lukeweir replied to your post “anyone know any good reads about printmaking and art history?”

In terms of actual books, I found “Buddha mind in contemporary art” was pretty thought provoking. Also Martha Rosler’s “Take the Money and Run”; though both of these could be far from what you were asking for.

Sweet, i’ll check them out for sure. Any good reads is okay with me! I bought The Printmaking Bible: The complete guide to Materials and Techniques and I also purchased, Prints and Printmaking:  An Introduction to the History and Techniques. 


So, the post I made about the ruined copper plate. Well, here it is. The one on the left is the first proof print. The middle, is the 2nd and the last one is the one where I tried to fix it some of the background by scraping and burnishing but eh. 
I don’t know If i’ll go any further with it at the moment.