~Luke Brooks Imagine~

You and Luke have been dating for about 4 years. And together you have a baby. A boy Niko, he’s 3. You’ve been staying in Australia while Luke and the boys have been living in L.A. Even though you and Luke are together, and they do come home on the holidays, you both decided it would be best to stay in Australia so Niko isn’t around all the drama.

It breaks your heart Luke isn’t around as much as you’d like, not only for yourself, but for Niko. Even though they Skype all the time its not the same having a father to grow up with there with you.


You and Niko have just landed in L.A.X. You’ve cone to spend the holidays and christmas with the boys. Every now and then you get worried that if Luke is away to long Niko could just forget about him. So you try your best for them to always see each other.


The driver just pulled up to the house you get out of the car putting Niko down so he can stumble to the door, “thank you” you say to the driver taking your bags off him. “Come on baby” you smile at Niko holding his sippy cup. “Daddy’s house!!” He smiles pointing to the house. You laugh trying to get him to follow.

“You wanna press the doorbell?” You smile down at Niko, he vigourously nods. His head waiting for you to lift him up. You lift him up so he can reach the button then placing him back down.

Instantly you hear running, you see all 5 boys running to the front door through the window. Jai swings open the front door. “Niko!” He yells picking him up.

All the boys coo around him Luke runs to you kissing you. “Daddy!” Niko yells. Luke turns around with a smile on his face.

But he was talking to jai. “Daddy” he smiles hugging Jai’s neck. Jai looks helpless, looking over to you two not knowing what to do. The smile fades from Luke’s face, you can see he’s upset. “Ill be back in a minute” Luke says walking through the house quickly. You get worried. “Can you watch him for a minute?” You beg the boys, they nod as you run after Luke

You walk outside to see him with his arms leaning on the railing by the pool and his head bowed. You walk over to him rubbing your hand across his back. “He doesn’t even know who i am anymore” he says looking up at you with glassy eyes. “Babe of course he does you’re his dad”. “This is my fault, i shouldn’t if let you guys stay in Aus for this long” he says standing up straight. “Luke you and jai are twins, and he’s 3, I’m sire he’s gonna mix you up sometimes” you smile grabbing his hand. “I know but you guys shouldn’t be so far away, i need you guys here, with me” he says brushing a piece of hair behind your ear. Just then you hear little footprints running towards the outside . “Daddy” Niko smiles running towards you both. Luke smile beams as he gets on one knee holding out his arms. Niko runs into them, Luke lifting him up holding him tight. “Told you he didn’t forget” you smile. “I missed you so much buddy” Luke smiles with his eyes shut squeezing him tight, Niko laughs

“How would you like to live here buddy with mummy, and daddy?” Luke smiles. “Yeah yeah yeah” Niko bounces. You and Luke laugh as you kiss them both

A/N: thank you to the person who requested this hope you liked it sorry its late:/ xx

~Luke Brooks imagine~

“Okay guys send in your questions and ill answer them” Luke smiled into the computer it was about 10pm L.A time and 8pm Aus time. Its been really hard not having the boys just down the road anymore ,especially Luke, you two have always been close.

He strummed on his guitar waiting for some questions to come up on the screen, you didn’t text him to say you were watching though. You really missed having your best friend around, even though you guys all Skype all the time its not the same having him just down the road.

“Okay” he said putting down the quitar and moving closer to the laptop on the coffee table. “Hows L.A?, asked by (random twitter name). "Its good, weve been really busy lately with everything goning on. Cant wait to go home for christmas though really missing everyone” he shrugged smiling at the webcam. “Okay next question” he said biting his lip scrolling through the live stream. “Do you miss (Y/N)?” He laughed as he red the question. As soon as you heard your name your head shot up from your phone and glued your eyes to the laptop screen.

“Of course i do” he smiled. “Yeah i miss her a lot shes like one of my best friends” he smiled at the floor with a huge smile on his face. You felt a blush spread across your cheeks when he said that. “Omgod guys stop!” He laughed seeing all the cute comments about you two.

“We know you like (Y/N);)” Luke laughed not denying it. “Okay ill tell yiu guys a secret but you cant tell anyone okay !” He pointed at the webcam.

