lukecastellani replied to your post: lukecastellani replied to your post: omg stop…

oh sorry, i thought you were whining like some people around my dash. i’m supper sorry, sorry i guess you’re right, i was hoping for someone younger, and if you look in a reverse-pedophile way he is kinda atractive?

hahaha noooo

and don’t worry about it :)

we all were tbh. and yup, i agree, he’s kinda good-looking, just a bit old imo. that’s the only problem i see: the age. but i’m not terribly disappointed

lukecastellani replied to your post: omg stop pretending you are a…

well yeah, but we can still be happy right? just because it’s not what we expected doesn’t mean we’re all angry about it

but i was kidding???

probably was a bit too rude, but i didn’t mean it like that? or to insult anyone?

all i was saying is that we’re all pretending to be super happy about it when truth is we’re a little disappointed he is not a hottie

that’s it

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