lumberjack jackets

How does one post a bathroom selfie and not look like a tool? Well, it’s pretty hard. Maybe even impossible. But here I am anyway, looking like a douche because I wanted to show off my lumberjack jacket for my @fitbay profile. (Plus, people tend to like pictures of me here on Instagram, so whatever.) Anyhow, Fitbay is cool little app where you can post your outfits and sizes and get inspiration from others of a similar body type. If you’re into style and clothes and whatnot, I’d recommend it you check it out.

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Stay up all night with Lester Nygaard at our free Fargo Screening Marathon is hosting an exclusive screening of the entire first season of the Emmy-winning Fargo starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton - and tickets are free!

The exclusive event will start at 9pm on Saturday 27th September 2014 at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, and will continue throughout the night (finishing at approx 5:30am).  

Expect all things Fargo, including a snowy cinema, themed games and prizes, American snacks and staff dressed in classic Minnesota attire – plus a few additional surprises. We’ll be blasting out the aircon, so Fargo fancy dress (hats, puffer jackets and lumberjack shirts) are a must – and there’s a prize for the best-dressed. has a limited number of tickets to give away to the event, all completely free. You can apply for single tickets or pairs and they’ll be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so get in quick to claim yours!