Give me cake or give me death [Riley & Lucas]

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“Lucas?” Riley whispered into the night. “Lucas, are you sleeping?”

The only thing that came out of her husband’s mouth was a soft snore, quickly followed by Lucas tightening his grip on Riley’s waist.

“Of course you are,” she giggled before glancing at the alarm clock on her nightstand which showed that it was 2:32 in the morning. For the last couple of weeks Riley could barely sleep at night. After all, she was keeping a huge secret from Lucas. But if you think about it, she wasn’t trying to hide it.

More than two years ago, on their sixth anniversary, Lucas finally had enough courage to drop on one knee and ask Riley to marry him. It might be hard to believe, but Riley didn’t answer his question right away which worried Lucas more than you could imagine. It took her a whole week to make sure she was ready to take such a big step and finally admit to herself that she did want to marry him and spend the rest of her life with the only boy she had ever loved. Although she still had to convince Lucas to wait a couple of years, considering the fact that the two of them were still in college.

A little over three months ago, on the 27th of March, the day Riley and Lucas kissed for the first time, they promised to love and care for each other, to try in every way to be worthy of each other’s love, to always be honest with each other, patient and forgiving; they promised to walk through life together, hand in hand, wherever the journey would lead the two of them. But most of all, they promised to be a true and loyal friend to each other. The tears were streaming down their faces when their lips met for the first time as husband and wife.

And here we are, three months and twelve days later.

Okay, let’s think again, the brunette thought to herself while Lucas’ breaths tickled her shoulder. I’ve tried telling him, I’ve tried leaving him clues. Neither one of those worked. Although he did notice one thing, so maybe he’s not that oblivious.

Riley lay in her husband’s arms for a few more minutes just thinking. She could always just tell him, but for some reason she wanted him to figure it out himself. Until she came up with a new, final plan.

If he doesn’t understand it this time, I’m just going to tell him. I can’t keep this to myself any longer.

“Lucas,” Riley shook Lucas’ shoulder after turning around so she was facing him. “Honey, wake up.”

“Five more minutes, Riles,” Lucas pleaded before pecking her lips. “Just five, no, ten, maybe fifteen minutes,” he begged pulling her closer.

“Lukeeeee, wake up, please,” the brunette asked before kissing his nose. “Pretty please,” she asked once more before her lips pressed against his.

“You always get what you want, don’t you?” he asked between the pecks as he slowly opened his eyes smiling at her adoringly. He expected to see her beautiful face colored with the sunbeams of the rising sun, but all his eyes could see was the reflection of the moon in her chocolate brown eyes. He lifted his body just a bit so he could glance at the alarm clock before looking back to his wife’s eyes.

“Baby, why did you wake me up at 2:57 in the morning? Is everything alright? Are you feeling okay?” Lucas asked concerned.

“I’m hungry,” Riley confessed beaming at him.

Lucas’ eyes went wide.

“You’re hungry? You woke me up because you’re hungry?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows, though the grin on his face assured Riley he wasn’t mad.

“Yes. I want chocolate cake.”

“I think we have some in the fridge, Riles,” Lucas said brushing some of her hair out of her face. “Why don’t you go get some?”

“That’s the problem –we don’t have any, I finished it last night,” she whispered ashamed and Lucas saw the tears building up in her eyes.

“Baby, why are you crying? We will go to the bakery first thing in the morning, okay?” he promised wiping a few tears that had escaped her mesmerizing eyes away.

“You don’t understand it, Lucas! I want it now! I’m craving it! Give me cake or give me death, that’s my deal. Take it or leave it, it’s your choice,” Riley demanded as she sat up in their bed, putting her head in her hands, trying to stop herself from laughing.

“Okay okay, calm down. I think we have enough products to bake a cake by ourselves,” he said rubbing her back. He sat up wrapping his arm around her waist and glanced at the clock again. “I’m not sure it will be as good as Mom’s, considering the fact that she doesn’t bake at three in the morning, I think, but I will do my best, how does that sound?” he asked putting his fingers underneath her chin and turning her head so he could see her eyes.

“It sounds perfect,” Riley said smiling, although she felt defeated.

“Great,” the blonde man whispered before kissing her forehead. “Would you like to help me or should I wake you up when it’s out of the oven?” Lucas asked putting his black tee shirt on since Riley was wearing his navy blue one.

“I will help you, just give me a second,” the brunette asked sitting up on her knees to give him a quick kiss before he walked towards the kitchen smiling.

Lucas was halfway to the kitchen when he turned around to say one more thing to Riley.

“You know, Riles, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re pregnant,” the husband said chuckling as he entered their bedroom once again. But as soon as he stepped inside, he had to find something to hold onto at the sight of his wife.

