one stage. Not sure if we’ve ever really talked much, though…anyway, he’s with the Golden Law nowadays. He came by wanting to talk with Agnes, hoping to sort out some sort of arrangement to borrow supplies for these first aid classes he’s hoping to run, but didn’t come by at quite the right time to find her. Got onto the topic of weapons ‘cause of this rapier he had with him. Sort of weapon Lumenar’s not too fond of, doesn’t think it’s really much good against anything with anything in the way of armour on it.

Not sure I agree with her on that…I mean, it takes a lot of skill, but if you can get the point in the joints between plates and that, it can do a fair bit of damage. Still, maybe not as effective as a hammer, sort of thing Argonas’d prefer using. Takes a good amount of work on armour to make it stand up to a mace going full speed, but even that might not be enough if you were dealing with one of those totems you see tauren lugging around sometimes, pretty much a whole tree turned into a club. Not an easy weapon to use, but it packs a fair punch. Eunie didn’t like the idea of it, more because of the fact that you have to kill a tree than because of any practical concerns. Not sure the others really bought into the idea of plants feeling pain, but hearing her talk about the way they whisper…well, won’t keep me from using firewood to keep warm, but I’m not just gonna brush it off either.

Talked about blacksmithing a bit after the lecture as well. While a few of us were heading over to this bar in the military ward, these couple of paladins introduced themselves to us, Liotuse and Rosalinde Duval. Turns out Rosalinde’s quite the smith, lives and breathes it at times according to her husband. He knows a little bit himself, or at least as much as she’s had time to teach him. Might need to see if I can’t work with them at some stage…I mean, when repairs do start being needed, could be good to spread the load a little. Aside from that, always open to learning new things. I mean, I’ve only really been smithing for…what, two, three years at the most? Not a long time. I mean, I do a reasonable job, but still need advice now and then from some of the other smiths around the forge. Talked about that draenei as well while we were there, one who thought I was a ghost for some reason. Kialthos is the name. Seems like the sorts of comments I’ve heard out of him so far aren’t exactly too far outside the ordinary for him. Discussing them proved a bit of a corrupting influence on the company we were with at the time as well…it was almost a bit of a relief when Rabbit wandered in, allowed for a change of subject.

I had to head off after that, make a quick stop at the auction house, but turns out Kialthos’d actually made an appearance while I was away. Made some sort of comment to Eunie about her popping like an egg, plus a few other things about strange objects coming out of womens’ nether regions…put her in not too good a state. Scarf she was knitting was just about long enough to wrap around the cottage by the time I got home. Had to get her thinking about fawns before she’d calm down. Sorts of conversations that go on sometimes, it’s a good thing not everything raunchy gets that sort of reaction out of her. Her jaw did drop when Lumenar made a joke about having some slightly less-than-innocent dreams involving myself, but I think that’s less being offended than just not knowing how to respond. Figure I could teach her a thing or two about making comebacks, make it a little easier for her to keep a straight face. It’ll take a little practice, sure, but if she’s willing to learn, I’m sure we’ll get there one day. Guess there are certain advantages to being a scoundrel…

Couple of nights ago now, a bunch of us headed over to Ironforge for this lecture in the Hall of Explorers. It was one of those ones the Mageroyal Society puts on now and then. Only been to a couple that I can recall off the top of my head, one on maintenance for mechanical pets and the other on Gilnean history, but they were both pretty interesting. This one was meant to be about mentalism. Not really my area of expertise, but I’ve had dealings with one or two people in the past whose it is. Anyway, Agnes was meant to be running the whole thing, got brought in to help out as a guest lecturer, so I figured I’d tag along and find out what it was she had to say.

Whole thing was pretty interesting, in the end. I was sort of worried going into it that the whole thing’d be about application, sort of targeted more towards people who’ve got a bit of a grip on those sorts of magics themselves, but that wasn’t the case in the end. Sort of ended up being divided in half between talking about exactly how the magic works and what the risks involved with it are and then talking about some of the defences against it. Pretty useful stuff…at least, I hope it could be if I got the time to put a little practice into it. Whenever I’ve come across that sort of thing in the past, I guess my main defence against it’s just to be to either strike before they can or get angry enough to fight through it, push your body hard enough that it doesn’t really matter what’s going on inside your head. I mean, it’s not that it doesn’t work, just it’s maybe not best suited to if you’re getting targeted by somebody you’re not looking to either hurt or kill right then and there. Other thing is that it doesn’t work quite so well if your body’s already been worn down a little, say if they were throwing shadow magic around and then switched to the mental approach to finish you off.

