Is anything more beautiful and moving than Florence putting flower crowns on heads of her whole band, bodyguard & herself

(and kissing Rob obv)

Poland, Lodz, 12.12.2015


… And I’m too lazy to take some actual pictures so, webcam. Meet Lulah, my Megu Volks with her too-big-eyes-I-have-to-change and no make-up for the moment but OH GOD I’M ALREADY IN LOVE.

F-01 (Megu) Volks has been my dream BJD for years. I- still can’t believe I now own her. For real. My first SD girl.
She’s going to be so spoiled.


Quick bust doodles of two Galra OC’s, Lulah and Zurani(?). 
There probably won’t be too much content of them on this blog since they’re for a thing that’s a little more adult and depressing, and I’m also probably not going to devote too much time to this thing.. but like, stuff happens, so who knows. 

They’re both medical staff, but Lulah’s still in training, while Zurani is the head of her department. 


30-10-2015 Voodoo Fest NEW ORLEANS US

1) “Flo! #FlorenceWelch FlorenceandtheMachine #Voodoofest” (By joshmellin)

6&7) “Florence + the Machine sporting some special #diadelosmuertos makeup right now at #voodoofest (10.30.15)” (By  dhallphoto)

8) “Happy halloween…….#voodoo #fatm #tourlife #neworleans #omg #veryscary #shititookaselfie #thatsit” (By seytla)

9) “Voodoooooo!💀#dayofthedead” (By singlulah)

10) "💁🏻” (By Roo)


Sweetest vulture lady was super interested in stealing my phone. No dice, Lulah! I got to clean up that whole mess she left for me. Also look at how perfectly organized those mats are in the background!! Some brave people went through and made sure everything was straightened and in its place, bless their souls. 

Today I started working with our Harris Hawk, Cysco. Since these birds live in social groups in the wild, my job was to try to get him to realize that I’m higher than him in the hierarchy and he can’t push me around, just by holding fast when he “tested” me. Apparently he puts everyone through this when he first starts working with them, he’s never actually done real damage but he pushes the limits until he figures out that you’re not going to back down. 

Let’s just say that before next Friday, I’m going to have to learn how to suppress my flinch reflex a bit better.