“You know baby,” she whispered into the night while her hand rested on her small baby bump Lucas hadn’t noticed until now, “your Daddy can be really oblivious sometimes,” she smiled looking down at her hand. “But I know he will be the best Daddy in the world.”

Lucas squat down, and Riley’s eyes immediately caught the sudden movement. She tilted her head and looked at her husband, whose hands were covering his mouth while the tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

“I’m going to be a Dad?” Lucas cried finally revealing that gorgeous smile Riley had fallen in love with all those years ago. “You’re going to be a Mommy?”

“I told you I was craving cake,” the brunette whispered getting out of the bed. “I love you, we love you” she whispered kneeling down right in front of him before Lucas knocked both of them over while the tears of happiness streamed down their cheeks and laughter filled the air.

“So how about that cake?” Riley asked laughing while Lucas showered her face with light kisses.

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9# dominant (sort of) Luke overstimulation (smut)

It was you and Luke’s turn to host weekly dinner with the boys. You and Luke had only recently started officially seeing eachother and everyone was still kind of getting used to you two being together. Michael, Ashton and Calum all thought it was a bit weird considering you all used to be close friends and then you and Luke developed feeling for eachother. Nevertheless all 5 of you sat around the dinning table in your apartment, eating the roast you’d cooked.

“Luke you cannot break up with this girl.” Ashton said shoving his face with food. “She’s a cooking goddess.”

Luke smiled at you and shyly kissed your cheek. “Yeah I know.” He said quietly.

“So, how’s the sex, Y/N?” Michael asked bluntly and Calum spat out his food in fits of laughter. 

You groaned. “Michael, you’re such a pig." 

"Is he better than me?” Michael asked slyly and you froze. Everyone knew about how you and Michael had once had sex on a drunken night but it was never talked about. You looked to Luke who had his jaw clenched and his fists tightened but said nothing. The truth was is that you did think that Michael was better, no that you’d ever admit that to Luke. Luke wasn’t doing anything wrong, it was fine but so fine it was almost boring. 

“How many beers have you had mate?” Calum said to Michael breaking the silence. “I think it’s time that we go home anyway…”

“Yeah good idea Cal.” Ashton said.

Michael pouted. “But I was having fun!” Calum rolled his eyes and guided Michael to the front door.

“Thanks for dinner Y/N, it’ll be at my place next week.” Ashton said.

“Yeah thanks Y/N, food was lovely!” Calum said pulling Michael out the front door with a wave.

It was just you and Luke who were left at the table sitting in silence. You could tell that he was displeased. 

“I better clean this up…” You say standing up and picking the plates up off the table while Luke still sat there silently. He eventually got up and walked off to the bathroom without another word. You knew what Michael said had really upset him and you felt really guilty. You finished clearing the table and putting the plates in the dishwasher. You quickly went into your ensuite and had a shower and walked back into your bedroom in your towel. You saw Luke laying on your bed. You decided that he didn’t look like he was in a talking mood so you just continued readying yourself for bed. You could feel his eyes on you, watching you and it was starting to irritate you.

“What’s wrong?” You ask him with a sigh.

“Are you kidding?” He asked standing to his feet. “You didn’t even stick up for me before.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You lied, looking away from him.

“Is he better than me?” He asked blatantly.

“Excuse me?” You asked trying to avoid the question.

“Did I fucking stutter?” He said starting to get mad. “Is Michael better at sex than I am?” He walked closer towards you. He face was now so close to yours. He spoke softly but his words were like knives.

“He’s not better… It’s just different i guess.” You say avoiding his intimidating gaze. He’d never acted like this before. You weren’t sure why but him being so dominant was turning you on.

“Different?” He said exasperated. “I’ll show you different.”

“Luke, I-” He were about to apologise when he cut you off.

“Shut up.” He said. The forcefulness of his voice cause you to jump back. “Take your clothes off.” He ordered. You did as you were told without a word. Your body tingled in anticipation. You could tell by the look in Luke’s eyes that this would be a night that you’d never forget. Luke swiftly took his shirt and pants off without hesitation. He took a few moments to admire you and he smiled. He walked towards you and touched your bare waist and it sent shivers down your spine. “You’re mine.” He said planting a kiss on your collar bone. He pushed you onto the bed, kissing you everywhere but the places you really wanted to be kissed. “You’re mine.” He said again in between kisses around your navel.

“Yours.” You breathed. You threw your head back biting your lip waiting for him to put his lips further down. A wave of disappointment washed over you has moved up to be level to your face.

Luke chuckled picking up on your disappointment. “All in good time baby.”

