Lulubell from D.gray-man. She is the Noah of Lust and orchestrates the attack on the Black Order that destroys the European Branch’s headquarters and results in many casualties. Everything she does is for the Earl’s approval, but she is also very clever, independent, and taciturn. 

D.Gray-Man Signs

As a diehard DGM fan I want to know my favorite characters signs.

Yu Kanda

Gemini : June 6

Lenalee Lee

Pisces: February 20


Leo : August 10


Leo : August 5

Miranda Lotto

Capricorn : January 1

Arystar Krory III

Sagittarius : December 1

Noise Marie

Cancer : July 15

Chaoji Han

Taurus : May 4

Suman Dark

Taurus : May 16

Daisya Barry

Aries : April 5

Cross Marian

Leo : July 31

Froi Tiedoll

Aries : April 19

Klaud Nine

Scorpio : November 1

Winters Socalo

Pisces : March 18

Kevin Yeegar

Cancer : June 23

Komui Lee

Gemini : June 13

Reever Wenhamm

Virgo : September 8

Bak Chang

Scorpio : November 11

Road Kamelot

Gemini : June 20

Skinn Bolic

Taurus : May 9


Sagittarius : December 21


Pisces : February 22


I’ve come to understand that Allen Walker, that petulant little brat, has the power in his left eye to see the souls of akuma. I don’t know if those rumors are true, but he’s hurt so many of my dear, precious akuma. He and the three Exorcists with him are headed to meet up with Marshall Cross. In order for our plan to be successful, we must not allow them to meet him. And so… it’s time for your debut. Do everything in your power to stall them.
Hm? Can you kill them, you ask?