Couple of approaches she gave us were a little more complex than that. First one’s this mantra you’re supposed to repeat, I am I, I am me, I am whole, I am okay. Idea’s meant to be that you kinda hold yourself together, keep yourself focused so that they’re limited in how they can direct your thoughts. Other thing is that it helps remind you who you are. Like she was saying, one of the risks with that sort of thing is that you start losing your identity, losing track of where you end and whoever’s running around inside your head begins. Other thing’s to try and conjure up a memory, something really vivid, say…well, couldn’t really make a decision personally. Kinda ended up switching back and forth between the cottage, the chapel and when I got married to Eunie for a while there. Anyway, once you’ve done that, you’re meant to cut to black all of a sudden, no sounds, no smells, nothing. Idea’s to jolt them, make them lose track of what they were trying to find. Those two’re more defensive than anything, but I think you’d need more time than we had in the lecture to go into the sorts of strategies that’d let you counter-attack, at least on a mental level.

Kinda wish I’d known those strategies when that girl was hanging around Darkshire, one Chay used to be close to. Don’t know how much they would’ve helped, but…well, would’ve been worth a shot if she’d ever tried going any further than just whispering in people’s heads. From what Agnes was saying, think even that would’ve been going further than what she’d deem acceptable. She spent a while talking about how dangerous mentalism is, all the risks involved, how you can break someone’s mind if you’re not really careful about it. Said something about reporting anything like that to the guards. Anyway, that was the lecture. All pretty interesting stuff. Lumenar did ask this one thing at the end, something how difficult it’d be to break the mental connection between people who were lovers and close friends. Not sure why she’d ask something like that…probably not just for the sake of knowing. Think it might’ve made Eunie a little uncomfortable…I’ll ask her about it next I get the chance, maybe some time today, figure out exactly what she meant.

Started running patrols the past couple of days, now that the orders’ve changed so that we’re allowed to. Did one Sunday night, then again last night. Sunday was pretty quiet, really. Didn’t see anybody lingering around, so I ended up heading out on my own, just wandering around the city. Nothing of much note, really. There were a fair few people gathered up just inside the hallway leading into the keep, but I figure that was probably more to do with the nobles meeting than any kind of trouble my assistance would’ve been helpful with. Was a little bit worried that I might’ve drawn some negative attention with the sorts of things I’ve heard happened on patrols in the past, 'specially being on my own, but nothing like that. Guess with it just being me, didn’t have the numbers you’d need for people to start really taking an interest. Ended up being able to meet Eunie down at the harbour before too late in the evening, take it easy for the rest of the day. Monday was…well, a little more exciting, to say the least.

Had company that day. Lumenar’s not able to wear much armour just yet, but she’s up to walking a decent distance and carrying a crossbow, so we went together. Met up with Sylaess just up from the harbour, then Izzy once we got a little further along the route. First disturbance was in the Cathedral District, just out front of the orphanage. There were a few people gathered up, so Lumenar decided we should stop and have a chat with them, make sure nothing suspect was going on. Wasn’t to start with, but then they took notice of this guy standing near the door who must’ve been spying on them or something. Next thing, this one woman’s pulling a knife out from under her dress and there are some fairly stern words being exchanged. Guy must’ve panicked at that stage, threw a fireball right at this deathknight who was blocking his way out, then made a run for it. Good thing nobody got hurt…it was a close run thing, kids running around and that. They moved over towards the steps of the Cathedral once that part of the confrontation was done. Kept it mostly to words at that stage, but the three of us who were there at the time made sure to move in front of the door of the orphanage, just in case they decided to come back.

They didn’t, thankfully enough, so we were able to move on before too long, not that being away from there kept us from getting into trouble. I headed back to the cottage quickly once we got out of there, picked up my shotgun and met Lumenar and Sylaess where they’d been checking out the alleyway behind the Shady Lady. Soon as I got there, Izzy just behind me, this guy stepped into the doorway, started waving a pistol around. Looked pretty shabby…thought for a second there he might’ve just been trying to rob us. That would’ve made things easier…turns out his daughter’d been killed in Northrend by a deathknight, then his wife’d been killed in Duskwood by a worgen, hence why he’d decided Sylaess and I’d be better off with a little extra lead in us. Tried talking him down, but he wasn’t having any of it. Good thing he wasn’t too smart…he agreed to let the gnomes go, despite the fact Lumenar’d had her crossbow trained on him the whole time. She put a bolt right in his shoulder the moment he had his back to her, so that took the fight out of him pretty quickly. We dropped him off in the Old Town, so he’ll live. He’s lucky…won’t be getting off without the guards hearing about it, but at least he’s alive.