He carefully put a finger in your slit, stroking it slightly. Your whole body tingled, you’d never needed him so much in your life. The anticipation was driving you insane. He put his fingers to your clit and started rubbing it round in circles slowly , then picking up the pace. You let a moan escape your lips and he stopped. Your face must have dropped because Luke chuckled again and kissed your forehead.

“So eager, just relax baby.” Every time he called you baby your skin jolted. 

He stroked your slit again but this time he put two finger in. Again, he started slowly, in and out, making sure he was getting the g-spot every time. He kept going faster and faster and just when you thought you were going to cum he stopped again.

“Lukeeeee!” You groaned frustratedly.

“Yes baby?” He chuckled.

“Why are you doing this? Just fuck me already.” You whimpered, needing him.

Still chuckling, he shook his head, kissing his way down to your sex. You gripped his hair, keeping your eyes shut. He held your thighs and you had your bottom lip between your teeth as you waited in anticipation for him to stop teasing. You the wetness of his tongue on your clit and you arched your back immediately, wanting more. He continued licking and sucking, making his was down.

“Fuck… Luke…” You moan and you could feel him smile.

You felt his tongue push deep into you and you felt our body about to reach your climax. You moaned louder and faster and he kept his tongue there, moving as deep as it could inside of you until your body started to convulse in pleasure. Everything around you was a blur and all you felt was the ecstasy that Luke was supplying in the form of his tongue. He kept going and your body jolted over and over.

“Baby, I’m done now you can stop.” But he didn’t listen, he kept going. You were utterly spent but it still felt amazing. “Luke…” your groaned, pulling him up by his hair to your face.

“You taste so fucking good, I couldn’t help myself.” He said wiping your juices off his face with his hand. “But i’m not done yet.”

Before you could ask, your eyes widened as he plunged himself inside of you. He thrusted quickly in and out. You didn’t understand how this was still feeling good, you were so tired and your clit was throbbing but it still felt good. 

“Fuck you’re so tight, Y/N.” He moaned into your mouth, kissing you. He swiftly rolled over so you were now on top riding him. “Faster baby…. fuck….” You put your hands on his chest, steadying yourself, not knowing how much more you could take. He repeated your name over and over until he climaxed and released himself inside of you. He gently lifted himself up so you were straddling him and then rolled over, laying you gently down on the bed. He gently pulled out rolling to his side next to you. You both panted heavily, sprawled out on the bed.

“Wow…” Was all you managed to say, breathlessly staring at the ceiling.

“Who’s better at sex now?” Luke smirked, pulling you into a kiss.

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Can I have a smut imagine where Y/N is still recovering from an accident and luke is scared that he might hurt Y/N please and thanks

awww cute!!!


“Lukeeeee” I whined “come back to bed, I want to cuddle”

“hang on” he said before making his way from the living room and into my bedroom where I was buried under the soft cotton sheets. 

He climbed under the covers carefully and slowly sitting quite far away from me. 

I frowned at him. “come closer, I don’t bite” 

He chuckled quietly before scooting over to me and softly putting his am around my waist. It was not as intimate as our normal hugs. 

“a-are you mad at me?” I asked quietly wondering why he wasn’t as touchy feely as normal.

“what?” he asked shocked “of course i’m not mad at you why the hell would you think that?” he said

“it’s just you’re not hugging me like you normally do…" 

"I’m just being cautious” he said


"because y’n, you just got released from hospital and I don’t want to hurt you and make you go back there.” he stated.

“why would you hurt me?” I asked.

“because you’re still recovering from the car crash and need to take it easy” he said as I started laughing.

“why are you laughing?” he asked slightly angry.

“oh come on, I’m perfectly fine, see?” I said get up and spinning around.

“get back in bed” he demanded.

“no” I said stubbornly.

“y/n. I’m warning you. get back in bed before you get hurt" 

"Luke, chill out, I’m fine stop treating me  like a child” I moaned at him.

“please” he whispered defeated.

“fineeee” I said climbing back into bed but instead of laying next to him I lied on top of him. 

“y/n” Luke said softly


“get off me" 

"no, I’m fine Luke stop worrying for one second.” I said

“no, it’s not that…” he whispered strained and then I realised what he mean’t and started laughing.

“oh my gosh Luke” I giggled as he had a hard on.

“it’s not funny, what am I meant to do now?” he asked

“fuck me” I whispered into his ear.

“no. I’m not doing that” he said weakly.

“why not?” I asked sadly 

“because I will end up hurting you, I’ve already explained this” He sighed.

“Luke I don’t care. Just be gentle and go slow, I’ll be fine” I reassured him

“I’m not to sure about this” he said

“just shut up” I laughed placing my lips to his and kissing him sweetly. I went to pull back but he placed his large hands on my back pulling me closer so I couldn’t escape.

