The Sky Sisters Girlfriends.

So. I’m going to try and make this short sons and daughters; to celebrate my development/experimentation week for a new style (oh so demonstrated above), in the midst of my meme week or month or maybe even year , I’m holding my own personal LGBTQ week in which I’m going to try to post art of specific LGBTQ ships to raise awareness and also help the fandom accept more LGBTQ ships in general. Here’s mi schedule can you believe i made a schedule.

  • Fri 27th of Oct - Chendy
  • Sat 28th of Oct - I might have plans during this day but if you’re doing something, try having a go at any lgbtq rare pairs!
  • Sun 29th of Oct - Erlu + Luvia 
  • Mon 30th of Oct - Gratsu + Canajane
  • Tue 31st of Oct - Stingue + Yukinerva
  • Wed 1st of Nov - Luli 
  • Thurs 2nd of Nov - Fraxus

So I guess that’s it? I just felt like doing this for myself considering as we all know, it’s getting very gay in the anime world this season. 

If you’d like to tag along with me for this lgbtq ride then hell ye, sure go along! The tag I will be using for this and what you can use is #illulgbtqweek. Fics, art, coloured mangacaps; you’re all wonderfully creative amigos. You can message me for any questions or anything but like I said, this is a personal project so don’t feel obliged. I’ll be here listening nonstop to Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira Shakira and arting my ass off. 

Adios amigos. 

A Name for the Shop

Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se  was named in honor of his son.

When Lu Ten was seven years old, he told Iroh that he wanted a nickname. Because his mother’s name, Luli, means ‘jasmine’ and his father had earned the nickname ‘the Dragon of the West,’ the boy decided to combine them for his own nickname:

The Jasmine Dragon


Day 7: ‘’Papercut’’

Hello everyone, how are you?, I hope fine c’:
Now I decide to draw something cute for Myebi and his beautiful child Ink.
I thoughtt it’s was a good idea see how Ink reacts by seeing Comyet, and later he tell: “That’s my mother!” proudly uwu
Sorry for not taking a photo in which didn’t appear my hand and photos that you not see that weird white spot, my sister pressed me in give her quickly the camera who I took the photos and in the moment I didn’t realize about that mistakes ;-;
Anyway, I hope you like it!

Day 6:

Ink!Sans belongs to @myebi / @comyet
Art by me~

Fanfiction concept: Lucy and Lisanna develop a rivalry but not due to Natsu because love triangles are overrated asf. How about a rivalry similar to that of Natsu and Gray? It would give them a chance to test themselves against each other, giving them more development outside of their main groups and possibly make them stronger. Also, if you really are inclined to romance it could work like this: one girl helps the other with love interest X or if you really wanted to, just go for LuLi!
    – submitted by @jd-the-anime-fan