Anyway, handled the whole situation, but I guess it’s testimony to the fact that, comfortable as things can get at times, it’s still pretty dangerous to go wandering around without a weapon. Not sure Eunie’s too keen on the idea of people taking weapons everywhere…I hadn’t known, but turns out she kinda wanted the only ones at the wedding to be the ceremonial kind, sounded a little surprised when I mentioned that might not’ve worked out to be the case. I mean, it’s not that I’m particularly attached to the idea of carrying weapons around for the sake of it. I’d like to see a day where I can row a boat out into the middle of Stormwind Lake and dump all my weapons over the side, but…well, can’t see that day being too soon. I mean, I said it to Eunie the other night and I’ve said it before then, it’s not an easy world we live in. Even ignoring all the little threats, it’s hard to know when there’s gonna be a big world-ending catastrophe all of a sudden, and you need to be at least a little ready for that. Maybe carrying a knife isn’t much in the way of preparedness, but it’s a start. Guess the same sort of thinking goes into making sure Gloria’s got godparents, or a godparent at least. I mean, what if we ended up like the elf woman at the ship the other day, leaving her behind? I wouldn’t want her being left in an orphanage somewhere, nobody to make sure she’s taken care of, that she knows who she is and who we were. Neither of us want to think about that too much, but…well, you kinda have to.

When it comes down to it, none of us know what’s around the corner. Maybe things’ll carry on as they are, maybe they’ll get better, maybe they’ll get worse. Thing is…much as I’ve got at stake now, I don’t want to live my life thinking that I’m leaving it all to chance.

‘Round home, things’ve been definitely been a little on the quieter side the past couple of days than they are out in the Blasted Lands, not that that’s really anything all that difficult to attain…guess the only exception to that’d be Saturday night, after I got back from the ball. When I first got back to the ship, things were looking more or less the same as usual. Mitta’d managed to get Lumenar sitting out on the deck, was running around a little fetching water for her, but I figured it wasn’t anything to take too much notice of. Figured I’d leave them be, make sure I wasn’t interrupting any kind of conversation they might’ve been having while I was out there. After I left though, things got a hell of a lot worse. I came running back when I started hearing some pretty concerning stuff over the signet rings, found Lumenar lying on the deck with Mitta and that other gnome kneeling over top of her. As it turns out, her heart’d stopped and she’d given up breathing while I was away. She’d more or less recovered by the time I got there, but…damn. Thought for a second there we might’ve lost her or something, that the poison might finally’ve had enough kick to finish her off. Then that whole bit when she started rambling on in Thalassian or something while we were hauling her inside…

It was one of those times I wish I knew more about healing than I do, enough to be able to be some actual help, know whether or not she was gonna be able to pull through. It’s a good thing Luxiwen wasn’t too far off, Light bless her…she looked to be in a hell of a state herself, but that wasn’t stopping her from doing everything she could to help, bar any magical or herbal healing. Maybe for the best I can’t do that sort of thing…probably would’ve started blasting her with it or something, opened a whole new can of worms with that oversaturation thing they seem to go on about, reading through some of the stuff in the ledger. She wasn’t able to do much other than hold or hand, whisper in her ear, but…well, if she did anything, it was enough to make the difference. She came to after that, started speaking again. It was like all of a sudden, all the worry with the poison’d just…disappeared. Like in that moment, we all knew she was gonna be alright. I didn’t linger long, but…well, I slept a fair bit better that night than I did when I first saw her again, that night I joined the Sigil. She’s got a long way yet to come, but she can do it.

On a lighter note, speaking of joining the Sigil, Eunie got herself officially inducted just yesterday. We met on the Quel'Talan in the afternoon, while she was wearing this draenei mask she’d found. We were joking a bit about it when Balderos came on board, said over the signet that he was wanting to talk to her. See, she’d been talking earlier about wanting to speak to Lassair, trying to find out whether she’d mind having an assistant on hand. Anyway, Balderos went ahead and let her know that, with all the help she’d given the Sigil so far, they’d be happy to have her as an official member. Guess it would’ve been hard to turn her down. I mean, like she said when they were announcing it over the signet ring, the two of us’re sort of like a package deal. Still, she seemed pretty happy about it. I think it’ll be pretty good for everyone concerned. I mean, I get to be around her while she’s working, she gets better and better at healing and using druid magic and the Sigil gets themselves an extra healer in case the workload stays as high as it has been recently. Think she’s a way off being able to do the more practical side of things as well as the magic part, all the surgery and that Agnes and Rabbit do, but if she sets her mind to it, I don’t think she’d have any trouble.

