League Academy




Event: 1,000 yen

委託: 1,194 yen とらのあな

The theme of this book is a “School uniform”

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Event: 1,000 yen

commissioned sale :1,194 yen とらのあな

So, I have a new little niece.  Her name is Ruby Belle and we love her so very much!  She’s my brother’s first little one.  Because of this, everywhere I look I see cute little clothes and beanies and toys to make for our new little gem. Look at this one!

A new cardi for Lulu  - Emma from LuLu Loves said the following about the pattern and the process.

I bought the pattern for this Fair Isle cardigan last winter from Ball Hank N’ Skein on Etsy. I was finally prompted to make it when I ordered some lovely Artesano Aran (50% Superfine Alpaca, 50% Peruvian Highland Wool) to try. I knew this wool was a bit special and I loved the colours so before another winter came and went I made a start.


The acrylic charms and acrylic parts for pierced earrings and earrings arrived!
for comic market 90!
Acrylic charms are Pool Party Lulu and Sleeping Ahri♥
Lulu’s plash and swimming ring is clear :D

The Bitter sweet Lulu image pierced earrings and earrings has a dot picture and watercolors!

If other things arrive, I’m going to up photos!
Look forward to it please!(´ ˘ `∗)

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日時: 8月13日土曜日 (2日目)
場所: 西館 b-03a
サークル名: Candy Rain
OOC; Lulu voice blog?

I’ve been listening to This Is Wordles basically in repeat lately and I’ve been told I can do a perfect Lilipichu voice…. Which got me thinking!

I have seen very many of them as of late, but I was thinking about making a new blog for Lulu and answer all of my inbox questions with her voice!

Would anyone be interested if I did that??


Pirate costume WIP update:

  • Made the top from scratch, out of a two way stretch linen in a natural unbleached colour. Used one of my favourite t-shirts as the base pattern and then eyeballed the sleeves as big as I could make them with the fabric I had left.
  • The skirt is hand dyed by yours truly. Using two Dylon powder dyes (Ocean Blue and Navy Blue), I dyed an old hand-made 90s raw silk wedding gown (white), then chopped it up and made it to fit me like a skirt. Just have to put in grommets and lacing at the back to keep it at my waist!

Tomorrow is figuring out the grommets and finalizing accessories. Pics will follow later this week. <333

[Black corset is from ‘Damsel In This Dress’]


I love it when “zodiac” jewelry uses the actual constellations instead of the astrological symbols, so I love this collection from @lulufrost, even if they include (astrophysically meaningless) air, earth, fire, and water symbols as well.

Rings (shown: Leo)

Necklaces (shown: Libra)

Earrings (shown: Pisces)

Don’t forget to find out your real star sign!

via the NY Times