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So about that one thing discussed during the stream…I have no regrets.

OKAY SO there was a bit of confusion; I accidentally inferred that Gaster is an artist (he is not), and Caitie made some great jokes about how Gaster keeps a secret gallery in True Lab and every picture is of Asgore. I cracked up and suggested they’re all in the style of Klimt. Like his entire gallery looks like the opening of Elfen Lied, but replace Lucy with Asgore.

And then this beautiful thing happened.

Also this mistake:

[In a hotel room at Farafrah]
  • Wolf: Intruder! }:[
  • Cress: Special Operative! D:
  • Cress: Guard! DD:
  • Wolf: Scarlet? O.O
  • Jacin: Hacker? 0.o
  • Wolf: Cinder? :-[
  • Cress: /Cinder/? :-0
  • Erland: Shit... >.<
  • Thorne: Cress! -_-
  • Cress: Captain! 0-0
  • Thorne: CRESS! ||-DD
  • Cress: CAPTAIN!!!1! :DDD
  • Wolf: Thorne? O.O
  • Thorne: .../Wolf/? O.o
  • Cinder: DONKEY!!!!!! D:D
  • My car broke down and you just happen to be the only mechanic for fifty miles au
  • I’m a wedding planner and you’re a funeral director au
  • My cat got stuck in a tree and you’re who the fire department sent au
  • I’m a stressed out teacher and you just happen to be the super hot substitute filling in for me during my vacation au
  • You curse under your breath in a foreign language and I know I shouldn’t be turned on but I totally am au
  • We are neighbors and your ‘adult product’ ended up in my mailbox au
  • You work at the senior home my parents are staying at au
  • We are roommates who have started leaving passive aggressive notes to each other about doing the dishes correctly au
  • I drove all the way to the store for a certain box of cereal and you just picked up the last box au
  • My cable box isn’t working and you are the customer service representative I am connected to au
  • You stole my parking spot au
  • You babysit for my kids and they keep trying to set us up au
  • The senior class decided to haze me and duct tape me to a tree and you are the one who finds me au
  • You’re my surprisingly gorgeous roommate who likes to walk around our apartment shirtless au
  • So you’re the asshole who keeps photobombing my selfies au
  • I work at Starbucks and intentionally spell your name wrong on your cup au
  • Your dog tries to hump my leg every time it sees me au
  • I thought it was small animals stealing my vegetables from my garden but it’s you au
  • My phone number was written on a bathroom wall so you called for a good time au
  • You’re the douchebag that keeps trying to hack into my wifi au
  • I saw you studying for finals in the library and thought you might like some coffee au
  • We are strangers sitting next to each other during a scary movie and I totally just grabbed your hand but you haven’t pulled away au
  • I thought you were a home intruder but really you’re just the cable guy au
  • I just went through surgery and you’re my hot physical therapist au
  • You stole my usual seat at the coffee shop and I don’t know how to ask for it back au
  • You’re a hot firefighter and I might have pulled the fire alarm on purpose au
  • I got locked out of my apartment and you’re my neighbor that I’ve never spoken to but yes I’d like to crash on your couch until the locksmith arrives au
  • You mistook me for a famous movie star and I’m totally going along with it au
  • You’re the star quarterback and I’m the waterboy au
  • Rival newscasters au
  • I hit you with my car because you were jaywalking au
  • We went driving with no destination in mind and now we are totally lost au
  • I’m your upstairs neighbor and I might have just fallen through your ceiling au
  • I’m the new mailman and you like to check the mail in your underwear au
  • We are best friends who unknowingly share true love’s dance at a masquerade ball au


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I know you joke about having them hire you but just for the lulz, what would you do as your first task in the job? :) (humor me)

To be honest, I cannot answer that question without being fully aware of what legal restraints are in place, what C&D’s actual goals are, and the precise reason Darren is still in the closet.

four reasons why pyramid head can’t be alessa’s protector

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Alright, so we’ve seen it in the first and second movies.  PYRAMUD HED™, who acts as Alessa’s instrument of vengeance. In the first movie, he skinned an innocent girl who so happened to get in his way.

