Lorelai : The poptart tasted like freedom, and rebellion and independence.

Rory: Wow. That’s some pop-tart. What flavor was that?

I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS. (But you didn’t need me to tell you that)

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Think happy, think pudding!

ok well I finshed Gilmore girls I can not tell you have much I loved this show. I was sad that rory and logan broke up but also relived that they didn’t get married right after sad that I finished the show and now I need to find a new show. I still watch random episodes from time to time but not as often I wish that they made more seasons then they did I mean I know the episodes are long but I really do wish I could have spent more time watching such an amazing show. I hope they make a season 8 showing all the characters lives now and show more on the love triangle in the show. I hope that we get to see some more t-shirts and merch being made if they make an 8th season. I really want a Gilmore girls sweat shirt for some reason. I wish the show was still on air. I hope you enjoyed my opinoun on Gilmore girls! bye

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and for the handwriting meme i had to hand write all your names SO HERE YOU GO and i just love becks, steph and anne and they’re usually there so