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So because I’m like obsessed with both D. Gray-Man and birthdays, I’ve made a list of all the birthdays I could find (in chronological order)~ Feel free to use or whatever idk

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pyroinquisitor  asked:


Yes! I completely agree! Especially since Canada seems to hoard so many amazing people (you guys know who you are).

Canadian AU would probably involve shinobi having to fight in heavy snow, while wearing layers of winter gear (and closed toed shoes, maybe). I imagine young Team 7 wearing those bulky snowsuits they put on children, where your arms stick out at your sides.

I love that in Canadian AU Naruto, Kakashi has a beard instead of a mask. I need more sexy bearded Kakashi. Hell, the world in general needs more of him. In flannel.

random dgm headcanon:
the noahs going on a family trip. destination: hawaii ~(˘▾˘~) … (~˘▾˘)~
they drop their noah clothes and wear colorful flower patterned shirts, flower crowns and flower necklaces. road somehow managed to convince adam to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra. they’re fooling around together. wisely drink as much as he can because adam’s outfit will haunt his dreams forever. lulu bell licking milk next to him. sheril is killing the hula dance on the dancefloor. jasdevi playing with hula hoops. the others playing limbo with the locals. and tyki hunts fish in the ocean

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I ship Gemre and lazyartistwastaken's Lulu

Anonymously send me what characters you ship my muse with!

Hes: “YES! I’m so down for this—two awkward little nerds like them, they’d be perfect for each other! Then again, maybe Lulu’s type of nerdiness wouldn’t mesh perfectly with Gemre’s type of nerdiness—he’s less into books and more into old monster holodramas, holo-comics, action figu—”

Gemre: “gAAH, HES, STOP TALKING! YOU’RE NOT HELPING MY CHANCES HERE! I mean, uh…don’t listen to her, Lulu, I promise I’m a totally well-adjusted, perfectly eligible bachelor with perfectly average social skills!

Hes: “Uh-huh, totally. While you’re at it, why don’t you tell her about how you’ve never been on a date befo—okay, Gemre just stormed outta the room, nevermind. Nah, but for real though @lazyartistwastaken, we might need to make this happen—I dunno about Lulu, but Gemre needs to get a girlfriend and get outta the base a little bit. How ‘bout it? Think these nerds got a chance?”