Lorelai : The poptart tasted like freedom, and rebellion and independence.

Rory: Wow. That’s some pop-tart. What flavor was that?

I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS. (But you didn’t need me to tell you that)

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Think happy, think pudding!

ablogwithaview's three year blog guide

If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you know I’m in to a variety of things. I go from posting library photos to quotations from literature to food to fashion to Doctor Who and coffee several times a day. I love lots of things, and so the blogs I follow are all over the place. So, I thought that since I did a follow-forever in December and have discovered quite a few more blogs in the past few months, I’d celebrate my three years on tumblr by updating that list by organizing it not only alphabetically, but by general interest. If you’ve ever asked me for blog recommendations, then I suggest checking out as many of these as you can! They’ve all contributed to making my tumblr experience what it is. (Favorites are bolded.) 

 Category of their Own

debourbon   •   edithnapier  •   royalrory    •    shoshanalclark

 Books, Literature & General Fictional Things

aisforausten   •   anneof1000days   •   austenchanted   •   avonleavignettes      becca-likes-books   •   bookreadingbookworm   •   classicpenguin    •   florencecarterwood      juliettetang   •   misscrawfords   •   oldbookillustrations     paygeturner   •   randomhouse   •   teacoffeebooks   •   theclassicreader    •   the-library-and-step-on-it   •   theparisreview   •   thepenguinclassics   •   tothelibrary   •   villettess   •   unejeunedemoiselle

♕  Fashion, Art, History & Lifestyle

ablogoftwocities   •   agentlewoman​   •   agirlandherpearls  •   bourbonandpearls   •   brittanickel   •   annstreetstudio   •   civilizedthings   •  coffeestainedcashmere   •   concealedsimplicity   •   fromlaughter   •   herpaperweight   •   highestheels   •   ibelieveinorange      intothewordless   •   ivebeentothewonderland   •   katiearmour   •   katierossward   •   lapetitemandarine   •   lainhidden   •   lemaldusiecle   •   lemonylace   •   les-ephemerides   •   labelleotero   •   lostsplendor   •   midwestwasp    •   modernhepburn   •   notetosarah      parisians-in-polkadots   •   philo-sofia      rallumer-les-etoiles   •   raquellereyes   •    restersimple   •   rose-carmin   •   roseanglaise   •   thecountrysquire   •   thecuriousbumblebee   •   theepitomeofquiet  •   theepitomeofsimplicite   •   theglossiernerd   •   thejazzloftproject   •   thepedigreeofhoney   •   thestylishacademic   •   thirlby   •   this-is-glamorous   •   tmagazine   •   trousersintartan   •    vonbarnhelm     •   wonderfulpalmettolife  •   whitegirlblog

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♕  Amalgamations of All the Things

abigailstoybox   •   ablogoftwocities   •   ambotherambo   •   aquietspirit   •   carbavore   •   chambaron   •   c-j-a-h   •   congratsonbeinglovely   •   daisesanddegas   •   dontbeafraidoftomorrow   •   easternbreezes   •   emauxetcamees   •   everpresentcoffee   •   feu-pale   •frogsandcrowns   •  historicaloptimism   •   lajoiedespetiteschoses   •   lainhidden   •   lolasteaparty   •   oldsoulvan   •   oxfordproper   •   newyorkinthespring   •   p-e-t-a-l-e   •   polaroidsoftheheart   •   robyn-mizrach   •   sailacrossthe-sun   •   seasaltandpinetrees   •   sentimientodivino    •   serendipitousromance   •   susanstohelit   •   thebadaboums   •   theflowershop   •   thegeorgians   •   themeetcute   •   thesoulselects      thestorycanresume   •   thethinkingtank      thisblogwelcomesyou   •   tobeavirginian   •   tulleblouseleathersofa   •   waltzofthesnowflakes   •   wanderlustcompass   •   whatsnottolove 

Tumblr Crushes:

and for the handwriting meme i had to hand write all your names SO HERE YOU GO and i just love becks, steph and anne and they’re usually there so

ok well I finshed Gilmore girls I can not tell you have much I loved this show. I was sad that rory and logan broke up but also relived that they didn’t get married right after sad that I finished the show and now I need to find a new show. I still watch random episodes from time to time but not as often I wish that they made more seasons then they did I mean I know the episodes are long but I really do wish I could have spent more time watching such an amazing show. I hope they make a season 8 showing all the characters lives now and show more on the love triangle in the show. I hope that we get to see some more t-shirts and merch being made if they make an 8th season. I really want a Gilmore girls sweat shirt for some reason. I wish the show was still on air. I hope you enjoyed my opinoun on Gilmore girls! bye

I wonder the strangest things.......

I was sitting at my favorite Coffee shop with a friend today and this place has changed over the years. It’s turning into more of an upscale trendy type of joint. It bothers me because I remember when it was nothing and when I would walk in and the owner would look at me and say “The usual Melissa?” Luke’s Diner, from Gilmore Girls totally captures what that place is to me.  I just hope the rising hipster population of Long Island doesn’t ruin it with their likes of horrible music and non-fat soy lattes. 

Anywhoo, there was this woman sitting a few seats over me on a couch all by herself. She was watching the food network show that was on and laughing and talking by herself. It totally bothered me she was alone. I felt myself glancing over at her. It’s weird because I’m a total loner sometimes and go off on solo adventures myself. But, I always wonder about random people I encounter. Did she have a family? Maybe she had a bad day and wanted to be alone. Maybe she was really alone? Maybe she just wanted coffee? Maybe she was waiting for someone? Maybe she was waiting for someone–who never showed. The possibilities of this scenario are endless. I wonder what crossed her mind about my friend and I, if we even did. I wonder if people ever wonder about me when I’m out alone? Do you think people ever wonder about you in that way? For the last few days the plastic bag scene from “American Beauty” has been playing over and over in my mind. I wonder if this thought is influenced from that. Thought of the day.