My mum can’t understand when I talk to someone all the time. She always says don’t you run out of things to talk about ? Or don’t you get bored ?
Ive always been taught in my family that being more distant yeilds greater results because you’re more interesting to the person. They wonder where you are, what you’ve been up to etc.
And this was always a problem for me because A) I’m always on my phone so I tend to respond fairly quickly and B) that deliberately not texting someone or not responding as soon as I get there message just doesn’t work for me. No red flag goes up. OK only if I’m really pissed maybe but I have no defences as it were.. I just reply. Just like that. And not doing that is too much effort for me.
I think if someone’s important you make them a priority. You find time for them you, you tell them sorry I was just doing something which is why I didn’t respond etc etc you put the fucking effort in. Its not hard.

Don’t fuck it up this time.