In Revelation, Pyramid Head came to Heather’s rescue by battling Claudia in one of the most anticlimactic scenes I’ve seen in any Silent Hill media period.

Yeah … no.

Here are four reasons why Pyramid Head serving as Alessa’s protector doesn’t make sense:

1.) It wrongly attributes vengeance to Alessa’s original motives.

The complexity of Alessa’s character in the first game lies in that, even though she’s endured horror and pain beyond compare, she doesn’t seek vengeance on her own behalf. If she had, her mother and Dr. Kaufman probably would have died a lot sooner. 

Alessa’s primary goal was to kill God and end her suffering. Any damage the Seal of Metatron caused beyond that was purely collateral. At that point, the girl was desperate.

It’s when Claudia causes Harry’s death in the third game that we begin to see her take any sort of active interest in revenge, in the form of Heather. And even then, Heather briefly questions whether or not Harry would approve, thus implying vengeance for its own sake runs against the grain of her character.

People debate the precise nature of what Pyramid Head is supposed to symbolize, but one theme that remains clear among them is punishment. Specifically, James’ subconscious desire to be penalized for his own sin. So technically, it would be punishment turned inward. I’d even argue it was a form of James taking vengeance against himself in order to vindicate Mary.

The reason I don’t consider Alessa particularly vengeful or bent on punishment is because of the nature of her monsters. Every monster is designed to push Harry back; to repel him, keeping him from preventing Alessa killing God. If he dies along the way, that’s merely a tragic tangent to her ultimate goal—which, given the endgame if God somehow was born properly, would have actually been a mercy.

A protector like Pyramid Head who needlessly kills would imply that Alessa doesn’t have the strength of spirit to keep from indulging in dark, self-serving desires. And it should be noted that this is a fundamental error of character that gets perpetuated in the movies. Alessa may be dark-spirited from time to time, but she is not evil, and she does not desire others to suffer.

There’s also the question of logistics. The same girl who, according to Harry, killed God through her sheer “conscious resistance” just didn’t have the spare will nor time to actively punish her tormentors, even though she possessed the power to kill with just her mind. All that power went into weakening the fledgling God.

2.) Any protector she would have conjured would have looked more like the Incubator than Pyramid Head, whose appearance would have frightened her.

Even if Alessa wanted to punish those who caused her such suffering, I doubt it’d come dressed as a burly, ultra-masculine humanoid figure beleaguered by a triangular helmet. Because let’s face it: Pyramid Head has an appearance that is supposed to evoke dread and remind one of executioners.

Consider, however, that the Incubator appears as Alessa initially saw God: an ethereal, glowing being garbed in a white dress.

Despite its angelic visage, the Incubator is also deadly. It can strike down nonbelievers with lightning, testifying to God’s dual nature of being both wrathful and merciful according to the Order’s beliefs. There is almost a motherly quality to it, which is further emphasized when the dying Incubator gives Harry the newly reincarnated baby Heather.

Remember that all Alessa wanted was someone to care for her. Because her mother failed her in that regard, she clung to Lisa and may have even protected her from the Otherworld’s effects until her hold on it crumbled. She then split her soul and found a small portion of solace as Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of a kind woman and a dedicated man.

In Alessa’s eyes, a “protector” would project a softer, more feminine image. It might even be divine, with enough strength to defend her from God’s negative influence. That’s vastly different from Pyramid Head’s tendency to persecute Maria.

Moreover, the Romper monster established that Alessa was afraid of ill-intentioned adults and their power over her, a fear which was exacerbated by their sheer size. As implied by their method of attack (tackling Harry to the ground and lunging at his throat) she would fear being pinned down, left helpless as they tormented her even more.

Pyramid Head is roughly the same in stature as James, minus the enormous helmet; much bigger than a girl of fourteen, and doubly so than a young girl of seven. 

So, again, given her fear of “big scary adults,” why would she conjure a figure she’d naturally be apprehensive of?

3.) Pyramid Head already had a specific purpose.

Say it with me now: Pyramid Head’s purpose was to help James Sunderland realize the truth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Seriously, Robbie the Rabbit has more in common with Alessa’s story than Pyramid Head.

