13th September 2015: I popped round to see how my long time friend Luke was getting on with his and his girlfriends Land Rover project.

Luke and Hannah had purchased there Defender 90 pick up well before Nath and I even considered purchasing a truck together. There plan, to take this truck to Iceland around May/June 2015 and all around Europe leaving full time jobs behind and go for as long as they can.

It was awesome to see so much progression that has happened to once what was a traditional looking farmers pick up Defender with a ifor williams canopie and rusty steel wheels fitted with weathered all terrain tyres. But also it made us realise that our recent efforts were borderline poor/non existent and a better agenda would need to be in place.

Shot at Churchdown Skatepark

Camera : D700

Lens : Nikon 50mm F/1.4

Flashes: x3 Sb800

Transmitters : Pocketwizards Pus II

ISO: 200

Focal Length : 50mm

Aperture : f/3.5

Shutter Speed : 1/200sec 

All flashes at ¼ power shot in a triangle, 1 left and 2 right.