lumber in michigan


More Great Lakes Central, Part One

Today we see a local job moving some lumber between Traverse City, Michigan, and the customer, Amerhart, over near Williamsburg. This order, of four cars, is the largest I’ve seen thus far (in the last few years).

The first two images shows the small train trundling past the grounds of the Cherry Capital Airport. The third image was taken just a bit east of there while the fourth has the train between Five Mile Road and Routes 72/31—with East Bay in the background. The final image has the train at Bunker Hill Road, in Acme, six miles east of the station in Traverse City.

All of these views were made along what was once the Pere Marquette Railway, the C&O after that. I’ll have five more pictures of this run tomorrow. Five photographs by Richard Koenig; taken July 7th 2017.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate the Hawks so much I'm a red wings fan and obviously I wanted the wings to win but I would rather see Chicago win then the team that beat us

Chicago is our rival in every sport. They’ve been our rival in hockey since the 20′s. No other town chants “Detroit Sucks” during our games. 

Their fans shit on our city even though Chicago was re-built using Michigan lumber after the great fire and the crime is so bad on the south side that they refer to it as Chiraq. 

The Hawks couldn’t even sell enough tickets to televise their home games a few years ago and now everyone and their mother is on the bandwagon. I can’t stand Cubs/Bears/Bulls/Sox fans and I can’t stand Hawks fans. I don’t ever want to see Chicago win anything in any sport. Need I continue?

It baffles me that a Red Wing’s fan could ever support the Hawks.