“Yes i do okay” he giggled. “Me and Y/N always say we love each other to one another, but its like a friend love to her i think. To me its more though” he smiled fidling with his hands. A huge smile spread across your face. You never thought Luke felt like this, you just always thought he thought of you as just a friend. “I think i really do love her guys” he said biting his lip looking deep into the camera. You looked through the live stream and saw countless twitters shipping you both and saying how Luke should tell you. “I cant tell her though guys what if she doesn’t feel the same that could ruin our whole friendship” he said giving a questioning look. “@Luke_brooks: i just wish you would feel the same” you saw he tweeted. You didn’t want to reply to his tweet just incase he realised you were watching so you just made an indirect tweet. “(Y/T/N): you never know, she could feel the same. Go for it;)” immediately fabs caught on and started Retweeting it. There was no doubt it was gonna get to Luke so you finally decided to text him. You: “so love huh;)” You saw Luke pick up his iPhone off the coffee table and open the text. His eyes got wide and he face palmed himself. “Did you guys break the promise?!” He pointed straight into the camera making you laugh. “Omgod” he said blankly looking into the camera. Fans were tweeting for you to answer him. “(Y/T/N): i feel the same way:’) dont worry.” Luke must’ve seen you’re tweets because instantly his face lit up and a smile spread across his lips. “Oh you’re blushing” he red out. “I am not” he laughed patting his face. You: “i feel the same” you texted You saw his phone buzz and he picked it up as he red the text he smiled even more. “Guys i have to take care of something, ill talk to you all soon, byyyyyeeeee” he waved blowing kisses and ending the twitcam Instantly after it ended your phone buzzed. Luke: “talk this over a Skype date?:/;) lol” You: sure ;) * * * A/N: let me know what you guys thought hope you guys liked it Thank you to the person who requested it:) xxx

Skip/Luke Imagine

Tears streamed down your face as you sat on the cold concrete steps in front of your house. Today had been going terribly wrong. Your boyfriend of almost two years had broken up with you - he claimed that he didn’t love you anymore - he had cheated on you with a girl you thought was your friend. Then, the progress reports had come out during advisory class and you found out you were getting a ‘C’ in Algebra 2. At lunch, you sat alone because the two people, who were your friends, betrayed you. 

You had begged your mom to let you go to the private school across town. When your parents had divorced, your dad had custody of you for a moment in time and that resulted in you and your brother going to different schools. At first, you were reluctant to move. The school you attended in Melbourne wasn’t anything of interest and you didn’t have many friends - except your big brother Skip and some of his friends. 

Since it was Wednesday, your school was released nearly an hour before Skips, but he and his friends were going out to film their new video to post on YouTube. To make things worse, your mother was at work, your cell phone was forgotten at home, and right beside it, on your desk was your keys to the house. A spare key was kept above the door on the sill but it was beyond your reach. You considered scaling the side of the house to get into your window, but you had locked it before you left. A cool breeze made you shiver and you wondered just how long you’ve been locked out now. It felt like days but in reality it was just a few hours. 

With your knees pulled up to your chest - because you wore your slacks, not school skirt today - you buried your head into your knees letting out quiet sobs. You couldn’t believe that he could break up with you like that. And the fact that he had lied to your face didn’t make matter better. He lied, and went behind your back, WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND. 

A clamor of laughs and chuckling struck your ears, but didn’t catch your attention. For hours, people had driven past and walked past and no one had bothered to stop and ask if you were okay. Your beige slack had a wet stain on them, as well as black spots due to your mascara running. Your face probably looked like shit. If you hadn’t put your make up bag in your locker, you would have used something to clean the mess off your face.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice rang. The noise died out and it was silent before there were gentle steps approaching you. Your body was still shaking from your sob fest. “What happened love?” There was a large soothing hand on your back and it was your older brother Skip. You raised your head and caught of a blur of his friends. Skips’ arms were open for you and you obligingly fell into them.

“Something wrong babe?” Another voice sounded. Skip’s friends were like brothers to you. The group of you guys had grown up together and most of them had nick names for you like, ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’ since you were the youngest at 15 – a mere year younger than James. The nicknames had no sexual innuendos to them.

Your eyes trailed up and you saw one of the Brooks twin, it was Luke. You could tell by the length of his hair and by the tiny scar peeking from beneath his lip. You gave him that when you were 3 and he was 5, you had accidentally smacked him with a branch in a game of tag. “You alright?” He asked as your head rested against Skip’s chest as he hugged you.

“You’re freezing, let’s get you inside.” Skip kissed the top of your head before helping you to your feet and into the house. Someone had grabbed the duvet on the back of the couch and wrapped it around you. Skip returned with a wipe and gently removed the smeared make up from your face. When he was done, he handed you a water bottle. “Drink up little one.” He patted your head gently before leaving the living room. The boys had scattered out somewhere within the house. Being the only girl to have grown up with them, they didn’t really know how to handle situations like this – and not to mention they weren’t fond of the water works. It always made them feel awkward.

It was just you and Luke left behind. Your head was resting upon the arm rest of the couch and the space beside you dipped in as he scooted closer. “What’s got our little flower so gloomy?” After being found hiding out in a bed of flowers during a game of hide and seek, you were nicknamed “little flower,” by Gina and your own mother. The boys just picked on.

