lulu baby

sitting in the dark bc my lil fish has velvet (aka gold dust disease) and light makes it worse :(( her medicine wont be here until thursday but hopefully if i keep an eye on her and keep the sun out she’ll be okay

hang in there cutiepie 🐟


Welcoming little Nana. Setting up this nursery was so much fun. Thanks to all the cc creators.

Crib @budgie2budgie, Nurseryblanket. Baby letters, Round boxes, Baby photoframe, Mirror, Dresser and Cupboards - Severinka (victoria nursery) TSR. Moi single bed @dreamcatchersims4. Nusery rug @pralinesims.Cute bear chair - Alelore Sims blog. Princess text - Lulu TSR. Hanging baby dress,Baby sweaters, Clutter toy bag and Baby carriage - dinha-gamer.blogspot. Baby Pink Print Frames - SimplyPixeling. Kids toyset kitty doll @sanjanasims.Blythe the doll - moisims. Baby monitor @enuresims. Baby care set and activity gym @dreamteamsims. Daipers @leo-sims. Baby formula, Soap and Food - ATS4. Rabbit, Puppy and Doll toy @dominationkid. Rabbit toy @jennisims. Owl pillows @lina-cherie. Deer pillows @nooboominicule. Baby skin @chisimi


Also, have yall met my baby, Lulu!?

I’m not a “dog person” (or a “cat person” rly…yall know I’m a fish person for sure ;D), but I wish I could have a million Lulus♡ we rescued her from the El Paso humane society, where she had been for 6+ months. I don’t know HOW she was left there for so long!?!? She’s the sweetest, wants all the love and pets and belly rubs you’ll give her, and SHE GIVES HIGH FIVES.

So anyways, this is my lulu and I love her :)

jayceonly  asked:


1- First champ played? 


46- Your favorite male champ? 

Three way tie between Ekko, Veigar and Braum! (excluding Graves cause I already said I’d marry him!)

47- Your favorite female champ?

Once more, a three way tie between Karma, Sona and Lulu! (Them‘s my babies!)

48- What’s your favorite league ship?

Lulu x Veigar is my heart and SOUL! I’ve painted them for my duo once ^~^. HOwever, ZuliDoodles has gotten me sold on the Sona x Draven shipping. Its hard not to adore!~