“tell me if I start to hurt you” he said seriously looking into my eyes.

“I will. I trust you so much, I would let you do anything to me” I said

“I’m holding that to you” he smirked sexily up at me biting his lip..

He placed his lips back to mine slowly rolling me over so he was lightly hovering over me being extremely careful not to hurt me and add any pressure onto me.

He trailed kisses up my neck sucking and leaving the occasional deep purple mark. He kissed my nose and cheeks before peppering small kisses around the large cut caused by the crash that was on my forehead. 

I winced as he placed a delicate kiss on the cut. I was very insecure about it. 

“hey,” Luke soft voice said making me look up at him. “you’re beautiful okay?. I love you so much”

“I love you too” I replied making him smile.

He littered kisses over my collar bones stripping of both our tops. I was now left in my only my underwear. His finger tips carefully traced over the bruises and cuts splayed over my body. 

“are you ready baby girl?” he asked as I nodded in response. 

“I’m gonna go slow okay” He said as I nodded again.

He slowly pushed into me making both of us groan at the contact.

“are you okay baby girl?” he whispered making me look him in the eyes. 

“yes… Luke please move” I moaned.

He set a slow loving pace being careful with every thrust he made, he was holding back I could tell, because he didn’t want to hurt me.

“faster” I moaned at the torture.


"please Luke” I begged

“y/n, no” he said warning me to be quiet.

I decided I’d have to do it myself and rocked my hips up to meet his thrusts. 

He suddenly stopped gripping my hips. 

“what did I say”?“ he said angrily. "you’re going to get hurt if you do that. You only just got out of hospital we shouldn’t even be doing this.” he fretted.

“Luke, i’m fine seriously." 

"you’re so stubborn” He sighed kissing me and going back to his slow pace but this time one of his large hands pushed my hips down so I couldn’t move them.

I could tell he was close as he brought his hand down to rub small circles into my clit.

“shit” he called out before he came emptying himself into me. He pulled out but carried on rubbing my clit to get me off. I came with a screech becoming a moaning mess beneath him. When he stopped he pulled me into him and cuddled me close. I turned around in his arms to get comfortable when a pain shot through my side making me whimper.

“shit, y/n are you okay?” Luke panicked “I told you that wasn’t a good idea, but you’re too stubborn and I-” I cut him off with a kiss.

“Luke shut up” I said 

“but you’re hur-" 

"Luke” I warned 

“bu-” I glared at him and he went silent.

“I just want to protect you” he whispered. “I don’t want to lose you”

“you won’t lose me, I’m fine, i’m just in  the process of healing, I will be perfectly back to normal this time next week. But if you keep treating me like a child who could break any second than we might just fall out” I joked

“ugh, I love you” he murmured

“I love you too” I smiled at him before we spent the rest of the night cuddling and laughing at each others lame jokes. 


this video made me the girl i am today

Luke Smut

It started with a Wink and ended in Forever - Luke Hemmings

(I have never written before so I’m sorry if it sucks)

Being dragged to a 5sos concert by your best friend was not how you intended to spend your weekend, but here you were standing in the crowd of screaming fans. She only needed you for your ID as this concert was a bit different it was in a club and since you loved her dearly you went with her to get her in. Although you weren’t the biggest fan you couldn’t help but stare at Luke, the way his mussels flexed and his neck vain popped as he worked magic on his guitar. Your mind was flooded with the inappropriate images of what he could do with those fingers. So caught up in the fantasies of Luke you were shaken out of your day dream as the boy who was melting your thoughts played his last notes and you became extremely uncomfortable when he starred right at you in the crowd. You could have swore he winked as the lights went down and they said their thanks and goodbyes.

Of course you weren’t leaving, if your bestie was in a club she was gonna make the most of her time and the bar is where you both ended up. Deciding you needed to stay sober to assist her home when she got trashed you sat quietly on your own while she was dancing with some random guy she met. You found yourself once again daydreaming of Luke, that wink, no you were mad, just your imagination, just your dirty mind…

“Hey, i finally found you”

You were snapped out of your thoughts by the voice of angel, turning round you were met with a blonde quiff, jet blue eyes and smirked smile which was nothing less than sex its self.

“Erm, like are you okay?” Luke started speaking and you realised you had been staring for what seemed like years. “Y-yeah erm…Luke right?”
“Yeah and you are beautiful?” Oh fuck no he just didn’t do that, you knew you were done.