Furthermore, I just don’t get this notion that the big lug is supposed to be a shorthand for the town’s desire to punish people, because not only does Silent Hill not torment people for “teh lulz,” Silent Hill thought that Pyramid Head was what James wanted at the time.

It was born from James’ desire to punish himself, and it died when James finally realized the purpose for its existence, then deeming it unnecessary. For all intents and purposes, there is no more reason for it to exist in any other Otherworld. …Unless James rises from the dead or something. o_o

And lastly …

4.) Pyramid Head killed himself in his last battle against James. Twice.

He ded.

the return

Ideally, this takes place right after 02x03…all errors in the French language are my own, despite the efforts of many to help me.

He was in Scotland – he was sure of it. Mud, and damp wool, and heather. Far from the rot and foul odors that permeated these Frenchmen – did they not ever wash those damned wigs?

Murtagh stood on the small hill right behind the broch – watching smoke curl up from the chimney at the house – three fresh rabbits hanging beside his sporran. Should make a nice addition to supper –

The hairs stood up on the back of his neck. Someone – something - was watching him. Slowly he reached for his dirk, and whirled to face the intruder…

…only to grab a fistful of bedclothes and elbow the interloper - standing beside the bed - somewhere in the soft parts.

“*Merde!*” Fergus exclaimed, doubling over in pain, clutching his privates.

“*Qu'est ce que c'est, mon petit hérisson?*” Suzette sleepily rolled over to face Murtagh, hair all wild from sleep – and from how they’d spent a few timeless hours in the deep night. “*C'est le voleur?*”

“Eh?” Murtagh sat up, scrubbing at his face, squinting at Fergus, who was still half-stunned by the blow. “What the devil are ye doing in here, ye wee baggage? Does a closed door mean an invitation to ye?”

“It’s late,” the boy gasped. “He - Milord – he’s not awake.”

“*Envoies-lui dehors!*” Suzette’s lovely, calloused hands skimmed Murtagh’s side. “*Á moins que tu veux qu'il nous regarde.*”

Murtagh lay a gentle hand on Suzette’s, but turned to the boy. “What do ye mean he’s no’ awake? It’s past dawn – he’s usually in the sitting room by now.”

Fergus straightened, grimacing. “The door to his and Milady’s bedchamber is locked, and there must be furniture up against it – I picked the lock and still the door will not open. He has not sent for the servants this morning, either.”

Suzette huffed. Murtagh kissed her fingers.

“All right – I’ll see if I can rouse him. Damn fool has probably taken ill, what with all the drinking and carrying on wi’ the daft Prince and these French fops in this filthy, stinking city…”

He continued muttering under his breath as he lay out his plaid, pleated it, rolled himself into it, and buckled it in place – to Fergus’ wide-eyed surprise and giggles from Suzette on the bed. He raised a bushy eyebrow at her in question.

“Can ye no’ cover yerself, *a leannan*?”

She shook her head and wrapped the sheet around her shoulders, still laughing.

“It is all right – I have seen many naked women before,” Fergus said softly, giving Murtagh a helping hand to stand upright.

“Mmphmm.” Murtagh turned once more to face the bed – watched Suzette blow him a kiss – and grinned like a fool all the way down the hall from the servants’ quarters to the master bedroom, Fergus at his side.

It was just as the lad had said – the lock was open, but the door would not budge. He glanced to the clock on the mantle – dripping wi’ cherubs, what the hell had Jared been thinking? – and saw it was already half past eight. Very unusual – on nights when he stayed at home, Jamie was always up and dressed no later than seven.

“Do you think he is unwell?” Fergus asked quietly, nervously rocking back and forth.

“I hope not. He’s due to meet wi’ the prince again this afternoon - outside that damn brothel, for once.”

Murtagh banged on the door. Five hard knocks.

He waited. Looking over at Fergus, he saw the lad holding his breath in anticipation.


Five more knocks. “Jamie!”

Still nothing. Murtagh sighed. “Do ye think the butler is strong enough to break down this door?”

Fergus paused, thinking.

“Perhaps him *and* the coachman? The coachman actually uses his arms to earn his wages. The butler - he just chases the maids.”