After a few sniffles and choking back some tears, you were able to confide in Luke about your shit day. He gently rubbed soothing circles on the back of your shoulder blade as you cried into his chest. When you touched his flannel, you then realized that you soaked it with your tears. You used the back of your hand and wiped away the tears on your cheeks, “I’m sorry.” You croaked out, referring to his flannel. His lips pulled into a smile and he wanted to scold you for being so dumb. He didn’t care if you got tears on his shirt, or a little bit of snot. The entire country knew that Luke would do anything for you.

Luke’s hands traveled up and held the sides up to your face. “Don’t apologize.” He whispered as he leaned his forehead against yours. Your eyes felt swollen and they stung as you tried to keep them open. You felt flustered as his hot breath fanned against your face. “I don’t mind some tears on my shirt, hell you could vomit on me and I still wouldn’t mind.” You scrunched your face at his last scenario. “You wanna know why?” you didn’t even need to answer. “That’s because you’re you, Y/N. If it were anyone else, I’d raise hell. But you know what Y/N? I like you. And I like you a lot. And I have to be honest when I say that I thank that douche of a boyfriend you had. Because if he didn’t fuck up, I was certain I would never get my chance with you.” As Luke spoke, his eyes never left yours. You tried looking away several times, but that didn’t work well.

Your cheeks were tinted bright red and your eyes shut. You felt something soft and a bit wet on your eyelids and quickly realized that Luke was kissing your eyes. “Get some rest Y/N, you look like you need it.”

When you woke from your nap, it was already dark out. You were resting upon the couch, a pillow beneath your head. The door crept open and you shot up to see that it was Skip. He flipped the lights on and you quickly noted the blood dripping from a cut below his left eye.

“Skip,” your voice was hoarse, and dry. “What happened?” You inquired. He sat down next to you and lazily draped an arm around you. You swiped your thumb across the dry blood.

“Don’t worry about it.” His expression never staggered. He had that, ‘I’m fucking pissed’ look on his face.


“I had to break the kid who broke my kid sister’s heart so don’t trip lil bit.” He said as if it was nothing at all. 


It was yours and Luke 10th year friendship anniversary. You both had been friends since you two were nine.

You were walking down the same familiar path, to Luke’s house, kicking little rocks while you walked.

❝Y/N! Y/N!❞ You heard your name being called from a fair distance. You spun around on your heel, and you were face to face with Luke’s girlfriend. Whom you’ve hated for a very long time. You knew she wasn’t his type. Everyone knew. His fans, brothers, friends, family, Obama.

You put on a fake smile before speaking. ❝Oh hey.❞ You awkwardly coughed.

Her face was caked with make up, wore skin tight clothes, and had a nasty personality. She was always rude to you, when no one was around. When you looked over to her and Luke, she would grab his face and kiss him, having a full on make out session in front of you. Making you jealous. You liked Luke for a while now, and she could tell you liked him.

❝Where are you headed?❞ She fake smiled back, but you could see all the hate in her eyes.

❝To Luke’s.❞ You said through gritted teeth, rolling your eyes, spinning back around and walking away

❝Oh whoops, forgot to tell you, he spent the night at mines, and he isn’t at home.❞ She spoke in her high-pitched, Aussie accent. Which annoyed the hell out you, making you want to push her off a hill.

When she said those words, you had to stop your lip from quivering. You blinked many times to make the tears go away. Only one rolled down your cheek.

You quickly wiped it away, and kept walking towards your destination.

Her laugh echoed your ears, as you walked farther and farther away.

You finally made it to your destination, knocking on the door. Beau answered. ❝Hey Beau! Is Luke here?❞ You exclaimed, trying your best to sound happy.

His smile went from a frown, ❝No, he told me he was going at yours, for your tenth year friendship anniversary.❞

❝When was that?❞

He shrugged. ❝Maybe like two hours ago?❞

❝Alright, I’ll just see him tomorrow then.❞ You told Beau, walking back to your house. Tears were starting to roll down your cheeks, and you started to sniffle. Rain started to pour down, and you were soaked. Your clothes starting sticking to your body, making you uncomfortable.

After many minutes of walking, you made it to your house. The rain from your clothes fell down onto your carpet.

You walked up stairs, and getting a new pair of dry clothes before taking a shower.

Throwing your wet clothes onto the hamper, you walked out of the bathroom in your cow onsie.

Someone started knocking on the door, while you were watching spongebob. You groaned, not wanting to get up, and opened the door. There stood Luke. He grabbed your face and kissed you, which took you by surprise, but you still kissed back.

