MTV “Pop x 1000%” by LukeCharles

LukeCharles designed the onscreen guidelines for the latest rebrand of MTV with Universal Everything. Part of the concept was this idea of “Pop x 1000%” — where a range of emotions are pushed to the extreme. Part of the identity is a range of typefaces used to convey those different emotions, obviously this is what I’m trying to do with my project. The typefaces that they’ve chosen are simultaneously emotive and avoid this trap of being novelty that I have discussed before. It’s borderline irony; it’s tongue-in-cheek which works because it’s for MTV.

I am working in LukeCharles’ studio several days a week on some digital projects so I will be looking to get some feedback on the project as it progresses.

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Professional feedback ii; LukeCharles

I have been working at LukeCharles, a design collaborative based in London, providing digital skills to assist their studio practice. Naturally, there have been quite a few conversations about my FMP and my progression. This week, Luke Gifford suggested that system fonts might be a good angle / final outcome for the project.

Millions of office users use only the default fonts on their computer. Many pay no attention to the font they use to type out spreadsheets, word documents and emails. And if they do have a choice it’s out of things like Arial, Verdana, Times or, at worst, Comic Sans. Even worse is the operating system on phones, which only have one font to display either emails or text messages.

As a designer you select your font to reflect or convey the sensibilities and emotion of either the brand or the content of the thing your designing. The typeface helps convey your message. But, often, you hear of meaning getting lost in translation in text messages and email; often sarcasm. Emoticons go someway to conveying things like sarcasm but it doesn’t always work.

Potentially could this font be utilised in operating systems, text message and email, to help convey the emotion of the text? Either autonomously selecting an emotion from the message or allowing a user to assign an emotion themselves.