Imagine#52: Bug attack- Luke

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Luke knows you hate spiders just as much as his twin Jai. He would always laugh at the two of you but Jai understands what it’s like.

Yn and Luke were hanging out in the living room and Jai came in. I smiled and waved at Jai. He smiled and waved back at the both of you. I cuddled into Luke’s side and just watched the movie Luke picked out. “ Babe ima use the bathroom” I nodded and continued watching the movie. I was laying my head on the ground and I see a huge ass spider crawling to me.

I screamed and Jai ran as fast as he could. “ what what’s wrong” he said and I pointed at his feet because the spider crawled on him. He screamed and kicked it off. I held Jai as we both stood on the couch. We watched as the spider go up and started crawling towards us. “ LUKE” I yelled and he came. he looked at the both of us and than at the spider.

“ come here little buddy” Luke said and let it crawl on his finger. “ see it’s not that bad babe” Luke put it close to me and it jumped on me. I ran and slapped it off me. “ Shit” Luke said under his breath and I ran into Jai’s room because I didn’t care at this point were to run. Luke killed it and Jai went to look for yn.

“ yn Luke killed it.” Jai said and saw yn in his room in the covers. “ Oi she’s over here” Jai said and Luke came into the room. He saw yn. He carried her out of Jai’s room and headed to their room.  “ babe I killed it” Luke said softly. I just hugged him tight and he hugged me back. “ I got you don’t worry” He said and it calmed me down just a bit. “ Thank you” I said and he smiled

He leaned in and kissed me. “ Of course babe. i’m here for you” I smiled and kissed him back.

"Show me what you got," - Beau Brooks smut.

Rated: R

Characters: Beau Brooks.

(gif made by lukes-lahme)


Your pov:

The beat of “Dark horse" started to play as my best friend and I entered the club. I felt so confident, my hair in loose dark curls, wearing a little black dress that complemented my curves perfectly, pairing it with some red pumps. My one goal was to have fun, and get to know some people. It had been a few months since my boyfriend and I had broken up, and I was finally ready to move on. 

We walked up to bar "20 shots please,” my friend spoke as we sat in the high chairs. As the man went make them I starred at her with wide eyes “20?” I said with a gulp, “Yes, y/n 10 for you and 10 for me. You need to live a little.” she said with a chuckle.

As I finished my tenth one, I wasn’t fully drunk, just tipsy. “Lets dance,” I spoke, grabbing her hand and walking out to the dance floor. We started to grind as the next song came on; “Hey y/n, that guy is starring at you.” she whispered in my ear, my eyes directing were she was looking. There stood a handsome guy, his skin very tanned and his biceps poking out of his shirt, his abbs outline clearly outlined through his white shirt, tattoos covered his arms. 

He smirked at me as he noticed he caught my attention, I then proceeded to grind and get more into the beat with my friend to turn him on, I was in for something tonight. I looked at his bottom half, a large bulge poking from his tight skinny jeans, I bit my lip with satisfaction. 

As the next song went to play I whispered in my friends ear “Can you keep yourself busy for a little while, I want to get this guy,” I begged, she then giggled and smiled “Its about time you asked, sure sweets, I got my eyes on someone too so no worries at all.” she walked over to another man which she had been looking at for a while, he was cute, but not as cute as what I had my eyes on. 

I then walked back over to the bar, waiting for the mysterious handsome guy to follow. I then felt toned arms wrap around my waist, I turned over to see it was him, I giggled “Hello there,” I spoke in a sexual tone, starting to grind my butt into his crotch as I earned a groan from him. “Whats your name, Beautiful?” his deep Aussie accent spoke, “y/n, and you?” I asked “Ah, gorgeous name. And I’m Beau.” he said, leaving a kiss below my ear.

“How about you say we get out of here then, Beau?” I spoke softly, “Good idea,” he chucked, grabbing my hand and taking us outside to his car as we drove off to his home.

  (Skipping to when we get to his home bc car rides are awk.)

As we got to his house and got into his house, he slammed me against the wall. Starting to grind himself against me, earning a moan from my lips. He then started to give me an open mouth kiss, his tongue entering my mouth, them fighting for dominance. He started to lift up my dress, pulling it up and off my body, leaving me in some sexy black lace Victoria secret panties and matching bra. 

He bit his lip as he was pleased with my appearance, his hands snaking around my waist again as he started to squeeze my bum. “What a beauty,” he whispered in my ear, starting to suck on my neck. I kicked off my heals, my height now decreases by a lot as he started to laugh from the action. “Shut up” I said with a giggle, kissing his lips roughly.

“Jump” he spoke, I did as told as he held me up by gripping my thighs in his large hands, my arms wrapping around his neck. He took me into his bedroom, plopping me down onto his bed. He then leaned down and kissed me again, I wrapped my legs around his clothed hips and started to pull off his shirt, revealing his toned abbs, his features were beautiful, especially his beautiful green eyes.

I pulled at his belt buckle, he then helped me out by pulling it out and taking off his jeans, leaving me in my under garments along with him in his boxers. I could already tell how huge he was through the thin material, my core becoming even more wet. 

He pulled down my thin black lace panties, revealing my wet vagina. He left wet kisses down my rather pale tummy, then taking a lick at my clit. He then took no precaution as he stuck his tongue into me, making me moan his name loud. As he ate me out, I tugged at his hair, giving even more pressure. “I’m going to cum, Beau” I yelled in ecstasy. “Not until I’m inside you baby girl,” he spoke with lust, He then pulled off his boxers, his large length slamming against his stomach.

I pulled out my bra, my boobs now showing. He then positioned himself outside of me, entering me. “Fuck your tight,” he groaned, biting his bottom lip hard, causing it to draw a little blood. His thickness making me stretch, getting used to his size. “Faster Beau, faster” I moaned, he then started to thrust into me, our skin slapping against each others. 

“Beau I’m gonna cum” I moaned, leaving deep scratches in his back. As we came, he pulled out and cuddled me into his broad chest. We fell asleep, I woke up and it was morning.

I looked up to find his beautiful green eyes starring at me, running his fingers in my hair. “Good morning my beautiful,” he said in his rather hot morning voice, making me smile. “Good morning.” I giggled, “I think I’d very much like to take you on a date.,” he spoke shyly, earning another smile from me. “And I think I’d love that,” I said with a giggle, placing a kiss on his cheek.