YGOTP prompt: festival

the obvious option is, of course, Japanese summer festivals, so here’s some Nellshipping babies trying to catch goldfish at the festival booth~

the other option is SPORTS FESTIVALS which let’s be real are a beautiful source of OTP goodness

back story for the Moonblossom babies is that there’s a sports festival happening and they drew lots to see who got paired up with who for the three-legged race, and Selena drew Ruri, which makes her super awkward due to being Super Gay™ and Ruri is pretty oh no

but the Ruri admits that she’s nervous about physical activity and is worried about dragging Selena down, and Yuuri and Yugo got paired up which means that Selena has her chance to totally stomp Yuuri in this event (her life’s mission) and she gets to do it with a cute girl that she can help with her confidence at the same time! (Ruri invites her out for coffee later)


These protectors are supernovas blazing bright, yet destined to collapse as furiously as they burn.

                  They are the Star Guardians.