Lumbricus badensis

…is a species of giant Lumbricid earthworm, which is endemic to the upper-elevation spruce forests of Germany’s Black Forest. Reaching lengths of around 60 cm (24.6) in length L. badensis is one of the largest European species of earthworm. Like other smaller earthworms Lumbricus badensis tunnels underground (typically 2.5 m (8 ft) deep) and feeds on organic matter, aerating the soil and contributing to the formation of humus as it moves. 


Animalia-Annelida-Clitellata-Oligochaeta-Haplotaxida-Lumbricidae-Lumbricus-L. badensis

Image: Naturschutzzentrum Südschwarzwald


280 days of Urbpandemonium #23: During the last Ice Age, glaciers pushed down from the north and scrubbed New England of terrestrial life. As the world warmed, birds flew back, frogs and turtles crawled and hopped back up from points south, mammals moved in to reclaim newly thawed habitat. Earthworms were probably working their way way back for a few thousand years, when all of a sudden, tons of European dirt was dumped along the coasts. Soil ballast was offloaded at New York, Boston, Salem, etc., containing all the soil organisms from Holland and Great Britain. North American worms never quite made it back to New England before European ones took over. 

This plump red earthworm is probably Lumbricus terrestris, known around here as the Canadian nightcrawler–a misnomer for this European native. It lives in deep soil burrows, coming to the surface to grab leaves and other vegetation down into its lair to feed. These worms are bred in captivity for bait for fishing.

I dropped this individual into our compost; go for it baby, eat up and grow large.


Lumbricus terrestris.Dissected. Rather young specimen, as indicated by the smallish size and the lack of a clitellum. The four white sacks after the ten lateral hearts contain the earthworm’s semen. This hermaphroditic group of animals prevents self insemination similar to Asteraceaean plants: It’s male organs are productive before the female ones.

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