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Mad Respect: Carlos Naude

In this episode of “Mad Respect,” we bring you Carlos Naude, a graphic designer and furniture maker out of New York City. Using reclaimed wood, Naude fashions masculine, industrial pieces, incorporating concrete, steel, and iron elements under the clever company name Lumber Juan. (His background in graphic design didn’t hurt the Lumber Juan swag he designed, either) We sat down to talk to Carlos about what his holiday plans were, how 2013 treated him, and his favorite eBay find ever.

Jenny Bahn: Where are you dreaming of taking off to this holiday season?

Carlos Naude: I dislike cold weather, so probably some secluded beach in the French Polynesia.

JB: Most glorious moment of 2013?

CN: Getting a Green Card.

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JB: What are your top five things to pack before leaving town?

CN: Camera, sunglasses, music, swim shorts, and, of course, my woman. 

JB: Any goals for 2014? Dare we say, “resolutions”? 

CN: Travel to India, grow Lumber Juan, develop a new parallel furniture line, run NY Marathon and improve my poor guitar skills.

JB: Favorite eBay find ever?

CN: My truck: A 1977 Ford F250 in perfect condition.

(Photo courtesy of Lumber Juan. Text by Jenny Bahn)