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Could you go into more detail about Luma Lynai?

Oh boy.

So if you’re a fan of Superman trivia, you might already be aware of that one story revealing how badly Superman wants to fuck his teenage cousin. And if you’ve ever wondered if you were missing some sort of critical context there: no. God, no.

It goes down in Action Comics #289 when Kara feels down after watching a sad romantic movie and decides she should make sure Kal-El finds happiness. He’s opposed, since as he notes “Married? Not I! My duty to protect Earth against various perils comes first! I’ll never marry!” (and while I’m in favor of him marrying Lois, I do have to thank Superman on behalf of all us puny mortals for his commitment), but she manages to set him up on a couple dates. The first with Helen of Troy after they break through the time barrier is a wash when Supergirl accidentally outshines her and stokes her jealousy, and a Christmas party where she tries to hook him up with Saturn Woman goes nowhere when she ends up being married to Lightning Man, making Superman kissing her under the mistletoe more than a little awkward for all parties.

Now, I don’t know what it’d be like growing up on Krypton, but no matter how different their culture would have been, given what we do know about them, I cannot begin to imagine how “Hooray!” would be the appropriate response to any aspect of this situation. Or for that matter the “I’m so happy for them!” when she sees her cousin immediately, furiously sucking face with someone purely on the basis that she looks just like her. Unfortunately(?), Ms. Lynai can’t survive under Earth’s yellow sun, so she and Superman go their separate ways and Supergirl promises to avoid meddling in his romantic life from now on. This isn’t the first time a situation came up to justify Superman and Supergirl making out, but it’s definitely the most prominent, courtesy of…

…Jerry Siegel. Well, uh, there’s your answer @deathchrist2000, on this Superman story that is irrefutably canon to his character by virtue of being by his co-creator. Tune in next time, as this blog immediately and dramatically shifts course to being about how much I like, let’s say Daredevil or something. Daredevil’s cool, probably my favorite Marvel character, and I don’t think even his lovelife ever got *this* dicey. Keep sending Daredevil or Batman or Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Ball asks or whatever, I’ll be over here rethinking my entire life and every choice I have ever made.

duvete replied to your photo “Look, her last boyfriend sold her out to the cops.  The one before…”

…… Well, at least Jolyne/Annasui as a couple worries me a little less than Yoshikage Kira/Shinobu Kawajiri…. a little….

My only concern is that they’ll argue over lipstick colors.   I’ve seen palette swap Jolyne with pink lipstick, but that just looks wrong

It’s like when Superman met a Superwoman on another planet, but yellow sunlight was like her kryptonite, so they couldn’t move in together.