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The Definitive Ranking of Luke Skywalker’s Boyfriends

#6 Lando Calrissian

Pros: has a career and his shit together, can provide stability, helped destroy the second Death Star, shared love of fashion, mustache, maturity

Cons: uncertain if there’s chemistry between the two, complicated history with Han

Rating: 5/10 power converters

#5 Biggs Darklighter

Pros: childhood friends with Luke, they’re both pilots, there’s obviously chemistry there, mustache

Cons: broke Luke’s heart by leaving him behind on Tatooine, mustache, is dead

Rating: 6/10 power converters

#4 Ezra Bridger

Pros: Jedi, “bad boy”, amazing hair, orphan solidarity, sinnamon roll

Cons: fate unknown, doesn’t have his shit together yet, same age (luke likes older guys ok)

Rating: 7/10 power converters

#3 Han Solo

Pros: very good friends, been through a lot together, obvious chemistry, knows how to boil water

Cons: not looking to settle down, in love with leia

Rating: 8/10 power converters

#2 Bodhi Rook

Pros: both grew up on desert planets, shared love of ponchos, pilot, both wanted to escape homeworld as children, soft boys

Cons: dead

Rating: 9/10 power converters

#1 Wedge Antilles

Pros: one of Luke’s best friends, formed a new elite squadron together, took down the first Death Star together, took down the second Death Star, dependable, always have each other’s back, flyboys in love, looks at Luke like he’s made of stardust

Cons: ???

Rating: 10/10 power converters