lumberjack jackets

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So my DirecTV went out, so out of boredom, I turned on "Rock Never Dies" because it happens to still be on my DVR. Just realized I was so distracted by how hot the black leather jacket was on Dean that I never realized that it showed up soon after Cas' "At least I don't look like a lumberjack" insult. So... leather jacket, part of the persona Dean is playing for the case, or something he picked up to impress Cas? Hmm ;)

Yeah, there were loads of crack posts and proper meta about this at the time :)

There’s this and the lack of hard rock music too from here after (I hoped we might see Dean in less flannel than usual but it’s about the same… he seems to wear less than Sam usually anyway). 

The cucumber water as a part of the loving Dory, riding Jack etc. I just wish we had had a moment of Dean saying “hey, this looks not that bad actually” or something :p This season is just so full of performing!Dean and Destiel bits like this just kinda… fall into the puzzle without being made huge deals out of like oh, yeah, sure, Dean changed and went “AND???” to Cas while Cas seemed totally unimpressed and Dean was like urgh, whilst having just thought about Cas whilst looking at bright pink satiny panties and teasing Cas cos he was still pissed about him leaving and going off with his EX of all people, I mean SHEESH!!!

Yeah, it’s just a part of the overall season fanfic 12 feel…