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I would like to apply to join Team "Fight me, Qui-Gon Jinn"

Enrollment is always open! To apply, all you need is a burning passion to shout down an old, stubborn Jedi Master and/or give him a wedgie! Daddy issues helpful but not required.

With every new enrollment comes a free badge so you can openly display your bitter feud with a fictional character!!!

Apply within fifteen minutes to get FIVE FREE BADGES you can give to your friends! Shipping and handling fee not included.

graphic design is my passion


Remember Kekistan

I don’t know why this video made me laugh so freaking hard, it’s so well made

sameboot replied to your post “How do you and others survive for so long in DS or DST? I’m pretty…”

some ppl make their main base in shipwrecked and just keep world hopping infinitely thru rog, collecting stacks of ruins loot just for the lulz. but mostly 1000+ days are for megabase building

I’m kind of doing the same thing where I have a main base in RoG and i’m world hopping my shipwrecked map so i can try out different characters without losing my Stuff

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So I hope you don't take this the wrong way and get freaked but I found you through a mutual recently and I have to say I check up on you about twice a day now lulz I've come to really respect your vibes and advice. In the words of Kailu, much love and stay blessed <3

LOL why would that freak me out? I’m actually very touched by this. Have a good safe night and stay blessed. Much love.

My thing for valentines day…cause honestly I don’t really celebrate it lol. 

Vivi has her lewis…..and Vivi is evil, Ella and Arthur are friends….but Vivi likes to push things if anything just to see the reaction which leaves Ella baffled and arthur freaking out…in which Lewis gets some satisfaction from XD


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