Three more bangs. “Jamie, lad! Are ye all right?”

Now he was worrit. What if the lass had taken ill? Or - God forbid - the bairn inside her was having troubles? What if a burglar had pried open the windows overnight and killed them in their beds? What if an assassin had snuck through the house and slit their throats, for aiding the prince? What if -


Murtagh blinked harshly at Fergus’ whisper. Sure enough, there were heavy footsteps on the other side of the door - the sound of chairs being pushed back - and suddenly the door opened.

Jamie Fraser, Lord Broch Tuarach, stood before them, panting, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, naked. Grinning like an idiot.

“Dinna fash, I’m no’ dead. Far from it.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Murtagh watched Fergus’ jaw drop in utter awe.

“Are you all right, milord?”

Jamie pushed his wild hair back from his face, scratching the side of his neck. Murtagh counted seven love bites blooming on his fair skin.

“Better than I’ve been in a long time, lad. Is someone asking for me?”

“Ye worrit him sick, sleeping in like one o’ those dandies.” Murtagh tried his best to admonish him - but couldn’t suppress a tiny smile at the thought that perhaps love had finally returned to the Fraser marriage bed. “It isna like ye to no’ be up at the crack o’ dawn, writing out yer letters.”

Jamie crossed his arms and leaned on the doorframe. “I had vera good reason this morning, Murtagh. And I’ll ask ye a wee favor.”

“Which is?”

“I need ye to send a letter to Duvernay’s secretary, telling him that I canna meet today. God knows I’ve waited on Charles many times before - I can take today to myself. He can wait on me today.”

“All o’ that? What should I tell him?”

Jamie smiled sweetly - Ellen’s smile. Murtagh was powerless to say no - and Jamie knew it.

“Tell him I’m indisposed.”

Claire suddenly emerged from the shadows, wrapped in Jamie’s plaid. She leaned against him and his arm automatically settled around her shoulders, nestling her against his side. She turned her face into his neck - and Fergus counted five love bites of her own.

“And then I’d like ye to ask the servants to bring us breakfast, but to leave it out in the sitting room. I willna be disturbed today. Can ye do that?”

Murtagh nodded, incredulous. “Anything else, then?”

“Can you please write Mother Hildegard that I won’t be going to l’Hôpital as planned today?” Claire’s voice was muffled against Jamie’s chest as he slowly, gently drew his fingers up and down her bare arm. “The baby - ”

“Aye, I understand. I’ll see to it.”

“Thank ye,” Jamie said quietly. “And take a bath, please, Fergus. I can smell ye from here.”

Fergus’ cheeks pinked, but he said nothing - mesmerized, as was Murtagh, by the simple sight of Milord and Milady so - in tune with each other.

Jamie nodded - and picked up Claire - and kicked the door shut. The heavy oak was not too thick to prevent their laughter from echoing through the sitting room.

“It is so different when the house is happy,” Fergus said quietly, absently tugging at a string on the sleeve of his shirt. “It is true laughter. At Maison Elise - there was a lot of laughter, but it was not - not real. Not from love.”

Murtagh lay a hand on the lad’s shoulder and gently steered him back to the servants’ quarters. “Aye, I understand. Let’s leave them, aye? Looks like we’re all in for a day of rest.”

He shooed Fergus downstairs to bathe with the stable lads - and quietly shut the door to Suzette’s room, watching her doze on the bed.

“*Viens,*” she said softly after a long moment, her long, pale arm extended in welcome.

He took her hand - and he did.


Merde! — Shit!

Qu'est ce que c'est, mon petit hérisson? — What is it, my little hedgehog?

C'est le voleur? — Is it the pickpocket?

Envoies-lui dehors! — Send him out!

Á moins que tu veux qu'il nous regarde — Unless you want him to watch

Viens — Come

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“Tell me, sweet cousin, just what did you fancy Dickon would be doing while I cast you deep into that sunless cell or cloistered convent?” Intrigued to observe what he could accomplish with the mere mention of his brother’s name. 

“Richard…, He still thinks of me?”

“Oh, now and then, I do believe,” he said very dryly.