luls c:

You tell me that you’ll see me soon
But last time, “soon” was a week that felt like months.
I swear I could have drowned
In the salt dripping down my fiery cheeks.
And I think I did drown
The night you told me you were too scared
To even ask if I was O.K.

Speak to me, JUST SPEAK TO ME.
And don’t hold back a single detail
Because I want to feel what’s made space in your heart
I want to know what’s drilled holes in your brain
I want to see what’s made your eyes sting

I hear you when you say “I love you”
And I see your lips
And your teeth
And your tongue dancing together
So perfectly, forming those words.

But just like the way you’re too scared to ask if I’m O.K,
I’m too scared to ask:
If “soon” sways like a freshly planted baby tree in the wind
From a matter of minutes
To a week that feels like months,
How far can “love” sway?

Speak to me, just speak to me.

—  Communication, by MC