lulu's boots

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Nickname: Lou, Lulu, Lucy, Boots, Bootsie

Zodiac: Sagittarius by birth but honestly Cancer

Height: 5′7″ but i slouch bc my muscles are bad so i look shorter

Last thing i googled: animal crossing hair

Favourite music artist: Lady Gaga

Last movie i saw: oh god uh…The American Terror 

Why did i choose my url: its….me.

Do i have any other blogs: MANY. @bootsie-art, @sovereign-souls, @color-collection, @collectively-chatty, @quartz-magicks @unapologeticallyhopeful, @actuallytaako and probably more but i cant remember

What did your last relationship teach you: ppl dont have to be part of your life forever to be the person you needed most at that time

Religious or spiritual: I’m a fucking mess

Favourite colour: i like pinks, red-violets, and lavender

Average hours of sleep: generally 8 but i need 10 to function but cant manage sleeping that long

Lucky number: 9 and by “lucky” i mean “I have OCD help”

Favourite Character: oh thats hard i try not to have favorites anymore ;;;

How many blankets do i sleep with: like 7

Dream job: official merch artist

Tagging: @catsglade (both cas and frey each!), @ocpd-rose, @algorithms, @nonbinary-bonbon, @small-water-fairy, @goblinofthesun, @chaosflight, @bonepepsi and im not tagging 20 ppl holy shit

The new insult: "basic"

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been noticing that that new “insult” that girls and guys use on other girls, is the term “basic b!tch.”

Being called a basic b!tch means you like any or all of the following:
North Face
Being in a sorority
Seasonal scented candles
Chevron pattern
Lulu Lemon
Etc., etc.

Now, when I first heard this term, I thought it was hilarious. I myself like a number of things on this list. What stared to bother me though, was when people were using it as a straight up insult. Like “oh that girl is such a basic b!tch.” To me, this means that you don’t think that girl is special or unique in any way, just because she likes things that are trendy or comfortable. This is in no way, shape or form okay.

Life is hard, and life is wonderful. The last thing we need is people running around calling girls basic b!tches. If you like any or all of the things I just listed, embrace the hell out of that. You’re special. You’re unique. There is no one else in the world out there like you, and liking common things that everyone else likes doesn’t make you “basic.” You don’t need to explain to anyone why you like something. Sometimes you can’t even explain it to yourself.

So I’ll see you tomorrow, Ugg boots, Lulu Lemons, North Face and Starbucks in hand. I am not basic. I am Megan Mace. You are not basic, you’re wonderful.

Rant over.

Xo Megster