lukes sassy

reasons why alec lightwood is a hufflepuff
  • drinks way to much wine the night before battle
  • “I didn’t make you a pie bcs I’m not your b*tch” is such an angry!hufflepuff thing to say
  • we all know he’s the hufflepuff to magnus’ slytherin
  • hella protective
  • the ultimate squad mom
The Best Screw Up

A/N: My lovely, talented friend @remember-me-forever-silent-angel requested a Luke Alvez x Reader with the lyric “I know I’m good for something, I just haven’t found it yet” from the song Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade.

There is angst. Also I feel like I may have strayed a bit from the song. I don’t know. I really hope you like it. Also I have no idea if this is the way thIngs would be as far as cases. I just went with it.


You couldn’t believe you’d messed up yet again. You felt like such a screw up your whole life. You said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing. It was so frustrating. This time you had sent the wrong case files upstairs. You worked in the file room at the FBI. The BAU had asked for some files from a cold case. Apparently, a body had been discovered that was similar to an old case. You had pulled the files and placed them on your desk. Unfortunately when you went to take them upstairs, you’d grabbed the wrong stack.

You hadn’t realized it until just now when you picked up the stack of files left on your desk to deliver them. One of the files had fallen and as you picked up the papers you’d realized your mistake. Now you were rushing back upstairs trying to hold back the tears. You didn’t want anyone seeing you upset, but you were just so emotional sometimes.

You went to step out of the elevator; you weren’t paying attention and ran right into someone trying to get on the elevator. Your files flew out of your hands, and you groaned. You apologized without looking at the person you nearly bowled over, then bent down to try to get the files put back together. As you were gathering the papers, you could feel the tears threatening to fall. You quickly rubbed at your eyes hoping they wouldn’t be red rimmed.

Your gesture didn’t go unnoticed by the person who was still there. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked in a gentle voice.

You glanced up then and saw the kindest, chocolate brown eyes looking at you with worry. You just nodded, concerned if you tried to speak, the tears would flow. You looked back down quickly and finished gathering the files. The man you’d ran into offered a hand to help you to your feet. You hesitated a moment then took his hand.

He smiled at you, still looking a little worried and asked, “Are you sure your all right? You seem upset. I’m sorry about your files. I hope they didn’t get messed up to much. I’m Luke by the way. I don’t think we’ve met.”

You realized you were going to have to say something now. You toom a shaky breath and cleared your throat. “I’m Y/N. I work in the file room. I mixed up the files the BAU wanted with some other files. These are the correct files. I need to find the others that I brought earlier. I’m really sorry for the mix up. I can’t believe how stupid I can be sometimes.” You voice was starting to crack as you finished speaking.

“Hey, don’t say that. Mistakes happen. Don’t worry about it. Here, let me take those, and I’ll get them to my team and bring you the other files. You okay to wait here?”

He seemed to understand you couldn’t handle being around anyone else right now. You nodded and gratefully handed him the files. As he walked away, you couldn’t help but think about how kind he was. But you didn’t care what he said, you were still a screw up. You could feel the tears threatening again.

Luke came back a few moments later, files in hand. He gave them to you, and you thanked him, turning to go.

“Wait! Um..Y/N, do you have a few minutes?”

You looked at him, confused. “Well, I have to get these files to the right place,” you said hesitantly.

“Oh, of course, but after that? Do you think you could take a break? I thought we could get a coffee. It seems like you could use a break.”

You could feel the tears threatening again, this time due to his kindness. You really were a mess. “Um…okay. Meet in the lobby in about ten?” you asked, thinking that should give you plenty of time to deliver the files then grab your purse from your desk.

Luke smiled again and said, “See you in a few then.”


And that’s how you found yourself seated across from this seemingly really sweet guy, crying into your coffee about what a screw up you were. You usually didn’t breakdown in front of people like this, but it was like his kindness broke you.

He placed his hand over yours, getting your attention. He didn’t speak until you looked up at him. “Y/N, what I’m about to say isn’t to make light of how you feel, but don’t you think you’re being hard on yourself. So you mixed up the files? It was easily fixed. And everything else you described? Maybe dwelling on the negative is having a negative effect. Let’s look at the positives. Today, I met a really cute, shy, sweet woman that I wouldn’t have met. Had you not mixed up the files, who knows if we ever would have. And honestly, I think I want to get to know you more.”

You just stared at him, mouth open. What the hell? Was he serious? But then you realized, you were really glad you met him. Maybe the mix up of the files wasn’t the end of the world, but you still messed up a lot. You finally spoke up saying, “All right. I’ll give you that one. Meeting you has been the highlight of my day.”

His smile widened, and you couldn’t help but smile back. “So as much as you think you’re a screw up, there must be something you’re good at…”

You looked at him and frowned a bit, thinking and said, “I guess I haven’t found it yet.”

Luke held your gaze and said, “I would love to help you find it then. Whatever it may be.”


Additional a/n: I’m not trying to make light of anxiety and the like. Trust me, I’ve felt the way the reader does before and probably will again. All my love to those who struggle with these type of feelings.

First there was #Where’s Rhodey?

Then came Heimdall the Living Telescope and Nothing Else.

Then came Sam Wilson The Stucky Cheerleader and His Home For Wayward Whites.

Now there’s Sugar Daddy T'Challa.

If I see Gangleader/P-mp Daddy Luke Cage or Sassy Black Friend Misty Knight, I’m going off on MCU fandom and you all will owe me $5000 in reparations for every fic or headcanon y'all type up.