Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Heart Shaking, Ice Breaking"

Title: Heart Shaking, Ice Breaking
Characters: Clementine, Nick, Luke, Bonnie
Summary: Nick and Luke both die when crossing over the icy lake, and unfortunately Clementine bares witness to the entire thing.
Author’s Note: I’m so upset right now.
Requested By: kristal-dynamite
Creaking. Groaning. Whimpering. That’s all the ice was doing.
“I think we need to spread out more.”
“I think we’re fine.” Nick retorted harshly to Bonnie’s remark. The red-head rolled her eyes and continued hesitantly walking forwards, her eyes darting from side to side before glancing down at her shaking feet as they took hesitant steps against the icy flooring.
“How about we all just try to get along? Please? This is scary enough without us needing to fear of a fist fight going down.” Luke’s voice was firm and, while attempting to sound light-hearted, it came across as quite serious. The last thing this entire group needed while crossing a pathway that could very well lead to their doom would be for two of them to have a squabble and risk all of their lives.
Clementine glanced back at the three from where she was walking a ways ahead. They had requested that she go first so they were spaced out enough as to not crack the ice. At first, she was thankful for the gesture seeing as her team was always finding new ways to look out for her. But then, as she started forwards and drew deeper onto the lake, she heard the struggles of her teammates behind her. The groans, the gasps, the calls to make sure everyone was still okay. Very slow and terrified movements paired with eyes darting back and forth desperately in search of potential cracks.
“Are you guys sure we should keep going?” The child asked. The adults glanced up continuing to creep forwards.
Luke sighed. “Yes, we do. We’re almost halfway through the lake.”
“No turning back now. Doesn’t make any sense to.” Nick grumbled in response. Luke shot his friend and hesitant gaze as he didn’t appreciate the harsh tone. Especially in such nerve-wracking times with a child in their midst. “Let’s just keep going.”
A sudden snap put all the looks throughout the group on halt. The bodies slowly began to turn around to view where the noise had come from, only to see small cracks growing wider and wider in between Bonnie and Luke.
Their eyes met, Bonnie’s filled with terror and desperation while Luke’s were filled with sorrow.
“It’s fine, Bonnie. Don’t assume the worst.” He pleaded, extending a hand out as if to stop her thoughts in a physical gesture; blocking them from his body. “I’ll walk around and go a different way. I’ll be fine.”
“Luke,” She whispered, her eyes laced with need. “Come on. This ice is going to hell.”
Luke’s gaze grew slighter harsher with each word that escaped her lips, holding his hands higher and closer to his face. “Bonnie, this is going to be fi–”
With a loud whoosh the ice beneath his feet gave out taking him down and allowing the icy water and enwrap him in a large embrace. The snapping of the ice spread out to Luke’s right and just as Nick was taking a step to get away the ice beneath his feet vanished into the blue abyss swallowing him with it.
Bonnie screamed scurrying backwards away from the cracking but staring at the gaping hole in sheer horror. Her heart dropped into her stomach while another one grew in her head, thumping against her skull and pumping blood down her throat. Clementine’s eyes were wide with dismay as she finally turned around fully to watch as Luke and Bonnie had been speaking, but instead only saw what could be the end of her two friends. “L-Luke? Nick?” She whispered softly, taking a step forwards with shaking legs.
“Come on guys. P-Please, come back up.” Bonnie pleaded through her jammed throat, the lump there growing and growing with every word. Her knees slowly began to sink causing Clementine to instinctively jump, awaiting to ice to accept her too. But it didn’t. Instead the ice remained whole and steady. Glancing back to where she was headed, the raven-haired child realized they were close to their destination. Right near the edge in fact. And because of that the ice seemed to be thicker near the sides of the lake.
“Guys come ON!” Bonnie screamed, hands balling into fists against the ice, tears welling against the rims. Clementine started hesitantly forward, watching as the water bubbled with enjoyment of its apparent meal. “No…” She breathed softly. She paused as she stood next to her broken friend. They couldn’t be gone. They would swim up any second, collect their bearings, climb out, and they would all make their way inside to warm them up as fast as possible.
Part of that wish came true. A slap against the ice radiated off of the floor causing the two shattering girls to glance up and watch as Luke clutched desperately onto the ice in front of him. His fingers had a blue tint to them, her lips were dark and purple, his body was pale and stiff. Above all, his eyes were dark and glassed over. Almost black.
Bonnie’s eyes widened. Her heart stopped. He was alive. He was back. He was safe. All they needed to do now was get him out.
Clementine gave a sad laugh, a tear rolling down one cheek as she watched her friend writhe in pain.
Luke gave a sheepish grin as he attempted to keep his hold on the ice as much as he could. “I think–”
Before he could finish a sickening crack of the ice snapped once more, the piece he was holding onto breaking apart and slamming down on top of his body, pushing him back down into the depths of the lake.
Clementine froze.
Bonnie paused.
“NOOOOOO!!” Clementine screamed, jumping forwards and lunging out towards the gaping blue hope. Numbly, Bonnie reached out and clasped onto her arm, tugging her back and letting her fall down beside her. “You can’t go, Clementine. You’ll fall in too.”
“I don’t care!” She wailed, her chest burning with the anguish of her friends deaths. “I need to go help them! They might still be alive!” She didn’t move this time however. She paused and studied Bonnie’s face, awaiting approval of the hope in her plan.
Bonnie shook her head, her face blank and pale. A tear working its way down her face but no emotion backing it up. “They aren’t, Clem. By now…” She paused, feeling a crack in her voice on her last word. “They’ve been under for too long. Nick’s gone. Luke’s buried under ice. He’s…” Another pause. “He’s gone too.”
“No! No! No!” Clem screamed as much as her lungs could allow. She lowered her head, allowing her hands to clutch onto her pigtails in anger. “You’re wrong! There IS a chance. We need to go and get them!”
Bonnie turned slowly, her shattered gaze meeting with the teared over one of the girl before her. “No, Clem.”
Two such simple words and yet they packed such a punch in the young girls stomach. She curled over, feeling the words pack a physical blow to her body. Her stomach churched with depression, her heart ached with sorrow, her brain screamed in confusion. It felt as if her body was giving in on her.
The red-head wrapped the child swiftly in a large embrace, burying her expression into her hat. Her mute mood began to break as did her facial features to match. Her nose wedged itself into the side of her head while her mouth opened and allowed the wails of her heart to escape.
Without hesitation the child did the same, only balling her tiny hands into fists instead of wrapping them around the woman, and now her caretaker, in front of her.
They were gone. They had been given a dash of hope and had it so quickly taken away. In a world this cruel, it seemed like everything was always just a game. And maybe, to someone, it was. But it wasn’t to them.
This game was life. And they couldn’t seem to win.