Luke was shy and sweet but sexy and intimidating all at once, his eyes never left yours as the awkward conversation continued, you felt comfortable in his presence but his lip piercing and deep, smooth voice had you on your toes. “So erm you winked at me” you had to ask, secretly you had to know. “You were starring at me babe” you blushed so badly you were glad it was dark and putting your head dont you didnt know if you could take it any longer. He was too much his presence, his height and accent, his charm it was killing you. “Babe? You wanna dance?” Agreeing with him you turned to the dance floor where your bestie jumped on you as her “guy” chuckled drunkly. For a minute you were stuck and then you knew just how to flirt and intimidate Luke back. Whispering to your friend she went along with your motives grinding and dancing with you. You needed to win some points on your side to equal with Luke’s sexiness and by the look on his face it was working.

Shoving you against the door of his hotel room Luke pinned your arms above your head.

“Oh i thought you were cute till i seen you and that other girl, sorry to disappoint you babe by im the only one touching you tonight.”

Lunging forward you kissed him, you had no idea where this confidence came from but you didnt care, he had turned you on more than anybody ever could, and now you needed him desperately. He moaned into your mouth guiding you to the bed, you both fell and started grinding and making out like it was the last thing you would ever do. You were so hungry, but needed more.

“Please Luke just skip all the teasing, i need you so badly”

“Got a lot more to say now baby” he smirked at you and proceeded to pull of your clothing, his slow pace was killing you and u were sure u had soaked through your underwear and jeans. You decided if he was gonna tease then so were you. You gripped his arms tightly and nudged him to role over on his bad the smirk on his lips getting bigger by the second. You straddled and grinded against him standing up to remove your jeans and underwear you chucked them somewhere behind you and roughly jumped on Luke again earning a growl from his lips. He reached for the back of your head and roughly made out with you before trailing down your neck and sucking on one of your nipples. You couldn’t stand it any longer and yanked his plaid shirt off before his is black top. Getting off the beg you yanked him up to stand with you going straight for his belt and had his jeans off in no time.

“Eager are we hun, don’t worry we have the whole n-night, fuck” you couldn’t let him finish before attaching your lips to his rather large manhood and working him hard but your control was lost when he grabbled you and backed you against the wall.

“Enough!” His tone was harsh but you loved it. “No teasing you said, well no teasing!”

Lifting your legs he grabbed your bum and you wrapped your legs round his waste. Luke kissed you passionately before lining himself up.

“Against the wall baby?” Like he needed to ask you moaned a reply before he entered you agonisingly slow but before long he had you full up, the most intense feeling in the world took control and he thrusted hard and deep.

“Oh fuck Lukeeeee” you moans an cried filled the room.

“I know baby omg your so tight, im so close just hold on a sec baby”

“LUKE!!! Ahhhh” He continued his hard pounding as you let go reaching your hight, you swore you saw stars and your orgasm washed over your whole body.

“Fuck!” Luke swore and cursed as he reached his high too filling you up and ridding out your pleasure making sure to get every last minute of it.

Before long you were both lying on the bed again, panting for air and trying to regain some energy which almost seemed impossible.

“I didnt wink because you were starting” Luke’s confession confused you.

“Huh, i dont understand Luke”

“Y/N i winked because i thought you were so beautiful, and the way you seemed mesmerised by me, i couldn’t help myself but to want you” he sighed out as you turned to cuddle into his strong warm arms.

“I wanted you too Luke”

“Will you stay Y/N?” He asked sounding genuine and caring.

“Id love to but don’t u need to leave for another venue?”

“Not unless you come with me, i don’t” he winked and you felt him smile into you again, of course you went with him, and of course you ended up dating, i mean you couldn’t let the fans down now could you ;)

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“i really like you and i’m acting stupid” with lukeeeee pretty please with a cherry on top

“Are you sure? Like, we don’t have to if you don’t want to. We can do whatever you want. We can sit on the floor in my bedroom and stare at each other it’s just whatever you want,” The wide rim of eyelids that framed Luke’s bright blue irises emitted nothing but innocence in the rushed words he spoke. 

This was a normal continuity in the fairly new relationship that tested the waters of both you and Luke’s comfort zones. You weren’t used to feeling wanted or having someone worry firstly of your needs rather than their own. Luke wasn’t used to caring so deeply for someone that he felt the need to crouch and tie their shoelaces so that they wouldn’t trip. It were as if an experiment, like two baby deer testing their feet on solid ground. 

But it was more often than not that anything Luke did brought a smile to your face and his rushed string of assuring inquiries were useless. For all you cared, he could sling you across his shoulders take you on a spontaneous adventure and you’d follow him in blind anticipation. 

“I’m sure, Luke,” You giggled, reaching for his hand. Your gaze focused on his long fingers as you toyed with them, twisting the rings on his bottom knuckles a few times, “I promise.”