You guys parted and you spoke up. ❝What about your girlfriend?❞ You asked.

❝I broke up with her, once I realized I like you. I also saw the way she was talking to you, when I was going to your house.❞ Luke smiled.

You smiled back, before kissing him again.

You let him in, and gave him a dry pair of clothes from your brother who was the same age and size as Luke. He changed and you guys watched movies, and ate pizza the whole night.

❝From now on, instead of being your best friend, I want to be your boyfriend.❞ Luke looked at you straight in the eyes. You smiled at him and said the words that made him smile. ❝I would be more than glad if you were.❞

┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅

Hey guys so I decided to start writing Imagines, my requests are open!

Imagine ~For Anon Part 1


You woke up earlier than any other morning wondering why you where up so early, but today was the day that you went and saw your 5 idols in concert for the first time. Only ever seeing them on youtube, twitter or tumblr. Luke and Beau where your favourites well sort of because you always talked to Daniel on twitter. Daniel is the only one to follow you on twitter but Beau and Luke had retweeted you before. You looked at your phone 6:27 the clock read. Why am I up so early? You asked yourself. Daniel Sahyounie has sent you a message you read. You slid the button across that read "slide to unlock" you opened your twitter the message read. Good Night Beautiful I will see you tommorow night at our show, I Love You xx. You sent back. Baby I’m awake so early like way to early aha, I cant wait to see you message me when you get in and I will come and see you at the hotel. :) Love You Right Back xx. It felt so good knowing that one of your idols would message you all the time. You tried to get back to sleep but you couldnt, by this time its was now 8:00am on a saturday. You phone buzzed it was Daniel again. Hey [Your/Name] I am boarding now I get to [place/you/live] in 2 hours, I cant wait to see you. We are in the pent house and we are staying at [place/you/live/name] hotel. I miss you, see you soon oh and your coming back with me when our shows over ;) Love You Baby xx. You sent back. Awe baby I cant wait ill be waiting for you at the airport ill come with you back to the hotel ;) haha whos sitting next to you on the plane do a keek just for me ;) I love you so so so much xxxx. you wrote back.

2 hours passed you where waiting at the airport its now 10:30am your getting in the car with Daniel, Beau, Luke, Jai and James. I cant believe I am with you. You whisper to Daniel. I cant believe it either he says back and pecks you on the cheek. You got a message on twitter from Luke, it was strange because he was sitting beside you aswell. it read. Hey, I know you are sitting next to me and all but I just wanted to let you know how pretty you are. I saw the scars and cuts on your arm please stop I will talk with you whenever no matter what. *pulls your sleeve down and Luke looks over to you* I know you like Skip the most but I wouldnt mind you ;) Skip asks you what the message said and who it was from. You said just another follower. You arrive at the hotel and theres fans waiting for the boys. They where asking if you where dating Skip you didnt reply nor did Skip you guys just smiled at each other. You get to the hotel room, 6 beds where there. “You can stay in my bed or have your own” Skip asks you. Um if you dont mind ill have my own sorry. “are you staying the night?” Jai asks. “yeah she is” skip says. “well you can stay in my bed” Luke and Beau say at the same time. “No shes mine” says James “guys honestly stop fighting over [Your/Name] shes mine and only mine” skip says. You just laugh.

Its concert time and you walk out in your heels and dress and make-up and hair all done. “Wow, you look” says skip and pauses “Gorgeous” says beau “Pretty” says Jai “Amazing” says James “Perect is the word guys PERFECT” says Luke. “Im not any of that but thank you” you say. “Do you miss Ariana Jai?” you ask. “Yes without a doubt” he replys. “Hey guys I have a VIP pass, but should I give it to a fan?” you ask. “This is VIP baby” says Skip “I know aha” you reply “Sure If you want to, you can stand back stage and then do a quiz and give it to one lucky fan” says Beau “but you baught it you shouldnt but tho you are with us?” says James “It was $40.00 its fine ill do what beau said” you reply. “Thank you fro everything boys” you say “all good” Says Luke. “Hey guys wheres SKip?” asks Jai. “Dunno” Replys Beau, Jai and Luke. “So [your/name] you really like skip aye?” asks beau jokingly “yeah well sort of I dont know you guys are pretty great to” you reply. “Im fabulous” says Luke. Everyone laughs. Skip walks back into the room “woah” you say “what” asks Skip. “you look Hot aha” you say in reply to him. He walks over and places a kiss on your cheek you give one back. “Break the love fest guys we have to go” James says. “hey guys I have somthing to tell you all before we go” you say. “well what is it?” Beau asks in a wierd voice. “My Mum passed away a nearly 3 months ago I live with my step dad but hes always drunk, Luke noticed all the cuts and scars on my arm, and told me he was always there for me to talk to, I want you guys to know that I am going through major deppression and I snapp somtimes when I get upset and somtimes I just cry out of the random, please dont think Im wierd or anything and Im saying sorry in advance”, “omg I didnt know you should have told me” SKips says. “Its not somthing I tell anyone- your cut off by Beau and Jai hugging you. "Sorry to hear [your/name] but we kinda have to go.” james say. “yeah sorry guys” you say and walk out the door with your purse and phone holding skips hand.

