Cassie Anderson

Cassie is the strong silent type. Cassie is the one who comes for love but competes in a different way that everyone else. The little vixen is not afraid to go up to someone but she prefers a slow seduction. Sensual glances from across the room and stolen kisses during a particularly sexual part in a movie. Cassie grew up in a small town in the southern part of Oklahoma. A really small town but she didn’t like it there, taking care of her cousins and cooking big meals. She wanted to make it big, or at least just a taste of it something.

She left her grandmother, the only woman who raised her and went to New York. For a while she struggled , not knowing what she wanted to do,and her outings with her friend were what made her happy and started her career. She was at one time a video vixen, but she kept close to herself, not getting involved with the people who starred in the videos. Instead she was an extra, merely a girl in the background. Imagine her surprise when a scandal, calling her a lesbian for not doing scenes with males ended her career. For a long time after that she thought men were dogs and she didn’t need them. However after some talks and visits with her grandmother she realized it was time to settle down. All those days running around after the neighbor hood kids. It was time to start what those friends had, a family or simply a steady relationship so she went out into the world for a different purpose.

Cassie is now looking for love and the laid back easiness of said bachelor is almost too good to pass up. At first the idea of him having a child was a jump but she realized that she would prefer that the child like her and at least enjoy her company. It would be a nice way to get to know the bachelor better. In her mind, she didn’t come to make friends but she won’t be against them and anyone who fucks with her will face her wrath. Just because she can be quiet doesn’t mean she can’t be a bitch. But for now she really just wants to find something special and tell her gramma.  Who knows she may find something worthwhile there~

So your name is.
Cassie Anderson
And you’re here why?
To find a man who won’t expect me to be the little whore I play in those videos. He seems so cool, so laid back and so cool to the touch, the kind of man you want to wrap your arms around and let him take you to bed and make you forget your name but hold you when you fall asleep after
Ah. Okay. Uhm anything else we should know?
I won’t jump in his face, that’s so degrading to sell myself to his image but when we talk I hope the conversations are true and real and we actually listen to each other. If that happens I will definitely fall for him.

Traits:Atheltic.CharismaticIrresistable,Natural Cook.Nurtutring

Lifetime Wish:Physical Perfection