A torch shadow usually serving high ranking Jin royalty. The flame floats about an inch about their head and often grows larger when excited or angry. If blown out they lose all their strength until they have a change to reignite it. Smart and loyal, but not very articulate. They do not require food or water, being able to find substance from the shadows their light burns, but they do enjoy spicy food. Only young ones can achieve flight with their wings, but are often not strong enough for extended flight. They will die when their master dies and will not age unless instructed, but can be killed. 

Lumao is Jasper’s torch, but was instructed to wait for his return many years before the whole curse thing happened in Ustodia that resulted in Jasper losing his memory. She, being a good girl, waited for what turned into a few millenia. Her elaborate robes rotted in age, leaving her with some scraps she continues to wear as a loin cloth.