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Can you do 19 and 31 with nalu?

19. take one article of someone’s clothing off with your mouth +  31. talk dirty to them

She should have realised he was up to something. His cheeky smile when he suggested they try something out of her magazine being the first clue.

Take off his clothes with your mouth.  Sexy, right?

Her anticipation for the night ahead quickly shattered as Natsu walked into her apartment.

Lucy had never seen her boyfriend wearing so much. Even in the thick of winter, it wasn’t unusual for the man to rock an open vest.

He stood in the centre of the room in full-on hiking gear, including socks. She’d never seen him wear socks in her life, would have placed a bet on him not owning a pair.

“You. Are. A. Dick.” Each word accompanied a hard poke to his padded coat. Natsu bursting into raucous laughter, bent over, clutching his stomach.

“Your face,” He said, words rasped out as he gasped for breath, tears pooling in his eyes.

“Natsu, this completely ruins the mood!” She pulled his coat off, finding a checked lumberjack shirt underneath. The red fabric stretching over his strong shoulder in a way that had her mouth water, the strong muscle oh his throat highlighted by the open collar. Perhaps she didn’t need to completely undress him.

“You give up?”

“Absolutely not.” Pushing him against the kitchen table she slid down his body, stroking the hard muscle of torso. Loving the natural heat, he permeated, she nuzzled his abdomen kissing her way down to his drawstring pants. Locking eyes, she used her teeth to tug down the fabric.

Her nose brushed against the rough hair she knew started at his navel.  A trail that leads to her prize. Natsu’s breathing increased, the movement causing the delicious v of his hips to become pronounced.

“Natsuuu, I want you.” His breath hitched as she purred. Lucy had tugged his pants down so she had access, his shaft resting on her cheek.

“I want to feel you inside me.” Licking her lips, she brushed them teasingly on his base, the tickling sensation of her breath making him push his hips forward.

“I love how hot you feel when you move, the way you growl in my ear as we make love,” Lucy smirked, looking him dead in the eyes, a trick she picked up from the dragon slayer himself. Natsu Dragneel was sex personified, the lust shimmering in his hooded eyes made her ache. 

He was all hers tonight.

“But for now, I want to taste you.” 

Natsu had taught her there was more than one way to win a battle, layers of clothes were not an issue.


Okay, another prompt completed. Requests are closed for now since I have got so many and I have to concentrate on my nalu week prompts. I hope you all enjoy this. 

10. Give a lapdance

23. eat a banana without breaking eye contact

11. lick someone’s neck + 24. suck on someone’s fingers for 30 seconds

46. reveal your biggest sexual fantasy

21. sit in someone’s lap

13. 7 minutes in heaven + 27. go commando

Fight or Flight

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Fandom: X-Men
Paring: Logan x Reader
Summary: You made a point to be normal. You worked a normal job at a coffee shop, had normal friends, and did what everyone else did on the weekend-Netflix binge. But when a strange guy shows up at your work you’re reminded of all that you’re trying to hide.
(This isn’t from a specific time in the X-Men timeline, just a made up moment :) )

You tried not to smirk as the man sat down in at the bar. When he ordered at the till he had cursed at the ridiculous drink names under his breath and eyed the hipsters around him with spite.

The only thing that about him that fit in the ‘vintage’ coffee shop was his lumberjack flannel shirt. The old jeans, boots, belt buckle and permanent angry expression on his face said he’d rather be at a bar.

“Sorry we don’t serve anything stronger,” you said as you slid his black coffee across the counter, “but if you want a real drink Ozonas is your best bet. They’ve got good whiskey and cheap beers.”  The man’s demeanor softened slightly. “Thanks,” he grumbled.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here? This doesn’t seem like your kind of place.” you said. “I’ve been asking myself that…” He said with a smile. “I was told…a friend recommended it.”
“You need better friends.” That got a laugh out of him. “I’m Y/N by the way.”


And just like that he tensed up again. Confused you took that as a hint to get lost and continued steaming milk and pulling espresso for the students and 30 somethings. 

Logan could smell Gambit a mile away. He reeked of cockiness and the spices used in Cajun food. He resisted the urge to spin around and knock the kid out, reminding himself he was in a public place, and braced himself for the runt to approach him. 
“Well, well what do we have here?” 
Logan looked up from his place at the bar to fire back at the kid when he realized Gambit wasn’t talking to him. His eyes were locked on the barista behind the counter.
The one Charles sent Logan to invite to the institute.

You glanced up at the crooked smile and thick accent of the new guy at the counter. He was putting on the charm hard but he was just as out of place as Logan. Where are these guys coming from? you thought to yourself. 
“Your Americano,” you answered passing him his drink. 

Before you could turn away to get back to work he grabbed your wrist. “What’s your name honey?” Immediately you noticed two things: Logan stood up from his seat. While he seemed like a solid guy his reaction told you something else was bothering him about this guy. And the hair on the back of you neck was standing up. Panic pulsed through your body like electricity.

He was like you. 
You don’t know how you knew, but you knew. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was a part of the ability you had tried so hard to push away. Either way, you were pretty sure he knew too.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you bud.” Logan practically growled.

Remember what you can do. Be careful. No matter how much you were panicking you refused to react. You were complete capable of taking care of yourself but you were too strong, you had too much power. Even if it would be in self defense to use your power on this guy, it would be cruel. It would be too much. 
Instead you let Logan’s comment distract him and slipped out the back. If this guy wandered in and knew who you were that would explain Logan as well. And if those guys had hunted you down it meant someone knew. Someone knew what you could do and wanted to use it. Instantly you started to think of all the way you’d have to uproot your life and how quickly you could go home, warn your roommates, pack and run. 

“Y/N!” Logan was running toward you, but before you could open your car you felt something slam you to the ground. 
The younger guy was standing over you, his hand wrapped in a purple light and holding a long silver rod. “Not so fast,” he said. 

From overhead you heard Logan yell and saw a flash of flannel as he tackled the guy to the ground. You watched them fight as you lay on the ground in shock. The guy threw the purple light like energy blasts at Logan and Logan slashed with metal claws that protruded from his fists. 

This was a world you didn’t want to be a part of. It was too much. You tried to snap yourself out of it and pull yourself to your feet and into your car. And you had the key in the ignition when Logan appeared standing in front of your car. He was breathing heavily, his claws were still out and a cut running across his forehead was healing itself. “Y/N, I’m from a school full of people like us, and I was sent here to get you, to help you.” 

You didn’t know what to do. You wouldn’t use your ability on Logan, and something told you he wasn’t going to let you go easily. You had to get him out of the way. With your eyes focused on his healing cut you yelled “Sorry!” and slammed your foot down on the gas. 

ASTRO as quotes from my history professor pt 1

mj:  finally the soviet union is born. hurray! no. no hurray.

jinjin: i lived in nebraska. nebraskans are hot.

eunwoo: [about the treaty of versailles talks] russia is not at the convention, they are having a revolution, they are not invited.

moonbin: a sci-fi trope: if you destroy a dinosaur, your professor doesn’t live.

rocky: i love the teeter totter. i’m so good at the teeter totter.

sanha: [wearing a black and red checked button up] i have my brave lumberjack shirt on!