Brief Review of the National LULAC Youth Convention 2011 in Cincinnati, OH

Almost a month already since the convention and i still feel a little bit of excitement to think about what came about throughout this year of leadership. It was a great time for us Youth. The Pre-Convetion took place at Xavier University where we all got to stay at the university dorms and experience the college life. I can not stress how important this experience is. It reinforces the excitement about living in campus, going to college, and experiencing this kind of life. I saw a lot of excited faces and other who were extremely happy to develop a good friendship on the first day at the convention. It is at the pre-convention that we network amongst youth from all over the country and it is this, I think, one of the most important things to take away from LULAC Youth at any convention: the friendships you develop at this convention are the friendships that will stay throughout your professional careers. 
Some of the activities at the pre-convention included college tours of Xavier University and the University of Kentucky, Tour of the Taft Historical Site, a tour of he streets of Cincinnati, a fun and delicious dinner at a German Restaurant, but of course we couldn’t leave without leaving a mark: community service in the local church, casa, and a nursing house. 
Throughout the pre-convetion we were split up into color coded groups, guided by youth board members who went all out to bring out some team spirit and test who would be better at the LULAC Game Show. This Game Show tested out the knowledge Youth members had about the organization they represent and leadership.

We closed off the pre-convetion and the Convention started.
Buses dropped off the Youth at their hotels and the city was waiting patiently for LULAC’s arrival! With billboards and colorful signs they welcomed us, though some opposition to our presence was also present.

Main Attractions at the Convention:

The Workshops— This is the biggest and most important thing to take away! Workshops sponsored by McDonalds & Walt*Mart, got you ready for maintaining a professional career in the social world, to being on a budget and how to control overspending, and job opportunities and how to interview correctly for them. You will leave the convention being ready for success! 

People— Who doesn’t like to meet famous people or people who have make it far in life? From Vicente Fox, Anthony Muñoz, La Banda del Güero, Crash, Hilda Solis, and all the representatives from big industries, this was a great convention no doubt. 

Sponsor’s Exhibition– with tons of goodies to take home, this was a must for every member to visit: from a x-box game to make-overs to marines booth, there was something for everyone. 

The Food—it always seemed like a lot on your plate, now this tested your etiquette. From a salad to dessert, I knew I was having more than what i normally eat. & WE also enjoyed the baseball hot dogs and peanuts at the baseball stadium

Leadership–Throughout the convention we saw leadership from the LULAC National Youth Board who everyday woke up a little bit early to make sure everything was in it’s place for the Youth to arrive to a good environment and went to bed later just to make sure that what needed to get done, was being done. I can not thank Yoana Ayala, Andres Rodriguez, Devin de Loa, Nikki Suarez, Roxanne Ribot-Gonzalez, Dianne Calix, and Mrs. Bertha Urteaga enough! You are the reason why this convention was so successful! Thanks for your leadership!!! 

Youth Awards Banquet— Who doesn’t like to get recognized for the hard work they do? This event is held exclusively for the Youth to Shine and let everyone know what and how we are making an impact in our community. In this banquet we feature leadership at it’s best. Thanks for making that impact and be ready for next year to shine in the stage.

New Leadership and the Upcoming Year
Next Year we await every single one of you whom we got to see in Ohio and hope to see each one of you and more members in Orlando, Florida! So let’s fundraise, find sponsors, and work hard to get there… a good convention awaits in Orlando.

enjoy the pictures that i’ll post in several post because of the limit of pictures per post…and please photo reply this post!

x. Sandra Jurado
National Youth President