With that taken care of, we got ourselves a couple of tabards. Mine’s a little loose around the sides, so Eunie offered to make a couple alterations here and there, but I wore it around a little anyway. Feels pretty good…I mean, really makes you feel like you belong to something. Feels like ages since last I had one on…I mean, it was a bit over two months ago that I left the Coalition, and I wasn’t wearing that one towards the end either. Last time I actually had any tabard on probably would’ve been…I guess one of the noble meetings or something? Maybe that mission to bring Lady Haethon back…Light, feels like it’s been years. Still a little work to do on this one, of course. Like I said, Eunie’s making a couple of alterations, then I’m planning on making it a little sturdier as well. See, what you can do is get a layer of mail and weave that into it. Adds a little protection against melee weapons, but the other thing is that if you’re getting shot at, bullets or arrows or anything like that, it’ll spread out the pressure and reduce the penetration, keep you a little safer. Was wondering initially whether I might want to leave Eunie’s for a bit, but I figure I can make it work for her as long as I’m not joining it up at the sides. That way, only thing that’ll need to be changed once the baby’s born is how much fabric there is. It’ll keep me busy for a little keeping those sets made, but until I start getting repair orders, I figure it’s as good a way to occupy my time as any.

I did tell Eunie I’d bring her back a souvenir, that last day I spent in Durotar before I started heading home a couple of days ago. Just…well, didn’t expect it to end up being quite as large as it did.

See, I did get around to doing that last scouting run the morning before I was planning on packing up the camp and heading back home. Hadn’t expected to find anything, maybe the odd orc wandering around the edges of the marshes, but that wasn’t the case. Thing is, where I’d gotten my camp set up wasn’t all that far south of this bridge, only one that leads between Durotar and the Barrens aside from the one further north that goes straight into the heart of Orgrimmar. Road’s not entirely intact on the Durotar side with the flooding ‘round that area, but close enough to being in one piece that it’s still the main path for anybody who’s getting around by following the roads. Didn’t fall into that category myself, but it looks like this tauren warband did. Don’t know how many of them there would’ve been to start off, but I found the bodies of three of them. Some of the loyalists must’ve figured out they were coming, staged an ambush once they got onto the bridge, weren’t able to move around as freely. Cut the three tauren down, plus two of their kodos.

Was one left, though. Black hide, juvenile going from the size of it. Wouldn’t have been worth the effort of killing if the rest of the warband were either coming down on top of the attackers or trying to make a break for Razor Hill, although going by the scrapes and scratches it’s got, doesn’t look like it managed to avoid getting caught in the crossfire completely. Wasn’t sure what to do with it…though did cross my mind that I could’ve brought it down, used it for food, although that would’ve been a waste considering I was planning on getting back into friendly territory by evening at the latest. Someone else probably would’ve tried the same if I’d just left it there, but…way it was just standing around, wouldn’t have felt right just walking away. Anyway, I figured I’d see if I couldn’t make some use out of it, load it up with my packs to make the trip back over to Ratchet a little quicker. That worked out, made the trip fairly easy, so…well, figured there wouldn’t be any harm taking it back to Stormwind, seeing if someone there’d be interested in buying it if I couldn’t figure out any other use to set it to.

Course, once Eunie laid eyes on it, she had other plans. Had her bubbly as anything talking about how cute it was. Don’t know exactly how we’re gonna keep it fed, but…well, if Eunie can make tomato plants grow the way she did before I left, don’t think we should have any trouble finding some kind of solution to that little issue. She was pretty happy to see me too, of course. I know it hasn’t been easy for her, having me be away these past few days like I have been. Don’t think I could put her through that again…still want to do something to help, of course. I mean, long as Garrosh is on the throne, we’re still in danger, just like I said before I left. Doesn’t mean I have to fight myself, though. I mean, supplies, armour, weapons…are other ways I can help out besides getting into the fray, risking getting myself hurt even worse than I did when we were trying to take the docks just outside the city. Guess that’s something to think about another day, though. For now, I’m pretty happy to be back home, be able to enjoy a fire, just be close to Eunie. Seems odd to think I was only out there a few days…still got some catching up to do from when I was away. Sinafay’s had her baby, apparently, so that’ll be one of the things on the list after I check up on how Lumenar and Mitta’re getting on. Hear Mottie was out there as well, so I’ll have to see if I can’t track her down.

Few things to do, but there’s no hurry. I’m home now, safe. Right at the moment, I figure that’s what’s most important.