You get in the bus and start driving to your location. Daniel and you are sitting on the coach and he gives gives you a box, you give him a strange look but you open it. It’s a necklace that has a love heart saying “I Love You” theres 2 to split, whos the other one for you ask. Me skips says. Thank you so much its beautiful baby. He puts it on you and you guys lean in for a kiss, but get interrupted but Luke sayinng where here. You and skip get out of the bus holding hands no fans where there yet because the concert started in 2 hours. Skip walks off with beau, james and jai and your there with Luke. “Hey you do realise im getting so jelaous of you and skip” luke says “really why? you never really have spoken to me, its only been skip.” you say “But i never noticed you, so many girls have been clogging my twitter, heres my number text me, ill text you on stage ahah but ill talk to you while im on tour” he says and walks off. You feel a little smile on your face and add the number into your phone. Skip comes back, have a good talk with Luke babe ? Skip asks you with a worried face. Yeah hes a good friend. “hey was luke the one who sent you that message on twitter earlier? he asked "yeah he was, he notiece my cuts” you say back. Ok he says

“Look I wanted to ask you this in person” skip says “But will you be my girlfriend I know we only just met in person but ive seen you before in melbourne doing one of our videos” “Yes” you say and Kiss him. You stoped kissing him and looked up to see Luke standing there with tears in his eyes. “OhMyGod” is all you say and start to cry “What” asks SKip as Luke walks away. You sit there frozen. Skip just hugs you thinking it was about your mum. “Look Skip I love you so much but Luke said he liked me so much and he gave me a necklace and a ring i dont know what to do, after we just kissed i looked up and saw luke crying what do i do? i wish my mum was here so i could hug her and ask her what to do”“fucking dickhead” skip gets up and walks to find luke, skip stop you say he turns around and says what you want him dont you ? no i dont, well sorta, no, i dont know" and start balling your eyes even more. Your just a slut he yells and walks off. Beau comes running out of no where and hugs you. [your/name] are you ok? Skip doesnt really mena that hes just angry and him and luke will sort it out. Your mums looking down on you and she would be so happy that your happy oh well you should be at least he says. I dont know what to do beau you say. and start crying into his chest. [your/name] stop crying beautiful youll ruin your beautiful make up and hair and dress babe. You look up at beau and wipe your eyes and say thank you. Im hear for you babe says luke adn skip and luke will come round soon i promise you. Now get ready for our concert baby. you get up hug him adn go into there dressing room and fix your make up. SKip walks and gives you a hugs and say im sorry.

Sorry skip but I cant talk to you not after you called me a slut. Im still a fucking virgin. I cant have a relationship like this and its not like a kissed luke or anything you scream =. You see jai and james come running in after hereing you yell at skip as you walk out the door of the dressing room. James runs after you as Jai talks to Skip [your/name] stop james yells as you turn around and he hugs you. Beau told me what happend skip and luke are being dicks ok forget out them and enjoy your night beautiful. he says trying to comfort you. You hear skip walking up to you. Look [your/anme] i was wrong and i should say i am i didnt mean to call you a slut its just that i was angry with Luke and I got the wrong inpression of you guys. You can choose who ever you want and you can still keep our necklace’s and ring and we will still love you for your decion. he says.

Who where you going to choose?

Part 2 coming soon xx

~Luke, Beau & Jai imagine~

Luke: “hey wanna come over?:) x” Luke texted

You: Sure be over soon:) x

You and the boys have been really close ever since they moved in next door about 4 months ago in their L.A house. Lets just say, its never quiet at their house or around here anymore.

You grabbed your handbag from up stairs putting your phone in it

Luke’s Pov:

Ever since we moved here, the first time i laid eyes on (Y/N) i knew i needed to get to know her.

Over the past few months we’ve grown really close. And I’m starting to feel serious feelings for her. One problem, so do jai and beau.

“Why are you all dressed up?” Jai asked as you walked into the kitchen. “Cause” you said opening the fridge. “Cause why?” Beau said walking in the room. “Cause (Y/N) is coming over” you simply replied looking for something in the fridge, you could feel their glares in the back of you.

