H U N D R E D C A S T L E S {a jon/ygritte fanmix} | [listen]

i. winter is all over you - first aid kit | ii. smother - daughter | iii. a girl, a boy, and a graveyard - jeremy messersmith | iv. lullabies - yuna | v. white fire - angel olsen | vi. made of stone - matt corby | vii. until we bleed (cello version) - lykke li  | viii. o children - nick cave & the bad seeds | iv. born to die - lana del rey | x. ygritte’s theme - ramin djawadi


Like lullabies

You are forever in my mind

I see you in all the pieces

Of my life

And I can’t lie

I was hoping for so much more

From you than the rest

You’ve given me so much more

So much I couldn’t easily adore

About myself before

And you

See me for who I truly am

You weren’t there when

Shit hit the fan

But I’m happy I’ve found you now

Could you please explain to me how

We have such a strong connection

When I didn’t even know

You a year ago today?

There has to be a way

That we can explain this someday


We were just made for each other

Born to find one another

Like a lullaby,

Your voice resonates in my mind

Calming my soul

I have so much to find

Out about myself

But you see it all right then and there

You see my pain

It’s too much to bear

Yet I didn’t even know it was there

But you could see it

Feel it

As if it were happening to you

Like a lullaby,

Your phrases are melodic


A remedy I love to listen to

To remember at the randomest of times

Wishing for more of them

To come into fruition

To become a reality

Hoping it never becomes a fantasy

Hoping I never have to remember

Them alone

While I’m laying down at home

Missing you is a beautiful curse

Seeing and holding you is the only way

I can nurse

My messed up heart

And my messed up mind

And yet you’re not even mine

And you never will be

But at least we’ll always be friendly

You are my soul mate

You are my love

And just like a lullaby,

I never want to forget you

There are certain songs that bring special memories to me.

This is definitely a powerful one. It brings vivid memories.

I remember, I had listened to this album when I first fell in love. My first love. It was a hopeless love, a sad–unmoving love. I could not act on behalf of my heart, there was a ‘danger’. It was a forbidden love. In an already sad place in my life, this brought me into a heartbroken depression.

My thoughts were filled with the possibilities of being together. I’d fantasize heavily. Wishing intensely that these fantasies could be carried out. 

I’d fantasize simple things, how bright smiles would look. How a caress would feel. How a warm voice would sound at sundown and what that warm voice’s breath would feel like against my skin. 

And at every glance, I would notice your wheat-colored hair, golden in the setting sun’s light. The way you seemed so sure of how you spoke and what you spoke of–but once attention shifted from you, a sadness shadowed. I just wanted to hold you when I saw that sadness.


Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)


swept off your feet
a mix for riley and the boy she chose at the end of the night. hype for semi formal and all of charlie’s (hopeful) subsequent appearances. 

01. begin again - taylor swift 02. someone new -hozier 03. lullabies - yuna 04. oh my love - layla 05. everything has changed - taylor swift 06. the girl - city and the colour 07. featherstone - paper kites 08. only love - ben howard


It’s been almost 2 months, 69 days, 1656 seconds, and counting since I’ve uttered a word to you, and today you were on the bus right across from me and I hadn’t noticed you until I sat down and realized who you were.
I couldn’t even look at you, the thought of you being there made me want to cry, all I did was listen to the song I played for you at that birthday party, every time I listened to it I thought about everything I ever did for you and whether or not any of it mattered at all, whether or not I even mattered to you at all .. And now I realize that I don’t because every time I let you close to me you completely crush me. You lie and say things will be different but they never fucking are and I’m done with you, because before we had anything as a relationship we were good friends and friends don’t hurt each other. I just can’t find the strength to forgive you, I’m not strong enough anymore, maybe before because I cared about you too much but now I’m broken I can no longer “forgive”. I just don’t understand what I did wrong.. I WOULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING for you. I would have done anything to help you, to see you smile, to make you happy, even if it hurt me, I guess that was not enough, I’m sorry I’m not adequate enough for you and I guess this is why I must let you go as friends as everything. Don’t think I hate you, I really never could and trust me I tried. I just got to let you go because I don’t want to be hurt anymore, so goodbye and I hope you find someone as magnificent as you, because any man lucky enough to spend a minute with you is the luckiest man in the world and I hope he gives you everything I couldn’t, you are still perfect to me and anything I ever wanted but all you do is crush me, anyways I got to go because I don’t want to take up to much of your time and I don’t like crying, you should listen to that song again, because word by word it explains how I feel about you,

the pain’s gone.

this playlist is a lot darker than my first liayden mix, sadly.
praying they survive through the finale.

01. shadow preachers // zella day 02. dark star // jaymes young 03. crave // tove lo 04. oh my love // layla 05. bloodsport // raleigh ritchie 06. so high // ghost loft 07. say you love me // jessie ware 08. can you hold me? // nf 09. i found // amber run 10. idfc // blackbear 11. lullabies // yuna 12. youth // daughter 13. salvation // gabrielle aplin 14. btsk // ms mr 15. your guardian angel // the red jumpsuit apparatus 16. illuminated // hurts 17. is there somewhere? // halsey 18. i know places // vance joy 19. smells like teen spirit // think up anger 20. hunger // ross copperman 21. illuminate // the kite string tangle 22. cover us // natalie taylor

[listen here]


I came across this song called “lullabies” by Yuna, and it’s beautiful. Most songs are like poems, so I wanted to play a little with this one and make it into prose form, playing with the punctuation a little bit. But what matters is the lyrics, which are not mine haha and are pretty awesome :D

Like lullabies you are forever in my mind; I see you in all the pieces in my life. Though you weren’t mine, you are my first love. I wanted to go away with you, and I will leave all my troubles here. I wanted to run away with you, and I will bring all my dreams and fears. Like lullabies you are forever in my mind. I see you in all the pieces in my life, though you weren’t mine. You are my first love. You are my first love. I wanted to start again with you, and I will leave all my worries here. I wanted only you. I know that I had failed you. Like lullabies you are; forever in my mind, I see you in all the pieces in my mind. Though you weren’t mine, you are my first love.

anonymous asked:

top 5 songs? c:

• Collarbones by Thomston
• R.I.P. 2 My Youth by The Neighbourhood
• Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) by Yuna
• #icanteven by TNBH ft. French Montana
• Burning Out by Thomston