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omg, Akaashi resting his bitch face? XD I just this moment got a new headcanon..... when he was few years younger, he was always super salty and temperamental, but now he's calmed down and just looks annoyed

Maybe when he was younger… But I don’t really understand headcanons like these. I see Akaashi as very polite and sweet?? Like… he may be a little blunt and infrequent with his smiles but I don’t think he’s “1000% done with Bokuto lul” I also don’t think he’s as salty as people make him out to be. Just because he puts on a serious face and is maybe a little more blunt than some of the other boys doesn’t mean he’s annoyed all the time. 

-punkguchi’s very very softly- Idek but I really wanted to do this for a long time cuz @yankasmiles is a really nice person and I still really love all that you do even though I practically dived off the planet when I’m now at another crossroads. Thank you for all you created.
I hope she’s doing well. Also the fandom. Have my very apologetic (but was very fun doing) baby yam yams

Also can I just say that yams needs MORE LOVE. PLEASE.
you’re no superhero;

oisuga. modern au. fluff. domestic af. a tinge of angst. unedited. for oisuga-week summer 2016: “superhero”.

“You know why I do this.”

Koushi licks his dry lips.

“Do you know how it feels, to just sit there watching you live on television having the life punched out of you? It’s the worst feeling…being useless and knowing so. I’m tucked safely far away from danger while you’re right in front of me, battered and bleeding, and the closest thing I have with you is the phone and even then, I can’t reach you. I can’t help you.”

“And live right now with us is none other than Superbird, who singlehandedly defeated Wakapolypse. First and foremost, on behalf of Japan, I thank you for saving the day once again. How are you holding up, Superbird?”

It’s a pointless question, really. Anyone who’s watching the channel can see how beaten up the man is despite the way he’s trying to hide it. The feathers on the ends of his chestnut brown hair is singed to crisp, burnt from the fire that materialized from the villain. Dust black and dirty maroon make an ugly sight to his white and blue uniform, giving mark to every stab, punch, and slash he received. The young man tries to even his breathes, but the staggered movements of his chest is painfully visible.

Even so, he manages to find a confident smile and his wavering voice never sounds so sure.

“Well enough to talk to you Pretty Reporter-san!”

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when you say "The Bad Ship" of undertale, do you mean the fallen child/Asriel? because I'm kinda here for that lmao and would love to hear your thoughts and feels on that relationship. The stuff Asriel says if you go back and find his bonus conversation at the end of the pacifist run was super interesting and thought provoking i thought.

warning for #undertale spoilers throughout!! if you havent beat the game DONT LOOK!!!!! (i’ll be referencing stuff we learn in pacifist AND no mercy runs fyi!)

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