“Why don’t you just back off” jai said angrily. “Why should i, you don’t own her” you yelled. “I dibs her first!” Beau said. “Hey whats going on in here !?” (Y/N) yelled worried as she came into the kitchen. Man that girl was hot.

Your Pov:

As i opened the front door you heard yelling, you thought it was just a normal thing that usually happens, but then you heard your name.

“Why are you guys yelling?” You asked

None of them answered they just tried to not make eye contact. “I heard my name”, all of their heads shoot up and looked at one another.

“Tell me whats going on”, “okay” beau said looking up at you. “Im sure its pretty obvious that we all have feelings for you by now” he said as Luke and jai just looked at you. You stood there in complete and utter shock, you and Luke had flirted on occasions, but you never knew that beau and jai had feelings for you as well.

“Actually its not” you said worried.
“Well basically, we wanna know who you choose” jai said.

“Who i choose? You’re not pieces of meat!” You yell and run out with your bag.

“(Y/N) wait!” You hear Luke say as he runs after you.

You run up the steep driveway as fast as you can, “(Y/N)!” Luke says as he grips onto your arm, “what!” You say turning around to face him as he sees tears falling from your eyes.

“Why are you crying” he says sympathetically, wiping your eyes with his thumb.

“Luke I’m not gonna come in between brothers, I’m just not gonna do it” you sob.

“Hey hey hey” he says pulling you close as you rest your head into his chest, he rests his chin on your head. “I cant do it” you say as a tear falls onto his shirt.

“(Y/N), you’re not coming in between anyone okay” he says lifting up your head to look at him, cupping your face in his hands.

You look deep into his hazel eyes. “Who wouldn’t fight over you, you’re smart, beautiful, caring, polite, anyone would be lucky to have you” he smiled

You could tell he was genuine you looked at him and before you knew it your crashed your lips onto his. It took him a while to retaliate.

“Im sorry i s——-” you said. “Don’t be” he said cutting you off and crashing his lips back into yours as you both smiled through the kiss

A/N: Hope you liked this guys:)

Thank you to the person who requested:) sorry its a bit random and all over the place lol i could really think of how (Y/N) would choose Luke

But hopefully you liked it:) lol


“Look at him!” Emily nudged me. “He’s staring at you.”

I rolled my eyes but still turned to face the “mystery” boy. My mouth dropped slightly as I quickly turned back to face Emily. I could feel my cheeks heating up as Emily sniggered.

“Stop staring at him!” I hissed.

“He’s coming over!” She grinned.

“Do I look OK? Is my hair OK? Is my face red?” I questioned.

“Yes, you look fine!” Emily stood from her chair.

“Wait, where are you going?” I panicked.

“Is anybody sitting here?” He wanted to know.

Gosh, was he handsome. His brown hair was slightly messy and his chocolate brown eyes were looking at me as though he saw something in me that nobody else had. 

“No, sit down.” I smiled.

“I’m Luke.” He held his hand out.

“I’m (y/n).” I took his hand gently and shook.

“So, this is quite embarrassing to say but I saw you from over there-” He gestured to a table full of boys. “-and I thought you were beautiful.”

“What a great joke.” I laughed, standing up from the table.

Luke grasped my hand and looked at me with pleading eyes. “I’m not joking. I did. Please, give me a chance.”

“Why? I mean, there are prettier girls out there. There are probably funnier girls too. Probably skinnier girls.” My hand slipped from his grip.

“I don’t want those girls. I saw the way you acted. I saw the way you actually ate fast food. I saw the way you laughed. I saw the way that you played with your hair. Please, I know I may sound silly saying all this but…I’m not lying." 

"Sure.” I smiled, taking his hand.

Janoskians Imagine #1 - Luke [a fight broke out]

It was a saturday morning and it was usually luke’s lazy day but for some reason you got up early and you decided to go get a bath but you found daniel’s dirty laundry all over your bathroom floor, that lil’ gremlin what was he doing in my bathroom? you had already stripped off your clothes so you were practically naked and you felt really lazy to put your clothes back on so you just took a towel and wrapped it around your body and headed to daniel’s room where you punched him playfully and screamed “you disgusting cunt why would you put your dirty laundry all over my bathroom floor?” he just laughed and we got into like a playful fight, luckily i had my towel wrapped on tightly, and when we were playfully wrestling each other, daniel fell backwards and onto his bed and you fell on top of him, just as soon as that happened, luke walked in and said “must be having fun huh” and he slammed the door, and you ran after him and grabbed his hand but he shook it off, you turned him around and said “luke, baby, you got it all wrong, i was just wrestling daniel thats all, you saw it all wrong, i accidentally fell on top of him its not like i wanted to get on top of him!” he just looked at you and said “sure,  you were wrestling him in a towel, didn’t know that one had to strip off all her clothes before wrestling someone” “no, i wanted to get in the bath but daniel poured all his dirty laundry all over our bathroom floor babe, i was like mad but i found it funny so i went to his room and we got into a playful fight thats all, i love you, alot, like alot alot, to the universe and back baby, i would never go with someone else”  you assured luke, he couldn’t help but crack a smile and hug you, but then he pulled away from the hug and said “but he saw you in a towel, thats like half naked and his your bestfriend, im your boyfriend not him” “yeap, he might have saw me half naked but youre the only person who gets to see me totally naked because youre my boyfriend and i love you, take note of that” you said giggling, “i love you just as much babe” luke replied, and you both went back to your room and just before you stepped in the bath luke said in between giggles “mind if i join you?” “not at all” you said, as he stripped off his clothes,getting to see his tone abs and the bulge that you made and you both took a nice warm bath together and basically indulge in each others company.

