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Cyflect .

A recent request from a customer for his Sig mags based on an idea here in 2014.

The cyflect both glints under red or white/ blue  light and glows green in both low and no light settings if charged via either lumens or UV light .

 cyflect available via @lumisafeltd

 tacos via @highspeedgear

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

halfdemoncali  asked:

if lucy does end up trapped via lumen histoire instead of mavis, imagine natsu going down there to see her every day and talk to her (even though he's not allowed, everyone lets it slide). and he thinks that maybe he can hear his voice and doesn't want her to be lonely.

omg and he reads her stories and keeps her updated on all their friends and tells her about all the adventures they go on. and sometimes he even falls asleep next to her just like old times where nothing hurt

and omg i need to stop im hurting myself