lullaby for tonight

I remember how
I used to stare 
at you
while you would
peacefully rest
on the left side 
of our little bed.
I used to trace 
your figure
with my finger
until your
rhythmic breathing
would sing me
a lullaby and
put me to sleep.

But tonight,
it’s just me on 
this little bed 
and there’s no one
to fill the silence
with a mellifluous

there’s no one
to peacefully
stare at, and 
I have been
fidgeting and
changing sides.

the dark seems darker
and the stars aren’t
shining that bright.
Even the moon
seems dull today
and can’t help
with my fright.

I’m on my own
and there’s no one
at my side
to help me put
my mind at rest
and face this
restless night.

—  Tonight, Shikha Singh

Redbone - Childish Gambino // Lullaby -  The Cure // Tonight - John Legend //  I Put a Spell on You - Annie Lennox // Crazy in Love (50 Shades Edition) - Beyonce // Paradise - Sharif // Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna //  No One’s Here to Sleep - Naughty Boy ft. Bastille //  Do I Wanna Know - The Arctic Monkeys // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High - The Arctic Monkeys // Hey Daddy - Usher // Bedrock - We Are Young Money // Sugar - Maroon 5 // Pony - Ginuwine // Pillow Talk - Zayn // Versace on the Floor - Bruno Mars // Gorilla - Bruno Mars // I’ll Make Love to You - Boys II Men // In My Head - Jason Derulo // Partition - Beyonce // Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John // One Dance (Connor Maynard and Harper Cover) - Drake // T-Shirt - Destiny’s Child // Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo ft. 2-Chainz // Everyday - Ariana Grande // Wild - Troye Sivan // Earned It - The Weekend

(cover art: @the-new-fanfic-order )

onew x rocoberry - sleeping pills (lullaby)

my dear, sleep well tonight
brush that weight off your shoulders
the only meagre gift i can give to you
is just this song alone

my dear, sleep well tonight
fully nestled in my arms’ embrace
that your pretty smile will be protected,
i’ll pray
sleep well tonight, my dear

woo woo woo woo
woo woo woo
woo woo woo woo
woo woo woo woo

oh, my dear
oh, my dear

my dear, sleep well tonight
you worked so hard again today
even if you were alone
even if you were lonely
i’m right here (can you hear me?)

my dear, sleep well tonight
unload all of that heavy burden
that your aching heart will be comforted,
i’ll pray (i’ll pray)
sleep well tonight, my dear

woo woo woo woo
woo woo woo
woo woo woo woo
woo woo woo woo

oh, my dear
oh, my dear
my love, my dear
sleep well tonight


translated by @sullaem
please do not edit or repost without credits

anonymous asked:

okay so what would you title some of the episodes in trc??

okay this probably sucks but in my attempt to be an art hoe™️, I tried to combine pretty words to make episode titles so @maggie-stiefvater hmu for some more of this garbage, I’m still desperate to pay my college tuition

Blue episodes: Broken Mirrors, Every Blue Moon, Written in the Stars, Silent Landline, Starless Night, When a Bird Sings, Wanderlove, Kaleidoscope Color, Violet Shy, Lily Witch, An Autumn Song, Lavender Candles, etc.

Gansey episodes: Letters Unopened, Cherry Champagne, Not Hidden Nor Lost, Honey Whiskey, Hopeless Love Ballad, Sleeping King, Old Money Son, Kingskin, Lively Hazel Eyes, Dead Ends, Summer Undone, Crown Thee, etc. 

Ronan episodes: Insomniacs Dream, Red Neon Angel, Restless Lullaby, Poisoned Youth, Kerosine Dreams, Tonight’s Delusion, Religion of a God, Love in Latin, Hymn and a Kiss, Shadow Kin, Brothers Love, Grave Faith, etc. 

Adam episodes: Aching Rotten Lungs, Wilted Garden, Thorn Torn Skin, Mechanic Hands, Defy thy Father, Chapped and Withered, Sun Blush, Science of a Storm, Fractured Face, Guide with no Eyes, May it Rain, etc.

Noah episodes: Stopped Clocks, Dusty Mold Bones, Punk isn’t Dead, Birthday Schnapps, Echo of a Boy, Gray Ice Veins, Time for Goodbye, Restless in Death, Growing Colder, Eternal Youth, Never Older, etc. 

