Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T, for language. It’s always the language with me. Thanks to @thegirlfromoverthepond for the extra eyeballs and encouragement.

“We’re so happy you came over tonight, Auntie Katniss. Aren’t we?” I cringe at the baby talk falling out of my best friend’s face, but since he’s bouncing his nine-month-old nephew in his arms I guess I’ll have to tolerate it. For now.

We’re babysitting little Emmett tonight. It’s the first time Peeta’s brother and sister-in-law have gone out since the birth, and the first time Peeta’s ever taken care of a baby. I’m here as moral support.

“Yeah, yeah,” I groan. “Just don’t expect me to change any diapers.”

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Author: @alliswell21

Rated: T
Triggers: illness themes, allusions of grief. Slightly OOC. Could be age gap (maybe)
Synopsis: You’re hope, you were needed. Thank you!

Match found.

The words bounce in my brain, skating up and down, twisting in mid air, then crashing on the floor like a wave breaking into myst that bathes and soaks every recess of my mind.

“Match found.”

I swash the words in my mouth, savoring their feel, their weight, their meaning.

Match found.

It all becomes clear suddenly. The numbing cloud lifting, leaving a sense of elation that I fight hard to squash down before someone else has a chance to do it for me, by yanking the words away before I can grasp them, recanting the blessing they mean.

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I am cold nights on the bathroom floor;
Bruised knees tucked beneath my chin and out of tune lullabies, while my father wipes at my eyes and tells me stories of when I was six and so much brighter than I am now.

“Is there anything I can do to bring that spark back?” He asked,

“I don’t think I can ever be that spark again. It’s strange and terrifying and God I wish I could climb trees again but I’m so afraid of heights, because somewhere in the midst of growing up they stop telling you to climb and start telling you to dig.”


Title: Untitled
Author: Rose
Rating: T
Hey I did another one on holiday and it’s probably not very good but you know here it is.
Prompt/Summary: you being with Reid and having a breakdown and he does everything he can to keep you from going to the hospital,but then realizes you need more help than he can give you
Couldn’t do Reid so I did Morgan instead, I’m sorry 😔😔
Trigger Warning: abandonment, vomiting, breakdowns 
Word count:

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