His sigh was audible as he curled his fingers to lace his hand with yours, bringing the twisted fingers between your bodies. His eyes were gentle as he frowned a bit, a crease folding above his down turned eyebrows, “Are you sure you want to continue to do this though? I would understand if you didn’t, if you’re just staying with me for sympathy. I’m pretty pathetic, clingy, if you ask me. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to these kind of things and I’m just not used to this feeling.” 

A fire flourished across your cheeks as you nodded quickly and quietly, “No, I’m definitely sure I want this. You’re being ridiculous if you think otherwise.”

“M’sorry darling, I just-” the broad expanse of his shoulders sagged as he looped his arms lazily behind your back, drawing you tight to his chest. Lips flushed to the top of your head as he mumbled, “-I really like you and I’m being stupid.”

“If it helps any,” You grunted into the fabric of his shirt as you tried your best to grip onto his taut shoulder blades, “I really like you too.”

Luke Hemmings requested imagine for anon

Me and Luke had just arrived home from a club we went with our friends. We had lots of fun, we danced, sang and drunk… a bit too much. It was about 4 am and we were so bored, we couldn’t go to sleep, I don’t know what kind of drink we had to make us be like this,but we were so energetic…

“Luuuuukkkeeee, I can’t go to sleeeeppp” I said 

“Lets do something!” he replied back

I then had the craziest idea. I went running  to our room being careful not to trip over something, rummaged through the drawers and found an old camera and a tripod I had. Luke and I were both in bands, that’s how we met, as we were both in bands I had the crazy idea of covering sweater weather, it was one of my favourite songs so why not?

“Lukeeeee!!” I slurred


"Lets cover sweater weather! Pleaaasseee!" 


We quickly grabbed the camera and tripod,set up everything and started filming. Of course our singing was terrible as we were drunk, we would just giggle all the time during the song and slurred the words. After that I just posted it on YouTube I don’t even know how we did it being drunk.

The next morning I woke up and my Twitter had gone crazy, I opened the app and had millions of notifications and dm’s. I looked at my phone with a confused look and looked over at Luke which was looking at his phone with the same expression as me. I read one of the messages and it said:

"Omg,you guys are the best! You’re my OTP" 

It also had a link to a video. I opened the video and me and Luke were singing sweater weather. What? Omg I remember we went to a club but after that I don’t know what happened… we must’ve done this after being drunk. 

I looked over at Luke and he was literally rolling on the floor laughing while watching the video. I continued looking at the messages and their were millions of gifs and pictures and they even invented a new ship name for us.

We were crazy. The fans loved the fact that we were dating and I was very grateful for that. They were amazing and always supported us. We loved our fans so much, it was undescribable <3

He asks you to move in

I decided to do another preference, I only did muke though :) hope you beautiful people like it!! Xx



“Move in with me then!” Michael yelled.
“What?” Your eyes grew wide and your mouth made a small O shape.
   Let’s say you and Michael hadn’t exactly argued but got annoyed with each other.
“You heard me! Move in! Come on (Y/N)! What’s to lose?”
   You watched with wide eyes as Michael walked into his bedroom and looked at all your stuff scattered over the floor.
“You practically live here as it is” Michaels breathing was getting under control.
“But Michael-”
“(Y/N). Just listen okay? We’ve been together just over a year, and you know how much I love you and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to wake up every morning with the most beautiful girl on the planet because I do. I do want to wake up next to you. And want to be with you forever. Okay? What d'you think?” Michael hadn’t stopped for breath, but even when he was gasping for air, his eyes still looked vibrant and green.
“I think you’re crazy. But I also agree, I agree that you’re the person I want to wake up with. I agree that I want to be with you forever and ever” you wrapped your arms round his neck held him close.
“So you’ll move in?” Michael asked his green eyes locking with yours.
“Yes!” You laughed at him “you lanky idiot!” You punched him in the shoulder and ran off down the stairs, with the most amazing person following after you in a fit of laughter.  


You laid curled together on the sofa, his arms around your waist and your head against his chest. His heart beat was strong and every time he breathed out the hair on top of your head slightly moved.
“(Y/N)?” Luke murmured, breaking the silence in the room.
“Humm?” You replied to Luke turning to face him.
“I was thinking, maybe you could move in.”
Luke watched your eyes get wide, but fill with happiness at the idea he had just had.
“Lemme explain” Luke grabbed your hand and rushed you both upstairs.
He swung open his wardrobe door and pushed his clothes to one side, the left side.
“I know you like been on the right.” He glanced at the double bed in his room and the pillow where your head had rested the night before, and many, many times before that.
“Follow me” Luke had became very excited, he pulled you into the bathroom and pointed at the glass on the wall where two toothbrushes were.
“Ones yours and ones mine”
You turned to look at Luke, a huge smile plaster on both of your faces.
“You’re here all the time (Y/N), and when you are here it’s always so happy and I love that, I love you (Y/N)! I think we should make it permanent” Luke smiled at you, and made your heart melt.
“Okay! I love you too Luke, and I honestly think this is the only logical idea you’ve ever had” you smirked at him.
“Oi! I’ve had loads of good ideas!”
“Yeah yeah” you kissed Luke.
“This is gonna be great! Let’s go get your stuff! Now!”
“Wait Lukeeeee”
Let’s say you did chase Luke back to your house.