~Dirty Luke Imagine~ *Requested*

You and Luke were sitting on the couch watching a movie. You ha your legs crossed leaning on the arm rest with your eyes glued to the screen.

Luke was sitting next to you with his arm over the top of the couch. He wasn’t playing much attention to the movie, he couldn’t keep his eyes of you.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see him smirking. You felt a smile spread across you lips but you still kept you eyes on the tv. With his eyes still on you he clicked the ‘off button’ on the remote.

You looked down at the floor with a smirk on you face trying not to look at him. He slowly put his thumb under your chin and turned your face towards him. You could see the smirk plastered on his lips. He leaned in closer and started to kiss you passionately. As a few moments went to it started to get more heated every second.

He pulled you on top of his lap and placed his hands on your hips,you grabbed the back of his neck as he kisses started to get rougher as he went down your neck. “Arms up” he whispered, his hot breath covering your skin. You did as he said and pulled his shirt up as well.

You ran your hands down his abs as he started to kiss you again. Suddenly he lofted you up and you were laying on your back on the couch. He crawled on top of you with his hands beside your head and started to kiss down your body. He got to the waist line of your shorts and pulled them and your underwear off in one go. He looked up giving you a quick smirk and he slowly got up taking off his jeans.

You bit your lips as they dropped to the floor. You slowly sat up and started to pull down his boxers, as soon as they were down his dick sprung up and hit him on the stomach. You smirked an took him in your hand. Pumping faster with every movement Luke flung his head back moaning you name. “Uh faster!” He moaned as you took him in your mouth and he wrapped his hands in your hair. “Babe I’m go——” he stuttered biting his bottom lip.

You lay back down on the couch and he positioned himself on top of you. “Ready?” He asked smirking with his face inches from yours. You nodded and he slowly slid himself in.

You grabbed a hold of the couch as he started to thrust in faster in time. You flung your head back biting your lip. “You like that baby” he smirked breathing on your neck. “Mmmmm”. He started going harder and harder. “Omgod!” You screamed with your fingers tangled in his brown curls.

“Luke I’m —-” , “me too baby” he said placing a kiss on your lips. Your stomach started to tighten and you both came together. Luke’s thrusts started to get sloppy and he fell next to you on the couch. His heavy breathing on the back of your neck, “you were amazing babe” he smirked kissing your cheek, “you weren’t so bad yourself” you laughed

“Im gonna get in the shower” you laughed jumping off the couch. “Me too” he smirked and wrapped his hands around your waist as you were walking. You got out of his grip and started to race him to the shower laughing.

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LUKE BROOKS IMAGINE . for lukeys-lip.rings


 Isabella’s PoV:

*Phone Convo*

xxXXxx:Police Officer Here!

Bella: Hey Baby!

xxXXxx: Oh I thought I could scare you!

Bella: Mr. Luke Brooks I perfectly recognize your voice.

Luke: Oh Babe. You should fake it.

Bella: - I laugh- Why you calling?

Luke: Want me to hang out?

Bella: Luke!!

Luke: Ok, Ok –he laugh- I just want to say that I will pick you up at eight.

Bella: Luke I said I didn’t wanted to do anything, just stay in home with you.

Luke: Baby I’m arriving to New York in two hours. We don’t see each other at one month. I’m gonna do something, you wanting or not.

Bella: Ok Mister.

Luke: See ya in two hours. Love you.

Bella: Love you. Bye.

*End Phone Convo*

Luke is my boyfriend at about 6 months. We were both from Melbourne but I came to New York with my mom and Luke stayed. I admit was hard but we always manage to get along and to get this relationship going.

I already have my own apartment in New York, my mom lives with my little sister down the avenue. I bought this apartment because, you know, me and Luke, we need some “privacy”.

