Hiiiiiiii! Recently, I’ve hit 1000 followers?? I just wanted to thank you guys for following me, even though most of you don’t even know my name (and frankly don’t care) you’re one of the most important parts of my life. I honestly don’t understand why a THOUSAND people follow me. That’s a lot like more than there’s people in my school woah.

So here’s a few blogs that i love on here:

irwinderful lukerings blaminghemmo quirkycal 5sexofblogging tangled-with-cake acoustic-cal hemmagical perksofbeingalukesgirl bigbootyhood damnitlucas maluhm mikey-del-rey mikeyshemmo hemmoradical irwintrouble cervicalum clffxrd merh-nerm-ers-ershtern punk-clifford irwxns good-girls-are-bad-girls all-lime-toe perfirwin sarcalstic pizzaboyluke ponyboyash michaelgclifford bootical c-ash-money candycashtonn teenagevevo calummeatsix ruggedhemmo dreambig-hemmo hemmology 

THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER  aka people who for some reason still aren’t annoyed with me 

embarrassedluke cthood1975 pubescent–drama–quinn foolhaz candymuke im-a-fudging-unicorn chemicalirwin guardianhemmo calumly

Again, this aren’t all my favourite blogs, just the ones i thought of first. I love you all!


so, i’ve decided to make my 2014 follow forever♡ ily all so much and i’ve spoke to the nicest people ever on here♡ sorry if i have forgotten anyone♡


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Star Signs as Types of Emo

Aries - The phan trash

Phan is real!!1!!11!!

Don’t forget Phil! 

Phan trash #1

Taurus - The Scene Kid :

Botdf is life 

rawr XD 

10% human, 50% hair dye, 20% vampire, 20% mermaid XD

Gemini - The top fan


Ew 5sos isn’t even punk 

omg halsey is soooo hot 

Arctic monkeys! 

probably gay

Cancer - The ‘punk’ : 

5sos is life omg 

Red flannels 

what’s nirvana? 

Leo - The grunge kid

Rip Kurt Cobain 

Joy division is my fav 

doc martens are essential 

Virgo - The scremo lover

Bmth is life

rip Mitch Luker 

Slipknot isn’t even that intense 

Libra - The EMO emo :

Emo trinity 

Panic! at the disco is still emo 

Skinny jeans and band shirts 

*cries cause mcr* 

Scorpio - The actual Punk

Green day is the reason punk exists 

The clash needs more recognition 

It’s one eighty two, not one hundred and eighty two 

Sagittarius - The fake fan 

I love Gerard Way from Fall out boy 

panic at the disco 

who’s Andy Hurley? 

Capricorn - The anime nerd : 

Death note XD 

Senpai ^_^ 

*is rlly good at drawing* 

Aquarius - The new emo 


*only knows american psycho / american beauty*

*only owns one band shirt which is a nirvana one probably from k mart* 

Pisces - The overprotective emo

Person : “I love Fall Out Boy”

“NaMe alL tHe MemBErs AnD thEIr BirTHdayS! dO yOU eVeN reMeMBEr THe HIatuS”

Knows everything about the emo trinity 

dyes hair alot 

loves black 

anonymous asked:

can you share some of your favourite blogs??

I legit follow about 10 people and I’m a calum girl and have no calumgirl friends lol:

luke x larissa (for lukerings)

“Larissa!” I heard from downstairs, my boyfriend, Luke, had a serious problem with patience. Seriously, he couldn’t even wait thirty minutes for me to get ready?

“Yes Luke?” I shouted down at him, careful not to ruin the liquid liner that I was trying to apply successfully to my eyelid. Today was my eighteenth birthday, and Luke was not looking forward to it. He said that he didn’t want to seem like a baby when I went out drinking and he couldn’t go, all too used to being left behind by his band mates when they wanted to party.

“Are you almost ready? Your parents are waiting for us” his deep voice said, quietly this time, being that he had made his way upstairs and into the bedroom. I pulled my boots onto my feet and stood up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You look fantastic baby, I’m glad I got you that jacket” he said.

A couple of weeks ago, I had seen a leather jacket that I really wanted, but it was way out of my price range, Luke being the sweetheart he is, decided to pick it up for me as a surprise. I had decided to wear it today, along with a blue summer dress that my mother had brought me a couple of years ago.

Luke’s strong arms pulled me in for a hug and I was enveloped by his boyish scent. I felt his heartbeat pick up steadily to match mine, and noticed the goosebumps that adorned his forearms. “I love you Larissa,” he breathed. “So fucking much.”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARISSA BB i just wanna say that you are amazing and i’m so so glad we became friends, i know we don’t talk that much anymore (i miss you! we should change that) but seeing you in my dash makes me really happy and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I love you so much, I hope you have a beautiful day baby you deserve it! i’m sorry for the shitty gifset i’m trash

Love you lots, happy 18th bday!! ♡ ♡ ♡


Happy birthday, Larissa you sexy creature! I love you so so much, baby, and sorry I can’t find gifs of Luke Hemmings my day was hectic so I chose this sexy creature to be the model for the day sorry. I hope you have the best birthday ever; turning 18 in the most graceful way possible yayyyyyy!!! The experience of being friends with you is undeniably priceless because you’ve been shining this world with your humour, confidence, edginess and ahem, among other things I prefer not to speak of… *winks* but I know I love you for that; for all the unrealized sexiness and hidden insecurities. I love you so so much and I always will because it’d be such an honour to keep loving someone as beautiful, as talented and as wonderful as you. I want to wish you sunshines and ponies and rainbows but I know you won’t prefer those so I wish your life will be filled with happiness and sexy band members and good sex and Luke Hemmings. Happy 18th birthday, Larissa you fluff ;) The cost of sending Luke Hemmings through FedEx will be high so I’m sorry I can’t do that. xx - Love, Nyssa the pirate sloth