lulz get it

but alec and magnus greeting each other with ‘mister lightwood’ and ‘mister bane’ every time they see each other in increasingly more obnoxious english accents

@symphonysonata : So, I was just walking around the zoo and saw this delightful little exhibit.

… It was a little hard to explain to my dad why I was laughing so hard at a literal pit of dirt, and even more painful no one got all the innuendos.
Ya know, I’m pretty sure that if any spooky skele took me to the Bone Zone…
…well, Iets just say I wouldn’t have any objections~
*agressive winking*

Anyways, I couldn’t help but think of you, Tyrant, and the sin hammock of course.
You really are the true Queen of the Bone Zone.

the tortoise’s two cents:  You have no idea how happy it made me that you sent me this. xD  And that you thought of me when you saw it!  I would’ve taken a picture on the spot, too.   Count me in to sprint into the Bone Zone and hope that a spooky skeleton is on the other side to take me.

I’ll take that title and wear it proudly. <3  

Me: *Finds a spell jar for motivation and focus*

Me: Oh! This is going to be really useful! *Likes and Reblogs it*

Me: *Lacks motivation and focus to make said spell jar*

So I went to a local used book sale the other day. The items there consisted of old stock from Half Price Books locations, which included this gem from the manga and graphic novels table:

Yes that is indeed a Hiei/Kurama yaoi doujinshi. Not only did someone sell their YYH porn to Half Price Books, but it somehow made it past staff and onto the shelves at their sale.