lukes daughter

  • Matt Murdock: opens with a lot of sacrifices a law firm with his best friend, but can barely pay the bills because he keep working pro bono
  • Jessica Jones: has to beat up the clients that refuse to pay her, can't even buy a plane ticket
  • Luke Cage: constantly in debt because people keep putting holes in his clothes
  • Danny Rand: "that's my building"

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You know, when you think about it…Rey and Luke get criticized as characters for pretty much the same reason, just reversed.

Luke’s “too whiny.” He doesn’t do the Manly Man™ thing by withhholding emotion and taking down the villain in cold blood. He opts for emotion and compassion and love in order to fight his battles. He displays typically “feminine” traits, and as a result he’s written off as a “pussy” and “not as cool” as the other guy characters in Star Wars, despite representing many boys and men who could feel bad for not living up to society’s overly-masculine expectations.

Rey, on the other hand, is “too perfect.” She is shown being clever, handy with mechanics, and proving herself to be very capable as a hand-to-hand combatant. She’s displaying typically “masculine” traits by possessing all of the qualities of a typical hero, and as a result she’s written off as a “Mary Sue” and “SJW propaganda,” despite representing many girls and women who could feel empowered by seeing someone like them portrayed onscreen in such a heroic light.



For anon…an AU where Rey is a Skywalker, reader is his wife as requested. Shifting times and POVs too, enjoy!

Rey held out her hand toward Luke, holding his old lightsaber to him. The man was silent as he saw the face of his young daughter. He took a sharp intake of breath as she stared at him with a hope and longing.

“Please,” she pleaded after some silence had dragged on, “we need you.”

She lowered her arm as Luke hung his head. He bit on his lip slightly as he took a few steps toward her. His piercing blue eyes connected with hers. Gingerly, he gripped the open end of his blade, though she didn’t let go.

“You,” she paused to keep her voice from cracking, “You left me on Jakku.”

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My absolute worst-case scenario for VIII: father-and-daughter team Luke and Rey Skywalker team up as the “last Jedi” and kill Kylo Ren. Episode IX has no antagonist and is so boring it would literally be better with Ewoks.

My dream scenario for VIII: Rey falls to the Dark Side as Kylo returns to the Light, leaving Kylo and Luke as the “last Jedi” who have to join up with Finn, Poe, and the Resistance to bring her back

My fanfiction dream scenario for VIII: Rey falls to the Dark Side and rules side-by-side with Kylo as leaders of the Knights of Ren. Luke is the “last Jedi” and leads the charge to bring back Rey AND Kylo. Meanwhile Rey and Kylo have lots of wild, kinky Dark Side sex. 

Not so quick #sketch of this queen. Very excited to finally see #MistyKnight’s debut in the #MarvelCinematicUniverse in #LukeCage….

if rey isn’t luke’s daughter then fine, i’ll accept it. but they better have a damn good reason to explain why rey was basically luke 2.0 and wasn’t given her own story just to end up NOT being his long lost daughter. 

they also better explain:

  • why the parentage reveal was SUCH A BIG DEAL if she isn’t apart of the most important family in the galaxy. why does everyone seem to wonder/know who she is but never say (han, snoke, maz, kylo, leia, etc.)?
  •  why the lightsaber called to her, giving her visions only regarding luke and the mystery surrounding him?
  • why she dreamed of luke’s island for years as she tried to sleep?
  • why the lightsaber flew past kylo, past a confirmed skywalker, and went to her?
  • why leia hugged her/sent her off to retrieve luke?
  • why artoo woke up the minute she was brought to the resistance base? 
  • why luke and rey both look so emotional at the end of the film?
  • and why do luke and rey look so much alike if they aren’t related?

so yeah, another storyline would be fine. but it needs to explain all of this without hurting rey’s development in the process. 

Some Anakin and Leia Headcanons

Anakin would admire Leia immensely. Not only is she extremely smart for her age but she’s braver than him. She’s the only person in the galaxy who has the guts to talk back to Padme Skywalker. 

Everyone says how much Leia looks like Padme, and though Anakin loves that his daughter is his wife’s little clone, he can’t help but smile to himself because he sees just as much of Shmi Skywalker in Leia as he does Padme. 

Anakin is saddened when Leia expresses she doesn’t want to become a Jedi, but is happy he and Padme were able to give her that choice to follow her dreams and her heart. 

When Leia is small Anakin finds himself roped into play reenactments of Sentate Meetings just as much as Clone Wars reenactments. 

When Leia was only six she gave another child a big black eye for teasing Luke. Though it was clear Padme didn’t approve of Leia’s tactic, Anakin made sure Leia got extra shuura cream that night because “Skywalkers have to stick together.”

Though Anakin sometimes wished his boy Luke wasn’t Padme’s shadow, he at least took great pride in knowing he was his daughter’s favorite…even if that meant having to spend hours of listening to the latest in politics, activist movements, and on rare occasions, cute boys. 

Anakin had chosen Leia’s name because it meant ‘Fierce’ in several dialects on Tatooine. Padme only agreed because in Nubian lore the name meant ‘Princess’ or ‘Royalty’. 

Leia’s first words were “Dada”. For years afterwards Padme continued to tease Anakin that she thought he was going to flood their home with his tears.

Anakin always felt like Luke hero worshiped him. As if in his son’s eyes he could do no wrong. Leia seemed to see her father’s faults more clearly, but loved him no less fiercely. Anakin was grateful for that.

It seems like Colleen Wing, played by Jessica Henwick, is gonna be the bright spot of Iron Fist. So let’s assume Iron Fist isn’t a good show and is universally disliked. I bet what Marvel/Netflix will do is make Luke Cage season two basically Heroes for Hire with Iron Fist playing a major role and instead of an Iron Fist season 2 i hope they do a Daughters of the Dragon series with Colleen and Misty, who hopefully meet in Defenders.