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Okay okay but like imagine going to a nightclub with your girl friends one night and you get tired of the rude-ass grabbing and lame pick-up lines from drunk and probably high males inside and also the humid sticky air from all of the human population stuck inside a small space so you step outside for a break. You let out a sigh whilst leaning against the brick wall and reach into your leather pockets for a pack and a lighter. Suddenly, the door opened and closed which you gave no attention to. Instead you lit one and brought it up to your mouth in between your fore finger and middle finger and breathed in the smell very deeply and looked up at the beautiful transparent city stars and breathed out creating a foggy air to float above you. Feeling a pair of eyes on you, you turned your head to see a boy around your age giving you a crooked smile to which you replied with a raised eyebrow. “Can I help you?” you hissed done with all the desperate guys for the night. He let out a chuckle and lightly shook his head as he put his hands in his pockets and shuffled his feet a bit. You ignored him and went back to your routine when you heard him speak. “You look pretty hot while your smoking,” he laughed. You looked at him with a confused face, “what?” He ducked his head a bit and rubbed the back of his neck with a sheepish smile, “sorry but you really do.” You gave a light chuckle and shook your head, “that’s not normally what you hear. Normally, guys would be all offended and grossed out that girls smoke and shit.” He gave another laugh but this time it was louder and more comfortable. “what? That’s insane. I mean it’s normal but I dun know I kinda think it’s pretty hot.” “Pff I bet it’s only because I did it,” you joked as you brought your fingers to your lips again and breathed. “I mean I did just call you hot sooo” he smirked. You laughed at how he was so nonchalant and accepting of your sass and was willing to give some back to you. He walked over to you and leaned on the wall next to you and looked at the sky with you. The silence was weirdly comforting to you and when you looked at him you found him already staring at you so you shared a smile. “Ya know, I could really use a smoke,” he said breaking the silence stare off with that cocky smirk of his. You gave him an equal smirk and offered him one and handed him the lighter. The silence returned and you just heard each breathe in and out with the music from the club muffled. “Oh,” he said grabbing your attention leaving his in between his lips and handing out a hand. “Name’s Calum.”

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Proof that sound effects can make a marginal vine somewhat entertaining.