Thank you for reading my lovelies xx ❤️

anonymous asked:

can you please write something where you had a bad day and luke tries to cheer you up and t si so fluffy and cute pLEASE

I hope you aren’t asking for this because you’ve had a bad day :( If you have then dw, you have to have bad days to be able to have good days! x

okay so tbh just Luke’s presence would be enough to cheer you up after a bad day but he would go over the top to make things better anyway, like, imagine you had a shit day at school and you got into a fight with a good friend and your teacher gave you back a test you’d done the week before and you hadn’t done as well as you wanted and you were literally just feeling like crap. And when you got home you would just plop onto your bed and face into the pillow and not wanting to see or talk to anyone, but who happens to send you a text?????/ luke obvs. and he’s like, hey babe, have a good day? the lads and I did :) x and you wouldn’t want to deflate him with the fact you actually had a horrible day so you’d send him one back saying yeah, it was okay and then after you sent it you’d realise that still seemed pretty pessimistic, so you’d quickly cover it up with a smiley and an x.

but tooo late, he knows you too well because normally you would’ve been jumping to tell him everything that happened and asking him everything he did, and your phone would buzz up because he was calling you but you would so not be in the mood to talk so you’d ignore it and then he’d tried again and you still didn’t answer so he’d send another text, you alright baby? xx and you’d be thinking like ugh he’s too lovely and you’d just reply like, yeah just tired Luke x

ANYWAY ten minutes later you hear the door to your apartment squeak and Luke would just come and curl up next to you on the bed and be kissing your neck and stuff and you’d just look at him like first of all how did he get in here??? and second of all doesn’t he have something better to do??? but he was somehow there trying to wrap his arms tightly around you and he’d just mumble softly, ‘what happened at school, [y/n]?’ and you’d just sigh and he’d be like, ‘it’s okay, sweet heart, we don’t have to talk about it.’ and then he’d kiss your forehead and jump up off the bed and be all like, ‘i’ll be one second!’ and like run off into your ensuite and then you hear him running a tap and you’re just hoping that he comes back bc he was warm and soft and tbh you just needed a hug 

and then, next thing, he’s just wrapping you up in his arms and literally carrying you into the bathroom and then he would like sit you on the edge of the bath and start talking all your clothes off really gently and you could see the bath was full with really steamy water and you just let him do whatever he wanted with you tbh, you were just so tired, and when you were in your underwear he’d just lower you down into the bathtub and you’d watch him strip himself and then cautiously slide in behind you. 

idk, like, you’d just spend hours laying with your head on his chest and curled up in his lap while he like stroked your hair and whispered how much he loves you and how beautiful youu are and the water would be super warm and relaxing and he’d keep kissing your head and ugh LUKEEEEE dammit

but daddy luke dropping his daughter off at her first sleepover and asking her friends parents for a moment before he leaves and he kneels down to her height on the front porch and reminds her to brush her teeth before bed and always say please and thank you and he tears up a bit and makes his daughter kiss him on the cheek before letting her go inside then he sits in his car in the driveway for a half an hour listening to their father daughter song and cries until he notices her friends parents giving him weird looks out the window so he drives off and doesnt sleep tHat night in case his baby calls and nEEDS HIM

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59 with lukeeeee

59. “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.”

“i don’t know where we stand, luke,” you exclaimed in a hushed whisper. you hadn’t expected him to come over so late at night, but you didn’t want to wake your roommate up. “one day you’re all over me, saying that i’m the only one and the next you’re with someone else, probably telling them the same thing.” 

luke shook his head, his blue eyes swimming with emotion. he was haphazardly dressed in grey sweatpants and a black zip-up hoodie with disheveled hair. “it’s not what you think it is,” luke tried to explain, running a hand through his blonde locks. 

“then what is it?” you urged, glancing towards your bed side clock. you had work in the morning, and as much as this conversation needed to happen, you needed to get as much sleep as you could. 

luke sighed, rubbing at his neck. “i just don’t know how to say it,” luke said. “the girl you’ve been seeing me with is my best friend, and she’s been helping me.” 

