lulu loves this

@mandooowwn sent me her adorable klance fic after I sent out a tiny bat signal for slow burns and I had to draw this scene cause it cracked me up. 

Keith started off towards the door when Lance called, “Hey, if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber!” Without missing a beat, Keith flipped him the bird over his shoulder before making his exit.

Lance leaned back onto the counter with a chuckle and Allura side-eyed him. “You two are sickening. I run a family establishment. It is not your love den.”

Lance made a horrified face. “Allura, please never say love den again.”

“Don’t do things that make me say it and we’ve got ourselves a deal,” she retorted as she went behind the counter and wiped it down.

Read “Heart on Fire” on ao3 cause it’s CUTE AS HECK


Mes princesses. ♥