I was sitting in my couch, I looked at the clock and it was 6 o’clock. I decided to hoop in the shower and take a relaxing bath which I stayed in one hour.

I got out and I pick up an outfit. Undecided I send a message to Luke and he said that I should take something formal but SEXY. And yeah SEXY in Caps Lock.

I decided to take my favorite red dress and black heels. I would take my clutch to put my phone and wallet.

Bella: Ok outfit done! Now… Make up.

I start doing my makeup. I did it a little dramatic but not too much since I would hear Luke saying how perfect he thinks I am without make up. Right away I did some loose curls in the bottoms of my hair.

I finished my makeup and hair and I start putting on my dress.  (The whole look: )

I looked in the mirror and I was definitely ready. I heard a horn outside, it must be Luke. I get my clutch and put my stuff inside. I got out and I saw… a limo? And Luke.

Luke: C’mon in my lady!

Bella: Luke what is this?

Luke: Bella Baby just enjoy.

I enter in the Limo followed by Luke who gave me a kiss right away.

Later we arrive at n Italian Restaurant.


Luke: I love you Bella.

Bella: I love you Luke.

He kissed me.

Bella: I don’t believe you did all of this for me.

Luke: I did and if I had to I would do it again.

We start a passionately kiss which turned into a hot make out session really quick.

Luke: Let’s go the limo.

Luke put me in the limo and he went out talk with the driver. The driver drove to an old café and got out of the car landing the keys to Luke.

Luke: C’mere!

Luke pull me to his lap. I felt some soft lips on mine! He was kissing me but it was a different kiss, was full of passion! A different kind of passion. I felt that we were eternal.

We quickly took all our clothes. I just couldn’t take it anymore, with all this teasing I needed her NOW!

Luke: I need you, like NOW!!

She put my entire member inside of her quickly.

Luke: AHHH BABY!! So Tight!!!

Bella: HmMMM!

Luke: Damn you are sooo good!!! Ride me faster!!

Bella: Oh Lukeeee!!! YOU ARE SOOO BIG!!

Luke: You like it right? Say to me that you like my big d*ck in you.

Bella: I LOVE IT.

I turn us around. Now she was lying on the back sit and I was penetrating her faster.

I quickly put her legs on my shoulders and I went the deepest that I couldn’t not stopping the fast pace.

Bella: OHHH I won’t last much longer Luke!!!

Luke: Me too!!!! LET IT GO BABY

We both ride out our screaming orgasm and after he fall over me. We kissed.

Luke: I love you!

Bella: I love you Luke Brooks, always have, always will.



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LukeBrooks #imagine

You feel butterflies in your tummy as you look at yourself in the mirror. You try not to cry as you and your Daddy walk down the long carpet. Scattered with rose petals. As you reach the end your Dad kisses your cheek and sits down. You look at your future husband, you feel nothing but love for him. You look at his face, the tiny scar on his lip wear he took his lip ring out, his hair which was perfect, still a hint of green at the ends. His little mark on his nose, his eyes look brighter than usual. You smile at him, he smiles back. You both say your vowels. “I do” you both repeat. He pulls you close to him and kisses you, softly. He whispers in your ear “wait until later” he then bites your ear. You bite your lip imagining what he has in store for your first night as a married couple.

Help me love again chapter 6

~7 Months later~
Jade POV

I looked in the mirror and turned to the side. I giggled as I saw myself. ‘This is real right now’ I thought:

Luke came up behind me and rubbed my stomach.
“I’m finished shoveling the snow, sorry if it’s terrible, we don’t have snow in Australia.”
“It’s fine, at least you can spend your first snow day in England with me.” I said hugging him. The doorbell rang and I walked downstairs and opened the door.

“Merry Christmas!” I said cheerfully. I tied my hair into a ponytail and hugged Ariana, Jai, Tyler, James, Daniel, Perrie, Zayn, Leigh, Jesy, my mum and closed the door in Ariel’s face.
“How’s Darcey?” Ariana asked
“Great!” I answered
“I can’t believe you and Luke finally got your own house” my mum said as Luke walked downstairs and greeted everyone
“Yeah it beautiful.” Jai agreed:
“Thanks” Luke said


I laid out the dinner and we said our prayers. We all started eating the roasted chicken, potatoes with gravy, peas and much much more. (A/n: I meant to put much twice) . The next morning it was Christmas morning and we all exchanged presents and I wobbled around and picked up wrapping paper.

~10 months later~

Small 7 month old Darcey sat in my lap as everyone sang happy birthday to me. I’m gonna be 20 and I’m really excited about it because yesterday was Christmas! Darcey blew out my candles and giggled as Luke turned the light on and screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Best. Birthday. Ever.