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2017/05/27 Blog post by Keiko 『MUSIC THEATER 2017 Day1』


Good evening ♪ This is Keiko ♪

The weather was lovely today, it felt like summer ヽ(´ー`) It wasn’t just the temperature that was hot, we also took part in a heated event (^^)
There will be a live tomorrow as well so to avoid spoilers the content is still a secret~

Thank you to everyone who created music together with us today at Saitama Super Arena!
The voices of all female as well as male artists reached us (о´∀`о)
Let’s do another performance tomorrow where we think of each and every person in the audience!!

『MUSIC THEATER 2017』 will be held tomorrow as well!
We will sing with all of our power so that everyone who is able to come and see us tomorrow will have as much fun as possible!!

All right! Sorry for the short post! See you tomorrow!

Ahhhhh! The new dresses look so pretty! I wonder if they will wear them for their Tokyo 9+ONE live o.O

Find out the content of today’s live below the cut!

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