“helping you with what, luke? your sex life? i need to go back to sleep so spit it out or you can leave,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. 

luke nodded, his teeth capturing his lip and gnawing at the ring that looped around his lower lip. “tell me to go and i will, but if you ask me to stay i’ll never leave you again,” luke gasped. “i love you, and she’s been helping me finally be able to tell you that.” 

you felt your breath leave your chest when you understood what he meant. he turned to go from your silence, but all you could do was whisper, “stay.” 

luke turned, his blue eyes shining in the dim light. and then he was coming at you, scooping you up in his arms in a tight hug, his mouth finding yours before you fell back on the bed together. 


I looked up at him in disbelief.

Luke had just slapped me. 

It felt like someone had just set my face on fire, but my heart felt like a crashing building. He had just hit me, what had I done? Thousands of thoughts raced through my head. 


“Lukeeeee” I whined. 

“yes babe” Luke replied looking me in the eyes.

“It hurts a lot” I said to luke with tears welling in my eyes.

“babe its gonna be ok Im gonna take care of you.” Luke replied smiling sweetly.

I didn’t reply I just nodded and looked into his eyes.

“I swear I will never let anyone touch you ever again, and I will never hurt you like that asshole did” Luke whispered in my ear then kissed my nose. I smiled

“promise?” I held out my pinky

“forever and always." 


"YOU LIED TO ME!” I yelled at Luke as I cried and ran outside.

the cold air hit me as I walked around town, the burning sensation still present on my cheek. I ran to a park, and went into the forest. 

I walked along the cold pathway, as I listened to the occasional chirp of a bird. I wish I was a bird, I wish I could fly away and never come back. 

I heard a stick snap behind me

“Hello!?” I yelled as the cold air hit my nose making me sniffle

No answer.

I kept walking thinking it was just an animal of some sort. 

Again, another stick snapped.

“H-hello?” I said in a normal voice, confused. The air whistled through my ears as I kept walking.

Thats when I was pushed to the ground. 


“Luke you are the biggest asshole ever! You just fucking hit the girl you love! YOU CANT LEARN TO LOVE SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU KNOW THAT! Kayla and you will never fall in love” I yelled with all my anger and then kneed him in the balls. 

I turned to Kayla as she pulled out her phone. I ignored it and turned to luke who was now accompanied by Kayla.


I had no choice, I had to hit her, I had to, no one fucking understands, no one ever will, if I was dead this wouldn’t still be going on!

Why couldn’t have Kayla just shot me in the Heart.





stoned-booty  asked:

Can you do a blurb with all the boys on what would go down with each of them oif they were to do the boyfriend does your makeup kind of thing on you ?

(A/N) Yeah idk, I wrote these pretty quick, so sorry if they’re shit.. I tried to make them kind of different. 

I feel like Calum would be a “typical guy” where he doesn’t know what 75% of the shit you have is, but he’d know that lipstick goes on your lips and mascara some how goes on your eyelashes so those would be the things he’d go for first. He’d end up getting more mascara on your lid than your lashes and the lipstick he’s choose would be bright red and it’d get everywhere. He really wouldn’t know much of what to do beyond that, so after some eye shadow in your eyebrows and eyeliner hovering on your lid, he would just keep putting more and more lipstick on you until it’s all over face and you playfully get upset and wrestle him down to kiss him and smirk when you get it all over him, but he doesn’t even care and pulls you towards him to kiss him again

Mikey would be super cocky at first and be like “yeah I know how to put on eyeliner” because, well, obviously he wears it sometimes and you’re kind of scared because putting eyeliner on yourself is a lot different than applying it to others and it’s not like you don’t trust him, you just rather not get poked in the eye. It turns out that he doesn’t just know how to put on eyeliner, in fact, he’s really good at it. You end up keeping it on for the day despite the fact he’ll never let you live it down that you actually liked his makeup skills

Somehow you convinced Luke to do the ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup’ tag and he’d been groaning since. He just sat and stared at everything with a confused look and just glances from the makeup to you and back to your products and mouths ‘what’ before he starts fiddling around trying to find something to use when eventually he picks up a blue eye pencil and just starts filling in your eyebrows with it. At first you’re kind of surprised that he figured out that you use a pencil to colour in your brows, but when he starts laughing as he tells you he’s done and you pretend to be angry but you can’t help but chuckle too and he makes you pose so he can take a photo to show to the guys ugh lukeeeee

Ashton would definitely pretend to know what he was doing because of having a younger sister and he would act like a makeup guru and tells “the audience” how everything works. He’d put an excessive amount of blush on your cheeks and try to contour your cheekbones by putting eyeshadow there and instead of contouring, you basically look like an old lady so to top it all off he puts ridiculous purple eyeshadow on and takes a selfie with you and captions it, “Just hanging with my nan” and put it on every social media site possible

 requested xx