Henry episodes: Keeper of the Bees, Prince Among Thieves, Loyal to the King, A Rebel Forever, Afraid and Happy, Friends till the End, Smile like Sunshine, Vancouver Crowd, RoboBeeBoy, Mother’s Love, Life in a Play, etc.

This is one of those moments, when you think of the person who captured this - who was standing there and hearing so intimately, Jared reopen old wounds and there is a slight smile, perfectly faint, but there nonetheless, and the lighters dotting little burning flames above & around him - and they’re surrounding him; so beautifully, framing him, that you feel completely transported. To these minutes in Antwerp in 2011, to maybe-Morocco in 2003; and the song has changed over the years, really - tho it’s the same words, the same chords - it’s evolved, softened, aged, and perhaps it’s all because the man who will take it out and show it off every now and then, has evolved, softened, aged, and hearing it, watching him relive it - you think, yea, it always did kind of sound like a lullaby.

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I need your help in deciding what cover to use… 1… 2… or 3… simply make your selection… the new file Bimbo Lullaby is ready to record tonight… and studio time is booked… you PICK the cover… simply reply here… and reblog it so others see

anonymous asked:

hey have you got any songs to recommend? my playlist is boring :(

  1. she bangs the drums - the stone roses
  2. tightrope - walk the moon
  3. brianstorm - arctic monkeys
  4. someday - the strokes
  5. woman - the 1975
  6. reaction - tijuana panthers
  7. teen lovers - the virgins
  8. vision of division - the strokes
  9. know your onion - the shins
  10. fader - the temper trap
  11. wind-up - pity sex
  12. nothing better - the postal service
  13. schumacher the champagne - the wombats
  14. morocco - moon taxi
  15. gravity - surfer blood
  16. bar chat - drowners
  17. tap out - the strokes
  18. toy guns - tokyo police club
  19. on the other side - the strokes
  20. i want to - best coast
  21. a pillar of salt - the thermals
  22. girl police - the dudes
  23. generator - the holloways
  24. in the room where you sleep - dead man’s bones
  25. in limbo - radiohead
  26. boys dont cry - the cure
  27. apartment - young the giant
  28. swimming pool - the front bottoms
  29. fake your death - my chemical romance
  30. evil friends - portugal. the man
  31. gotta get away - the black keys
  32. death on the stairs - the libertines
  33. youve got it all wrong - drowners
  34. is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975
  35. all about it - hoodie allen
  36. 3005 - childish gambino
  37. pda - interpol
  38. electric - atlas genius
  39. weightly ghost - winersleep
  40. beach - san cisco
  41. your hand is mine - explosions in the sky
  42. after hours - we are scientists
  43. ode to sleep - twenty one pilots
  44. spaceman - the killers
  45. pushover - the long winters
  46. creep in a t-shirt - portugal. the man
  47. hnscc - the 1975
  48. lullaby - the cure
  49. die tonight - charli xcx
  50. 12:51 - the strokes 
Hushabye Mountain

Requested by Anonymous: The reader (maybe from earth?) sings “Hushabye Mountain” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the company one night on their journey.

I hope you enjoy, dear! Thank you for the wonderful idea!


The company of Thorin Oakenshield were a subdued group as they bedded down for the night in a small grove of trees. The rocky ground, still damp from a day of intermittent rain, offered few comfortable places to lie, and the watery soup that passed for supper had fallen short of filling anyone’s belly. You sat alone by the meager fire as a volunteer for the first watch, knowing that the dwarves, with their heavy weapons and chivalrous refusals of your help, were wearier still, and that this lumpy patch of earth would afford you little sleep anyway.

The elation of glimpsing the Lonely Mountain at last from the company’s vantage point on the carrock had faded as wretched weather set in along with the sobering realization that most of your supplies had been lost in the goblin tunnels. The bruises and welts and sore muscles that served as souvenirs of the battle to escape were making themselves felt, and there were no jokes, no songs, no hints of merriment, only dejected silence while your companions settled themselves to sleep and you poked absentmindedly at the fire with a stick.

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PLAYLIST #6 ; punk covers.

get hyped over these 50 punk covers of not-so-punk songs. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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